Effective Safety Committee Bureau of Workers Comp PA

Effective Safety Committee Bureau of Workers Comp PA

Effective Safety Committee Bureau of Workers Comp PA Training for Health & Safety (PATHS) Creating an Effective Workplace Safety Committee PPT-093-02 1 Effective Safety Committees Positively impacts a safety management system Permeates all levels of the organization Liaison between management and employees

PPT-093-02 2 Successful Safety Committees Organizational Benefits Reduces incidents and lost work time Promotes employee involvement at all levels

Accomplishes more safety initiatives Increases productivity PPT-093-02 3 Successful Safety Committees Employee Benefits

Creates a safer work environment Improves communication Increases safety awareness Enhances employee morale PPT-093-02

4 Effective Committees Written Committee Bylaws Mission Statement Committee Size and Structure Role and Function PPT-093-02 5 Effective Committees Members Responsibilities Managements Responsibilities Meetings

Agendas Meeting Minutes PPT-093-02 Agenda 6 Effective Committees Committee Chairperson Committee Member Training Hazard Identification, Evaluation and Control Employee Involvement

PPT-093-02 7 Safety Committee Authority Extent should be determined and communicated to all employees; e.g.: Empowered and endorsed by top management Acts as a recommending body Investigate accidents/incidents Implement changes PPT-093-02 8

Mission Statement A workplace safety mission statement is usually short and to the point. The purpose is to provide a general idea of the safety goal(s) that focuses on the health and safety of those who are employed with the organization or company. PPT-093-02 9 Bylaws What to include in your safety committee bylaws:

Goals and objectives Membership duties, responsibilities and training Meetings Hazard Identification and control - Workplace Inspections - JSAs - Incident Investigations Evaluation of the safety and health program PPT-093-02 10

Committee Size & Structure Comprised of an equal number of management and non-management employees Representatives from all areas within the organization PPT-093-02 11 Workplace Safety Committees Role and Functionality

PPT-093-02 12 Primary Focus o Assist in preventing workplace injuries/illnesses o Detect and correct workplace hazards PPT-093-02 13 Safety Committee Function The specific functions of the safety committee are to: - Review & update safety training

- Develop safety work practices - Recommend use of safety equipment/devices - Review incident reports - Review items from reports & safety inspections - Discuss employee safety-related issues PPT-093-02 14 Safety Committee Functions Improve safety & health in the workplace

Involve employees in the safety function Generate ideas for improving safety & health Improve employee/management relations Stimulate interest among employees PPT-093-02 15 Members Responsibilities Attend meetings Notify all employees in your area that you are their representative on the committee

Be watchful for unsafe conditions and acts and report them Be responsive to peoples concerns; follow up PPT-093-02 16 Members Responsibilities Ask employees for safety suggestions and concerns Discuss safety issues with employees Offer solutions not just problems

PPT-093-02 17 Managements Responsibilities Provide support (time, effort, money) Resolve scheduling and personal conflicts Provide realistic dates for correcting safety and health concerns Support training for Committee members Provide leadership and direction Attend Committee meetings

PPT-093-02 18 Employees Responsibilities Identify safety and health hazards Report all unsafe conditions and practices Make suggestions for improving workplace safety Participate in committee activities/initiatives PPT-093-02 19

Employees Responsibilities Use proper personal protective equipment Follow safe practices/procedures Cooperate with Committee members Consider becoming a Committee member PPT-093-02 20 Committee Chairperson Accountable to top management Sets the agenda

Coordinates meetings Facilitates meetings Ensures agenda is followed Ensures everyone is heard PPT-093-02 21 Successful Safety Committees Ingredients of effective safety committees Trust Healthy Conflict Commit to decisions made Hold one another accountable Focus on results

PPT-093-02 22 Successful Safety Committees Competent -- dedicated Support goals & objectives Demonstrate team effort Develop mutual trust, respect & support PPT-093-02 23 Objectives Should Be 1. Set as part of your planning process.

2. Worded clearly. 3. Must be realistic. 4. Must be under the responsible persons influence or control. 5. Must be assigned to someone. 6. Completion dates must be established for each objective. PPT-093-02 24 Employee Involvement Provides the means for everyone to develop and express their own commitment to safety and health

Involves the persons most in contact with potential safety and health hazards Utilizes everyones wide range of experience Everyone is more likely to support and use programs in which they have input. PPT-093-02 25 Employee Involvement Ideas for Stimulating Employee Involvement Ownership: Give workers responsibility for such actions as planning and conducting inspections,

analyzing their own work hazards, and developing safety checklists. Leadership: Set an example by taking the same precautions, and wearing the same PPE, as you expect your workers to do. Be on the lookout for potential hazards and point them out to your workers. Understanding: Explain the why of safety so that employees will realize that hazards put their own personal health and safety at risk. PPT-093-02

26 Employee Involvement Ideas for Stimulating Employee Involvement Commitment: Strive to get commitment from every employee that safety is a value. Goals: Set clear objectives to help employees achieve safety goals and constantly evaluate them.

