Pine View Middle School 2019-2020 An IB MYP

Pine View Middle School 2019-2020 An IB MYP World School Magnet Sciences Year 1 Mrs. Lash Middle Years Programme (MYP) Year 1 Science courses develop skills in four scientific areas: The Nature of Science (Science Safety, Scientific Tools, and The Scientific Method), Earth Science (Earth Systems, Weather & Global Climate), Physics ( Energy Transformations, Forces & Motion), Life Science (Cells, Diversity & Classification, Body Systems, Infectious Agents and Human Growth & Development). Inquiry is at the heart of MYP Science Learning that aims to support students understanding by providing them with opportunities to independently and collaboratively investigate, take action, and reflect on their learning, while honoring the Florida Science Standards. MYP Science courses are designed to utilize observation, investigation and experimentation skills within our natural world to enable students to understand and appreciate science and its implications, consider science as a human endeavor with benefits and limitations, and develop sensitivity towards the living and non-living environments. CONTACT ME [email protected] MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide a rigorous, world-class education which inspires students to become active, compassionate, and collaborative lifelong learners who understand and respect other people and their differences. MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME POLICIES 813-794-4800 (Basic) prds. 1,4, 7 (ADV) prds. 3, 6 Planning Time: 9:30-10:05 All MYP schools have four policies in place by the time of authorization. All policies are published on the PVMS website ( as they are created. Academic Honesty Policy: This policy outlines the expectations of integrity and honesty for all stakeholders at PVMS. Language Policy: This policy outlines support provided across the school for students who are not yet proficient in English. Special Needs Policy: This policy defines how the MYP is inclusive for all PVMS students. Assessment Policy: This policy outlines procedures to ensure that assessment supports student learning. A video on assessment in the MYP in available on our website under IB MYP Videos GRADING/ASSESSMENT BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS Panthers strive to display their P.A.W.S.! P- Positive A- Accountable W- Work Hard S- Safe Performance Summative Assessment Grading Scale for assessments graded using the MYP rubric School School Expectations Expectations School-Wide Discipline Plan: 1. Warning 2. Parent contact and lunch detention. 3. Parent contact and in class suspension with lunch detention 4. Discipline referral With your child, please review the District School Board of Pasco Countys policies regarding Attendance, Academic Integrity, Tardiness, and Dress Code which can be found on pages 6-9 in the Student Planner. Rewards Rubric score 8 PVMS Grade 100 7 6 4 3

2 1 76 70 64 58 35% 40% 94 5 88 82 A rubric score of 0 equates to a PVMS score of 0 orr viio a av h h e e B n B lla P an P Students will earn PBIS points for positive behaviors that reflect the PAWS Expectations (above) and the IB Learner Profile IB Learner Profile- The IB learner profile represents 10 attributes valued by IB World Schools. These attributes, and others like them, can help individuals and groups become responsible members of local, national and global communities. Caring Balanced Reflective Inquirer Communicator Knowledgeable Principled Risk Taker Thinkers Open Minded Grading Scale used for all assignments, assessments and final grades. Not used for performance based, summative assessments 90-100% 80-89 % 70-79 % 60-69% 0-59% A B C D F 60% Summative (Common Summative Assessments {CSAs}, projects and performance assessments) 40% Formative (Common Formative Assessments [CFAs] and other evidence of standards based learning) Students in Year 1 Sciences will take an End of Course exam worth 10% of their final course grade. Sciences Year 1 GRADING POLICY

ABSENTEE POLICY 2016-2017 My expectation is that all assignments are completed on time. Multiple opportunities will be given for students to show mastery of the standards, by student request and through completion of previous missing formative assignments, as required by the teacher. Homework assignments/projects/upcoming tests will be posted on the board. Students are responsible for copying this information into their planners daily. In myStudent, the following codes will be used: X: Exempt M: Missing I: Incomplete 0: A zero is the grade DR: Dropped CIP: Collected, In Progress NG: Not graded YES, WE DID SOMETHING IMPORTANT WHILE YOU WERE ABSENT. Excused absences guarantee students the right to make up any and all assignments assigned on the day[s] of absence at full credit. The student is responsible for asking the teacher(s) for assignments and make-up tests within two (2) class meetings with the teacher. The teacher(s) shall specify a reasonable period of time for completion of make-up work. In no case shall the time be less than one full calendar day for each day missed. Work due to be turned in on the day of the absence will be turned in upon return and be given full credit. The principal or designee shall have the authority to modify these conditions with a confirmed hardship. Students who have been assigned out-of-school suspension (OSS) may make up all missed assignments and tests for full credit. (Student Code of Conduct page 9) TECHNOLOGY Students are expected to abide by all school and district digital safety rules and guidelines. Failure to do so will result in said student being banned from technology in class. While we encourage students to bring their own devices to school, using them in class without teacher permission will result in a behavior step. Students will be required to use technology both at school and at home. Students will use various sites accessed from their My Pasco Connect dashboard. Login information will be given the first week of school and can be recorded here: Username__________________________ Password ___________________________ CLASS RESOURCES Students and parents should be signed up for our class Remind account. This is used to communicate upcoming assignments, events, and reminders. Login information will be sent home and the class code can be found on the front of this syllabus. Please make sure that you are signing up for the correct class as there are both basic and advanced classes and due dates and assignments may be different. Students and parents should also have access to MyStudent to keep track of grades and assignments. Students have access to their textbook, Pearson Elevate and Pearson EasyBridge online through their myPascoConnect platform. DO NOT CUT!! DO NOT CUT!! DO NOT CUT!! DO NOT CUT!! UNITS Unit 1: Earths Spheres Unit 2: Heat/Global Patterns Unit 3: Weather & Climate Unit 4: Shaping of Earths Surface Unit 5: Energy Transfer and Motion Unit 6: Types of Forces and Gravity Unit 7: Cells Unit 8: Classification Unit 9: Body Systems and Infectious Agents Subject Area Guides that list an overview for each class and show the interconnection of the Middle Years Programme and the Florida Standards are posted on the PVMS website under the IB MYP tab. I, ________________________________________, have read and understand the rules and expectations for Year 1 Sciences. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to contact my teacher if I have any questions or concerns. I understand that students must adhere to the MYP policies and procedures. This syllabus should remain in the student binder. Student signature __________________________________ Parent signature ______________________________________

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