Guidelines for Homework 6 Getting Started Homework 6

Guidelines for Homework 6 Getting Started  Homework 6

Guidelines for Homework 6 Getting Started Homework 6 requires that you complete Homework 5. All of HW5 must run on the GridFarm. HW6 may run elsewhere (like your desktop). Write a simple Java program to invoke the Simpson code and verify it works. Install Tomcat 5.0.28 on one of the GridFarm machines. Make sure you change the port numbers Install Axis 1.1 into Tomcat. Convert your java program into a service Rename to SimpsonWrapper.jws Copy the file to the Axis directory

Next, Write the Client Following the April 25th lectures Install Tomcat 5.0.28 again, on a different host Can be a local PC Install Axis 1.1 as before Download the WSDL file for your service URL is something like this: Save it onto your PC Generate client stubs on your PC from this WSDL and compile these java programs.

See Howework6.ppt for complete details. Use your client stubs to write a JSP page See also the URL above A Picture The Client SOAP

Service Tomcat + Axis Stubs On JSU PC Tomcat + Axis On IU Linux The Server If You Make It This Far Note if you follow the SimponWrapper code example, the 2D String array value returned by

execLocalCommand returns standard output and standard error. You can print this out in your JSP page. Send me a screen shot to verify that you were able to do this. Make zips of your client and service to verify that it works. Dont email! Put it on a web server and send me the URL. Next Steps We will come back to your JSP client in a second.

First, we will see how to convert a generic JSP into a portlet. We will use uPortal as our portlet container. Next Steps All of the following steps should be done on your PC Use the same Tomcat server from the GridFarm, just copy it over to your desktop. You will need to download the following stuff onto your PC

Apache Ant: uPortal 2.4.2: Be sure to get the uPortal-only version. HSQLDB, a lightweight java DB: group_id=23316 Get Install uPortal Unpack Apache Ant, HSQLDB, and uPortal on your PC. Add bin/ant to your path.

Start HSQDB In the hsqldb folder, run this command: java -cp lib/hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.Server -database uPortal -port 8887 In the uPortal directory, edit You will need to change server.home to point to your Tomcat server on your PC. All other properties should be OK. Install uPortal with ant From the uPortal_rel-2-4-2 folder, run the command ant initportal

If ant is not in your PATH, just use the entire path If You Made It This Far Fire up Tomcat on your PC Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/u Portal You should see uPortal. Send me a screen shot. Doing Stuff with uPortal First you will notice that you can log into

uPortal and do all sorts of things, like customizing the user interface and adding channels or portlets. See for examples. Now Some Portlets uPortals various channels are actually portlets, as we discussed in the March 30th lecture. You can add your own portlets. I have some sample portlets that you should install first. Get them here: aterial/OGCESamplePortlet.tar.gz. Read the README file to see how to install into uPortal.

After you have done this, log into uPortal and make the test portlet available Detailed instructions are here: When you are done, you will have a portlet application in your Tomcats webapp directory. It will be called OGCESamplePortlet Now at Last If you have made it this far, you are now ready to convert your Simpsons Rule Web Service client into a portlet. But how do you do this?

Well, you already have an installed portlet from the previous step. I recommend replacing my test portlets JSP page with your JSP page. But theres more You will need to copy over the jars and classes from your axis client to the OGCESamplePortlet directory. Jars go in OGCESamplePortlet/WEB-INF/lib. Classes go in OGCESamplePortlet/WEB-INF/classes Shutdown tomcat while you do this. Restart and your SimpsonWrapper portlet should be available. Doing It the Right Way The previous slide provides a short cut for getting your

JSP+axis stuff into a portlet. Actually, the full way of doing this is to do the following: Develop the portlet code for loading your JSP, as described in the March 30th lectures. Compile this (along with the stub code) and create a war file. Use the command jar -cf MyClient.war * at the top level of your webapp. Deploy your WAR file into uPortal, as described here: http:// .html. Add your portlet to your portal display as described here:

html How to Turn in HW5 Homework 5 Send me URLs of your running services on the GridFarm. Send me a screen shot of your JSP client that shows it working Should be able to display the Simpson run results. Zip up your client code, put it on your web server, and send me the URL so that I can download it.

How to Turn in Homework 6 Send me a screen shot of your uPortal installation. You should do this for partial credit, before attempting the portlet installation. Send me a screen shot that shows me that you have installed the sample portlets. Do this for partial credit. Send me a screen shot that shows you have converted your SimpsonWrapper client JSP page from homework #5 into a portlet.

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