AACSB International 2015 Update and Discussion AACSB Topics

AACSB International 2015 Update and Discussion AACSB Topics

AACSB International 2015 Update and Discussion AACSB Topics Global mission and activities Visioning Initiative Strategic Planning Diversity MVOA Accreditation Update

Our Mission Advance management education worldwide through accreditation, thought leadership and value-added services Reach of AACSB International AACSB-accredited members present AACSB members

present No AACSB members present Distribution of schools as of August 12, 2015. Macro-Regions by AACSB Membership Asia-Pacific 304 Members 79 Accredited

95 In Process The Americas 775 Members 556 Accredited 59 In Process U.S. Only 658 Members 517 Accredited 40 In Process EMEA 352 Members 105 Accredited

79 In Process Distribution of schools as of August 12, 2015. Macro-Regions by AACSB Membership AACSB Members AACSB Accredited

Accounting Accredited In Process (Initial) Asia-Pacific 304 79

8 95 EMEA 352 105 2

79 The Americas 775 556 172 59

658 517 172 40 1,431 740

182 233 Locations United States Global Totals Note: U.S. national figures include those of U.S. territories around the world. Source: AACSB data and analysis as of 8/12/2015.

Visioning Initiative 7 Visioning Initiative AACSB.edu/vision A collective effort to envision the future for management education, and help b-schools find their way within that future.

Shifting Roles of Management in Society The Way We: Create: Research and Scholarship Evolving Expectations of Management Education

Teach: Pedagogy and Learning Connect: Outreach and Engagement Lead: Strategy and Administration Emerging Opportunities for Business Schools Emerging Themes

Catalysts for Innovation Inter-disciplinary Collaboration Evidence-Based Knowledge VISION Shared Prosperity

Intersecting Academe & Practice Economic & Social Impact Incubators of Higher Ed Innovations Bridging Local and Global Business Effective & Ethical Management

Lifelong Learning Co-Creators Leadership Development AACSB.edu/vision Strategic Planning Initiative

Context: Where AACSB should go, Where BSchools should go Process/Expected Outcomes: Affirmation of vision, mission and strategic change agenda Engagement: Staff, Board and Members member survey regional deans feedback visioning contributions AACSB Diversity and Inclusion Appointment of a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Advocate Inclusion of Diversity in Strategic Priorities and Strategic Planning

Best Practices and Signatories Engendering Conversations Identifying and Sharing Best Practices Enhanced programming Diversity and Inclusion Scorecard Marketing Value of Accreditation (MVOA) 12 MVOA Target Market: Students & Parents Redesign of BestBizSchools.com

Refreshed branding, enhanced user interface, streamlined search Individual school profile pages; students find the best fit Lead generation pass through platform Integrated marketing launch plan including social media New section added to BSQ will capture: Marketing/communications contact Lead generation/recruiting contact Unique profile description for each school MVOA Target Market: Students & Parents

Google AdWords Grant AACSB awarded a $120k credit towards Google AdWords placement to raise awareness of the mission, importance, and value of accreditation. GMAC accreditation messaging on gmat.com BGS relationship building and participation in Global Leadership Summit Tools and resources under development: Print and digital marketing materials - Fall 2015 Customizable with institution branding, content Ongoing relationship building to meet marketing/recruiting needs Contact: Sarah Ham, Senior Manager, Marketing at AACSB [email protected]

MVOA Target Market: Business Practice Continued involvement with AACSB Business Practices Council Pilot LinkedIn Group to foster communication and discussion of issues among leaders in Business Practice and business schools Relationship building with SHRM for knowledge gathering and target audience research Business and Accounting Accreditation Update

17 Delivering Relevant & HighQuality Management Education Engagement Impact Innovation Standards Update 100+ schools reviewed under 2013 standards

Mission differentiation, mission-driven Impact and quality of intellectual contributions Curriculum management and AoL Faculty Qualifications, deployment Accreditation Outcomes 14-15 222 schools in-process 15 accounting 27 initial visits, 2 deferrals 143 Continuous Improvement Review visits 18% Bus, 9% Acct CIR2s, 5 Focused Review1s,

1 Focused Review 2s 2015-2016 Final year transition to 2013 accreditation standards A7: Information Technology Explicit integration of data analytics and data management tools into accounting standards Last year of 3 year transition Std 4: Student Admissions, Progression and Career Development Document school performance and student achievement

information on an annual basis Make information publicly available via web sites and other means Volunteer Evaluation Effective practice Pre-visit Early and ongoing communication Vast majority very satisfied Concerns Lack of advanced communication Poor or inconsistent team preparation

Last minute travel arrangements and requests for excessive information Not a mission-driven review (rigidity) MYACCREDITATION Where is it? https://myaccreditation.aacsb.edu/ams/default.aspx What are some key features? Single sign on (SSO) with myAACSB &

Exchange Accreditation portal for use on any computer, tablet, or smartphone I.E., Chrome, Firefox, iOS Responsive Web Design Provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading/navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across How do I get help? Web: www.aacsb.edu/myaccreditation/

Information, FAQ, and Webinars Email: [email protected] Call: +1 (813) 769-6546 or Your AACSB staff liaison Questions? 28

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