Welcome to Year 9 curriculum evening Outline of

Welcome to Year 9 curriculum evening Outline of

Welcome to Year 9 curriculum evening Outline of the Evening Welcome and expectations Guiheen Mr

KS4 Curriculum Mrs ODwyer Yr 9 English Yr 9 Mathematics Yr 9 Science Mrs Hubbard

Mrs Bayar Mr Scott Uniform Closing comments key dates for the year ODwyer Mrs Dalziel Mrs

As a parent, what can I do to help? Regular Contact Book Checks Discuss school PCs & general Open communication with school Clear space for h.l. and study away from distractions Ensure good diet and appropriate bed-time

Encourage and reward the effort rather than focussing on the grade The importance of sleep

Concentration Mood control Long term memory retention Development of a childs brain growth rate The teenagers demand for more sleep than ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUzDLf2EMnM

+ 24 MINS EXTRA PER NIGHT Come year 11 + 438 hrs. Better School Performance

Children who get adequate rest do better in school, according to a study quoted in New York Magazine. Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom of the University of Minnesota polled over 7,000 children and parents to ascertain their sleep habits. She found that A students got an average of 30 more minutes of sleep per night than students who regularly scored D's. The article quotes Paul Suratt of the University of Virginia as saying that he believes sleep problems can negatively affect a child's I.Q.

Attendance & Punctuality Monitored regularly with consistent sanctions. Involvement of Harrow Borough. Impact on GCSE grades. 95% attendance For every ladder you climb, the snake is waiting just around the corner; and for

every slip, the chance to climb will be near by. Pastoral Support Self Reflection and Target Setting (student review days) Parent / Carer involvement Subject Teachers Tutors and tutor times

Student Support Officer - Mrs Nagle Linked Assistant Headteacher- Mrs Dalziel Careers information Donna Foster Use of the contact book, and Parent Teacher consultation evenings. The KS4 curriculum - Mrs ODwyer The new 91 grading system will

work in the new GCSEs for first examination in 2017, with 9 being the top grade. BTEC qualifications have Pass, Merit and Distinction grades. Year 7 & 8 Assessment without National Curriculum levels FLIGHT PATH: ADVANCED







GCSE GRADES 3-1 GCSE English Language Eduqas GCSE English Literature - AQA Megan Hubbard Head of English

Key Changes in English Language 25% VSPaG (Vocabulary, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Paper 1: 20th Century Fiction 40% Paper 2: 21st Century and 19th Century Nonfiction 60% *Speaking and Listening is compulsory, but unweighted. Both papers test students reading and writing skills.

The exam board have said: It is imperative that students regularly read broadsheet newspapers, if they are to meet the demands of the new exams. Changes to GCSE Literature More and more challenging content.

Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th century novel Paper 2: Modern Novel or drama, AQA poetry Anthology, Unseen poetry. Challenging content: Man is not truly one, but truly two. I say two, because the state of my own knowledge does not pass beyond the point and I hazard a guess that man will ultimately be known for the mere polity of multifarious,

incongruous, and independent denizens. Jekyll and Hyde chapter 10 Become an expert It is a closed book exam. Students should access: - York Notes, or buy the York Notes App bundle - BBC Bitesize

End of year exam Year 9: English Literature: Shakespeare One essay: One hour -Read and reread the text -Be an expert -Learn key quotes

Reading and vocabulary Students need to read regularly - 20 minutes three times a week - Actively build vocabulary How can you help? -Help them choose their reading books and encourage them

to challenge themselves -Listen to them read -Read to them -Discuss what their reading and discuss newspaper articles with them -Talk about and introduce them to new vocabulary New Edexcel GCSE Mathematics

Expectations Exemplar behaviour for learning Engagement Home Learning twice a week one of which is online on MYMATHS Edexcel

Course specification 1MA1 GCSE Mathematics A Linear 100% marks in terminal examination sat in June 2019 The new GCSE Mathematics specification cover broader and deeper mathematical content, delivered through a single extended GCSE which can be taken at

higher level or foundation Level. Higher tier will include questions that will stretch the most able. Foundation tier will focus on core mathematical understanding and skills for all students to master. The new Mathematics GCSE will Provide all students with greater coverage of key areas such as ratio, proportion and rates of change.

Require to apply knowledge and reasoning to provide clear mathematical arguments. Focus on ensuring that every student masters the fundamental mathematics that is required for further education and future careers. The GCSE Mathematics specification will be examined by three written papers, each of 1 hours:

Paper 1 (33.3%) Paper 2 (33.3%) Paper 3 (33.3%)

Noncalculator Calculator Calculator 80 marks 80 marks

80 marks 90 min 90 min 90 min

Useful websites - free online resources for independent study: www.edexcel.org.uk www.mymaths.co.uk www.emaths.co.uk www.livemaths.co.uk http://emaths.co.uk/ https://corbettmaths.com/

https://www.khanacademy.org/ http://www.mathster.com/ School Uniform Students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times with the exception of the charity 'non uniform' days and on some fieldwork sessions. We aim to keep the uniform simple, functional and smart.

We rely upon parents to actively support us in upholding it. Keeping the focus on learning Help your child to spend time and energy of how they learn rather that how they look Talk with them about the reasons for uniformity and the positives of similar dress Encourage them to keep creativity in the way

they dress to evenings, weekends and school holidays Teeny Wear Wealdstone Skirts should be of suitable style and length for a busy school day Trousers must be standard cut, plain, dark grey or black for boys and navy blue for girls

Shoes should be black or dark brown with a low heel and suitable for a busy school with many stairs. Trainers are not allowed. Our green ties should have the tree just below the knot and must be visible at all times Important Dates 17th November 2016

Student Review Day 1 14th December 2016 PC1 Data available on line Behaviour, Engagement, Home-learning and Attainment 14th December 2016

Year 9 Winter Celebration Assembly period 1 8th February 2017 Review Day 2 8th March 2017 22nd March 2017 30th March 2017

PC2 Data available on line Behaviour, Engagement, Home-learning and Attainment Year 9 Parents Consultation (band A) Year 9 Parents Consultation (band B) 2nd- 12th May Year 9 Examinations

20-23rd June 2017 Activity Days 13th July 2017 Review Day 3

5th July 2017 PC3 Data available on line Behaviour, Engagement, Home-learning, Attainment and core subject end of year exam results. 7th July Year 9 Summer Celebration Assembly period 1

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