Competence: Train employees so that they will have the skills that enable them to work safely and avoid incidents. PPT-093-02 27 Employee Involvement Ideas for Stimulating Employee Involvement Persistence Remember, and have employees remember, that incident prevention is an ongoing challenge that must

be focused on every day always improving, setting new safety objectives, and making steady progress toward achieving them. PPT-093-02 28 Employee Involvement Ideas for Stimulating Employee Involvement Feedback Praise employees who identify and correct hazards or report problems they cant fix

Teamwork Use every opportunity to encourage employees to play a role in workplace safety and incident prevention. Responsiveness Make sure you respond promptly to identify hazards and take immediate steps to correct them. PPT-093-02 29 Employee Involvement

Employee Buy In Show results Protect employees voices Give employees something meaningful to do Provide positive consequences

Give people the feeling that they will have an impact PPT-093-02 30 Roles & Function Training Effective safety committees need members trained in performing their roles and functions including: The reasons for a safe workplace and working safely The meeting practices that actively contribute to identifying problems and how to work toward solutions The identification of the companys specific industry

hazards and how to conduct inspections, job safety analysis and other hazard recognition and correction The correct techniques for incident investigations PPT-093-02 31 Member Training Topics Other potential topics to cover with the committee and OSHA regulations including: Personal protective equipment (PPE) Hazard communication (HAZCOM) Bloodborne pathogens Lockout/tag out procedures Ergonomics

Emergency procedures Housekeeping Any other topics relevant to the health and safety of the companys employees PPT-093-02 32 Meetings Set ground rules beforehand Keep to the topic at hand One person speak at a time Park non original agenda issues Encourage positive feedback and evaluation PPT-093-02

33 Conducting Effective Meetings Call to order Program/assignment updates Roll call by the secretary Review of incidents Introduction of visitors Other activities

Minutes approval New business Unfinished business General discussion Adjournment PPT-093-02 34 Possible Meeting Topics Ergonomics

Employee suggestions Back Safety Fire Safety Wellness programs Electrical Safety Incident Investigations Slips, Trips and Falls Emergency Preparedness

Workplace Violence PPT-093-02 35 Written Minutes Minutes should include: - Time & date Members present Items discussed Recommendations, justification and

counter arguments - Next meeting date Minutes should be: Brief Finalized and distributed to committee members prior to next meeting Approved at following meeting Posted PPT-093-02

36 Committee Record Keeping Maintain documentation of the committees activities including: Meeting minutes Members present Issues discussed

Recommendations and follow-up action items Training given to committee members Inspection reports Incident reports and corrective actions PPT-093-02 37 Follow-up Activities Evaluate the success of the committee meeting in terms of meeting skills and accomplishments Evaluate the safety committee process and make necessary corrections/improvements to make it more efficient and effective Assure action items are assigned and

completed Plan and prepare for next meeting PPT-093-02 38 Evaluation Review and set new goals. o Schedule a session to review progress on current goals and from new ones for the year to come. o Welcome new members on board. o Evaluate strengths and weaknesses. o Celebrate goals achieved!

PPT-093-02 39 Communication Post information: o Keep activities and goals visible. o Experiment with methods to effectively get the word out. o Perception is reality. o Make sure the message being received is the one you want to broadcast. PPT-093-02 40

Successful Committees Success Factors Top management commitment Middle management, supervisor and employee participation Involve employees in goals Effective meetings Effective training Effective communication Follow-up PPT-093-02 41

Resource Technical Assistance Manual www.dli.state.pa.us Click on Workers Compensation icon Click on Health & Safety Division Click on HandS System Click on Workplace Safety Committee Technical Assistance Manual PPT-093-02 42 Standards to Reference

OSHA - Federal Regulations (29 CFR 1910) - Available at www.osha.gov PA Department of Labor & Industry www.dli.state.pa.us PA Department of Environmental Protection www.depweb.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt Other technical standards (NFPA, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, etc.) get help if necessary! PPT-093-02

43 HandS Tech Manual PPT-093-02 44 Contact Information Health & Safety Training Specialists 1171 South Cameron Street, Room 324 Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501 (717) 772-1635 [email protected] Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BWCPATHS

PPT-093-02 45 Questions PPT-093-02 46

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