Introduction to Photography Child and her Mother -

Introduction to Photography Child and her Mother - Dorthea Lange 1 Photography is Art created by Light! 2

What is Photography? Photography is an art form like drawing and painting. Photographers use their camera to make us see life in a different way, feel emotions, and record stories and events. 3 How a Camera works

Notice the inverted (upside-down) tree. When the shutter of a camera is opened, light passes through the lens and onto the film. The film is covered with chemicals that create a pattern of light on the film. This becomes the negative. 4

There are three basic styles of photography. Landscape Portrait Documentary 5

Landscape Landscape is a photograph of the environment. It could be the forest, mountains, oceans, or your backyard. Ansel Adams is a famous landscape

photographer. Here is one of his images. 6 Here is another of Ansel Adams Photographs 7

What is Landscape Photography? Landscape photography is a photograph of the outdoors. It could be of the land, water, or buildings. 8

What do you see in your landscape photograph? 9 Portrait Photography Portrait photography is a photo of a person or animal. It is important to show an

emotion. What is the emotion shown in this photo? Scared Other Angry Holding Virgina - Sally Mann

10 Different Portrait Styles Lukasz Holma, Poland - Lauren Bacall Rubenesque - Keith Carter

Can you compare and contrast these photographs? How are they similar? How are they different? 11 More Portraits Portraits can be the whole body. The Dress - Sally Mann

Boy and Car, New York City - Jerome Liebling, 1949 12 What is Portrait Photography? A portrait photograph is a picture of a person or animal that shows an emotional connection.

13 What are some ways you can make a portrait photograph creative and different from everyone else? 14

Documentary Documentary photography presents facts without changing anything. Migrant Mother - Dorthea Lange

Good documentary photographs make you wonder what the story is behind the photograph. 15 What are the stories in these photos? 16

Where do you find documentary photographs? Magazines Newspaper Books Internet 17

Documentary photographs can be either landscape or portrait. Dantes View - 1938 Edward Weston Portrait Landscape Which photo shows a portrait, and which shows a landscape?

18 What is Documentary Photography? Documentary Photography tells a story without changing the facts. It can be a portrait or landscape. Remember that a good documentary photograph makes you

wonder what the story is behind the picture! 19 What stories can you tell with your camera? 20

Contrast Contrast refers to the brightness between the light and shadow areas of a picture. Does this photograph have contrast? Mapplethorpe, Orchid and Leaf in White Vase 1982

21 Does it have contrast? What direction is the light on the trees coming from? Alfred Stieglitz - Icy Night, 1893 22

What is Contrast? Contrast is the difference between light and shadow. Think about a flashlight in a dark room. Dont think about zebras or pianos! LIGHTS SHADOWS

23 Rule of Thirds A photo is more interesting if the subject is NOT directly in the center. Try placing your subject 1/3 to the left or right, or 1/3 from top or bottom. 24

One photograph uses rule of thirds and the other uses central focus. Central Focus Rule of Thirds Which photograph do you find more interesting? WHY? 25

Point of View Try selecting and unusual point of view. Above Eye Level Below

Where was the photographer standing for each picture? 26 Proximity Dont be shy! Get close to your subject. 27

Contrast, Rule of Thirds, Point of View, and Proximity are tools to help you MASTER the art of photography. 28 One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind.

-Dorthea Lange 29

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