Sunday March 26 Mothers Day Sunday, March 26

Sunday March 26 Mothers Day Sunday, March 26 Are the plans made and the cards made/bought? Dont worry; you still have time! But do you know where the tradition comes from?

Some Information about Mothers Day In Ireland and the UK, Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In the USA and other countries, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Whenever you honour the

matriarch of your family; the origins and celebrations of her special day are fascinating. The origins of Mothers Day The earliest Mothers Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring festivities

of ancient Greece, in honour of Rhea; the Mother of the Gods. The origins of Mothers Day In Rome, the most significant Mothers Day festival was dedicated to the worship of Cybele; another mother goddess. Ceremonies in her honour began

some 250 years before Christ was born. This roman religious celebration, known as Hilaria, lasted for three days from March 15 18. Laetare Sunday As Christianity spread throughout Europe,

Mothers Day celebrations were held on the fourth Sunday of Lent Laetare Sunday or mid-Lent Sunday the celebrations were adapted to honour the Virgin Mary and also the Mother Church.

Customs began to dictate that a person visit the church of his/her baptism on this day. People also attended the mother church of their parish, laden with offerings. The origins of Mothers Day

Eventually, the custom of making donations to ones Mother Church expanded to include honouring ones own mother. The origins of Mothers Day Young people, such as servants and apprentices, were given the

day off to visit their mothers and take gifts of food, which sometimes included a special mothering cake. Often this would be a very rich fruit-laden mixture, known as Simnel cake.

The origins of Mothers Day They would also bring her bouquets of spring flowers which were

blessed in Church first. It was also customary for sons and daughters to take on the mothers chores. Celebrating Mothers Day So this year, why not learn from those who celebrated Mothers Day long ago? ...

You could: make your card, rather than buy one make or bake your gifts! Rather than spending money; why not offer to do some housework to give Mum or Dad/Grandparents a well-earned rest? Prayer for to Mary, Our Mother

Mary, my dearest mother, Give me your heart so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate, so full of love and humility, That I may receive Jesus as you did and go in haste to give him to others.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta A Prayer to honour Mary, Our Mother in Heaven on Mothers Day We pray for mothers everywhere

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