(lAD1660) Turbocharge Mobile and E-commerce Applications on x86

(lAD1660) Turbocharge Mobile and E-commerce Applications on x86

(lAD1660) Turbocharge Mobile and E-commerce Applications on x86 LAMP stack with POWER8 Amy Anderson Director of Business Development, Zend [email protected] Bruce Semple Senior Solution Architect [email protected] Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 Technical University/Symposia materials may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of IBM. Session objectives Understand the Relationship between SOE and SOR Understand the difference between LAMP and Turbo LAMP Appreciate the business value of Turbo LAMP Understand how Turbo LAMP Stack exploits the Power8 Architecture Learn about Turbo LAMPs Reference Configuration Learn how to Order and Get Started With Turbo LAMP Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 2

Agenda New Systems of Engagement to Systems of Record LAMP vs Turbo LAMP Business value of Turbo LAMP Why POWER8 For Turbo LAMP Turbo LAMP Magento Benchmark Getting started with Turbo LAMP Reference Configuration Turbo LAMP in the Cloud Roundtable Discussion / Q&A With the Partners (15 min) Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 3 Users demand consistent, interactive, and secure access to business data Example: Customer uses Mobile app to interact with Airline Real time updates from Systems of Record

Ability to change and update, not just view Access the same data from multiple devices Personal data is never compromised or exposed Systems of Engagement require the same enterprise-grade features as Systems of Record 4 Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 4 More than 50% of the worlds web and mobile workloads run on LAMP What is LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Scale-out architecture Key solution categories: E-commerce, Content Management Mobile app development Key challenges Open source culture leads to a lack of process & control

Known performance issues with many solution leaders on x86 Order and assemble the piece parts On your own to install, configure, tune and support Commodity server RAS, security Copyright IBM Corporation 2014 5 IBM is collaborating with industry leaders to build the next generation LAMP stack for POWER8 #1 Linux for cloud and scale out Enterprise performance and scale for PHP MySQL compatible database without Oracle Ts&Cs Leader in high speed networking for cloud, Big Data 6 Turbo LAMP! Industry leaders collaborating to optimize LAMP on POWER8 These business apps run better

on Turbo LAMP! Industry leaders working together turbo-charges the LAMP stack Exploits performance and RAS features of POWER8 Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 7 Turbo LAMP runs business critical web & mobile apps with better performance, availability, and security x86 LAMP apps just run, only better E-Commerce Content Mgmt. Less infrastructure, rack space, power Lower cost per checkout & more users Enterprise class RAS and security Pre-tested, optimized together with

partners for private or public cloud Cookbook for order, install, configure Up and running in hours vs. days Use this to get started today! Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 8 Magento benchmark shows great performance and TCO proof points DB / MySQL * @ < 2 sec response time for 86% of users Redis Server REDIS MariaDB PHP Server/ Magento

ZEND\ Magento 2 Four Dell servers PHP Server/ Magento 32,000 users/hour * ZEND\ Magento 1 5,000 users/hour * 6.4x more users / hour One POWER8 server PowerKVM + Ubuntu F Single S P Power S822L

M E L M E L M E L M E L * @ < 2 sec. response time for > 90% of users 65% less $$ / user / $3.98 /user/hour TCA = $19, 885

Key Advantages of Turbo LAMP on POWER8 65% less $$ per user / hour 6.4x more users per hour 4:1 less physical servers 2:1 less rack space Magento is a subsidiary of eBay and serves more than 240,000 retailers worldwide - enabling retailers and brands to create customized, innovative, commerce experiences to accelerate their growth. hour $1.41 /user/hour TCA = $45, 100 9 Magento Testing Results: IBM Details IBM TurboLAMP outperformed cloud providers both in performance and unit cost PageViewsperSecond 80.0 %

154ghput NT UsersperHour 35,000 u MEN thro V30,000 E RO P 25,000 IM 70.0 60.0 CostperUser 56 % C $0.60 RE

DU ost CT IO N $0.50 $0.40 50.0 20,000 40.0 $0.30 15,000 30.0 $0.20 10,000 20.0 $0.10 5,000

