Ethical issues in media texts L.O. How might

Ethical issues in media texts L.O.  How might

Ethical issues in media texts L.O. How might media products have an impact on their audiences? 10 minute task: In pairs: Make a list of 4-5 films that you consider to include violent content Quickly research their BBFC age rating online and find their age certification

Write a sentence as to whether you think this age certificate is appropriate or not. Explain why this is. Feedback to the class The media effects debate how much of an effect the media has on us has been a topic of great debate many theories have been created trying to explain how audiences

might be influenced by violent and sexualised images and the impact on social media Watch Marilyn Manson discuss this in relation to the school shooting in Columbine in 1999 Two high school students shot and killed 15 members of their school It was discovered that the boys listened to Marilyn Manson and

members of the community decided that the blame should lie with him and other factions of the media Hypodermic syringe model This idea was created by Vance Packard in 1957 He discussed the negative impact the mass media has, but his focus was largely on advertising

This theory believes that the mass media injects our minds with their messages and audiences are powerless to resist them If this were true, then how might this be a concern to society? What criticisms might you have about this theory? Passive audience theory This references Packards idea of the mass media injecting ideas in to our minds

States that audiences are unable to reject media messages This means that they are vulnerable to the negative effects of the media products they consume They worried about copycat effects where audiences copy what they see: Gerbner and Gross Cultivation theory

This suggests that over time, repetitive viewing of violent acts allows certain ideas and values to become normalised Repeated viewing of violent images, in TV, film and video games, may make audiences become immune to negative and/or violent representations Audiences become desensitised to negative images, accepting them to be normal desensitisation the idea that prolonged exposure to violent images numbs the effect of them and we become accustomed to them

- Bart Simpson Stop watching the news! Because the news contrives to frighten you To make you feel small and alone To make you feel that your mind isn't your own Morrisey Spent the Day in Bed

Moral panic moral panic when the media creates fear in the population over an issue that appears to threaten or harm normal social order Stanley Cohen created this theory in 1972 It looked at how the press created a moral panic (between subculture of mods and rockers) The moral panic created highlighted that music and fashion had

a negative impact on teenagers that followed their lifestyle Have things changed? The main concern about media effects is the effect it has on children or vulnerable members of society Some famous case studies include: 1987 Hungerford massacre blamed on film Rambo 1992 murder of 2 year old Jamie Bulger blamed on Childs Play 3

1999 Columbine High School shooting massacre blamed on Marilyn Manson and violent video games Doom and 3D Wolfenstein 2007 video game Manhunt banned as it could have incited violent behaviour in teenagers 2014 video game Hatred was banned from the Steam service for its violent and pornographic content BBCs Gameswipe Watch an extract from Charlie Brookers BBC programme Gameswipe

( where he discusses the media effects debate in relation to video games. 1. What is Charlie Brookers point of view? 2. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Active audiences The effects debate has been criticised for being outdated Gauntlett (2004) states that these effects models are inadequate, as

they see media texts as the root of the problem rather than sociological and psychological factors This theory argues that audiences dont passively receive information from the media, but are actively involved, often unconsciously, in making sense of the messages within their own personal and social contexts

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