10.0 0.0 0 2 Servers IBM Turbo LAMP (Lagrange) $0.00 2 Servers Average Higher results are better IBM Turbo LAMP (Lagrange) 2 Servers Average Higher results are better IBM Turbo LAMP (Lagrange) Average Lower costs are better

IBM Turbo LAMP delivered approximately twice the throughput of any other cloud provider which is to be expected since this hardware deployment is significantly larger than cloud resources Confidential: Copyright 2015 Lagrange Systems. All rights reserved. tested **Note: Benchmark utilized Lagrange Systems CloudMaestro Product. 10 Independent testing has shown that Magento Enterprise Edition demonstrates a substantial 2.5-3x performance improvement on the POWER8 architecture with its ability to process up to 8 multiple parallel threads per core versus similar priced Intel architectures on the IBM Turbo LAMP stack. Magento serves more than 240,000 retailers worldwide, and enables retailers and brands to create customized, innovative, commerce experiences to accelerate their growth. Craig Hayman , President - eBay Enterprise Business 11

Turbo LAMP Optimized for next generation mobile applications Systems of Record Systems of Engagement ideal for Turbo LAMP DATA smartphone users by 2016 150 Interactions / day / user 5 petabytes of data per day by mobile phones around the world HR HR Database Database

ERP ERP DATA Mobile Apps 1 Billion CRM CRM Fast, Agile, DevOps Optimized for Client Engagement on CAMS New mobile / web apps being developed on LAMP in an Open development model Stores, Serves & Protects critical business data Robust & Highly Available Optimized Infrastructure for high utilization

Auditability and Compliance Scale-Out Applications & Delivery Infrastructure 12 Agenda New Systems of Engagement to Systems of Record LAMP vs Turbo LAMP Business value of Turbo LAMP Why POWER8 For Turbo LAMP Turbo LAMP Magento Benchmark Getting started with Turbo LAMP Reference Configuration Turbo LAMP in the Cloud Roundtable Discussion / Q&A With the Partners (15 min) Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 13 Infrastructure Matters Systems of Engagement Agile, Faster, more

Scalable DevOps Platform to Engage Customers via Mobile Apps with Social Insights Mobile Apps Open, Speed, Agility, Secure, Available POWER8 Advantages for Mobile Systems of Engagement: Dynamically shift CPU / RAM resources in response to sudden shifts in workload are key for the Mobile environment where a single tweet or other social event can trigger

sudden shifts in the number of Mobile device transactions. POWER8 brings 12 processor cores per socket (50% more that before) which delivers better scale up performance and more throughput per scale out server node. Higher performance cores shrink the physical server footprint and deliver data faster to applications serving mobile devices. 14 Much larger memory bandwidth(4X Intel) and capacity means more memory can be placed under a single CPU, providing a better user experience on more devices. Built in encryption accelerators are highly efficient and fast, enabling end-to-end encryption from the device through the network, server and all the way to storage. CAPI-Flash creates a new tier of memory/storage with much cheaper capacity than DRAM and much better performance than Disk. CAPI attached GPU accelerators greatly improve the performance of Hadoop analytics solutions leading to faster customer insight and more effective client engagement. RDMA capabilities will enable faster movement of data to more Mobile devices with less impact on the processor.

14 Power8 Has Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 15 Power8 Innovation Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 16 Intels Performance per Core is Not Increasing Over Previous Generation Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 17 POWER7 to POWER8 Performance Gains Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 18

POWER8 Is Designed for Superior Performance Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 19 POWER vs. Intel Reliability And Serviceability The service processor methodologies are very different! Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 20 Checkers and Fault Isolation Registers provide the mechanism to ensure First Failure Data Capture Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 21 Magento Benchmark Test Topology Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 22

Magento Benchmark Physical Deployment Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 23 Why 4 VMs per System - S822L Block Diagram Mellanox 40 Gb Mellanox 40 Gb Mellanox 40 Gb Mellanox 40 Gb 4 NUMA nodes Use all local memory Use direct attach PCI Slots PowerKVM PCI Pass-through

Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 24 Default Deployment Topology Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 25 How To Order Order S822L and Mellanox Adapter Cards (cables included) from IBM (or IBM BP) Before August 2015 Import .cfr file Adjust Cores, RAM, Adapters as needed After August 2015 Select Turbo LAMP solution configuration in e-config Adjust Cores, Ram, Adapters as needed Order Mellanox Switch SX1012 (12 port) Where to Download Ordering Guidance: http://bit.ly/tlampofsguide Techline sizing / ordering assistance https://www-304.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/servlet/ContentHandler/LLIE-6LLS4T

Exploring options with distributers -- welcome input / feedback Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 26 Single System Reference Configuration VM #1 VM #2 VM #3 VM #4 ZEND #1 ZEND #2

Maria DB Ha Proxy PowerKVM F S P S822L - #1 N I C 1 N I C 2 M E L

M E L M E L M E L S822L 20 core -- 3.42 Ghz Power8 2 sockets, 10 cores per socket 4 NUMA nodes of 5 cores each 128GB RAM Local Storage 2 x 300 GB 15K RPM (PowerKVM) 5 x 300 GB 15K RPM (VM Data) DVD Drive 4 x EC3A -- 40 GB Mellanox Adapter PowerKVM pre-loaded Copyright IBM Corporation 2015

27 Priced Configurations 6 ZEND Cluster VM #1 VM #2 VM #3 VM #4 VM #1 VM #2 VM #3

VM #4 ZEND #1 ZEND #2 Maria DB Ha Proxy ZEND #3 ZEND #4 ZEND #5 ZEND #6

PowerKVM PowerKVM F S P F S P S822L - #1 N I C 1 N I C 2 M E L

M E L M E L M E L S822L - #1 N I C 1 N I C 2 M E

L M E L M E L M E L Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 28 How To Setup (Once the components arrive) Follow Cookbook guidance to set up the hardware and VMs Build solution with Cookbook: http://bit.ly/tlampcookbook Register on MariaDB site

Download Power8 Optimized binary Install Turbo LAMP SW components Single System Installation JuJu Charms --- LXC -- does not use Mellanox fabric Manual Install (follow cookbook) utilizes Mellanox fabric Multiple System JuJu Charms uses Mellanox { planned / under development } Manual Install (follow cookbook) utilizes Mellanox fabric Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 29 Cloud Deployment Discussion 4 c, 16GB Ubuntu JMeter 4 c, 16GB Ubuntu ZEND MariaDB

Redis S822L 8,000 UPH Try a 4 node ZEND Cluster Asked the MSP for: 7 - 4 Core 16GB VMs 1 load generator 1 load balancer 4 ZEND servers 1 Redis 1 - 8 Core 16GB VM MariaDB 1 c, 16GB Ubuntu JMeter

8 c, 16GB Ubuntu ZEND MariaDB Redis S822L 12,300 UPH Used Providers Network Infrastructure Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 30 Hybrid Cloud Similar set up as a full cloud deployment, except aspects can reside on dedicated hardware Enterprise businesses have dedicated hardware solutions (capex) Some applications require dedicated hardware (security, performance, application requirements)

APP DELIVERY CONTROLLER APP DELIVERY CONTROLLER APP DELIVERY CONTROLLER APP APP APP SERVER SERVER SERVER Cloud is more cost effective, can be rightsized and support self-healing Seamlessly transition to the cloud, while minimizing risk and exposure in the process Same great features are available in pure cloud and hybrid deployments APP DELIVERY CONTROLLER

NE W NE W Maximize current investment in HW while expanding into the Cloud NE W T R A F F I C APP SERVER Z E N D A p p S e r v e r s Z ZEND END

App App Srvr Srvr MariaDB T u r b o L A M p O N - P R E M I S E D e p l o y m e n t Confidential: Copyright 2015 Lagrange Systems. All rights reserved. 31 Turbo LAMP PoC Engagement Options Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 32 Functional Verification Power Developer Platform - Cloud Ordering Fulfillment

Support No order required IBM account team makes reservation on Customer's behalf Uses PDP Promotion Code for Turbo LAMP 647283 See Power Developer Cloud step by step instructions in Resources backup Lead Time: 1-2 hours 7 days test period Image can be saved Used for Functional testing Mellanox high speed interconnect fabric not available. Through Turbo LAMP Community Site and [email protected] https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/communit y/groups/community/turbolamp Copyright IBM Corporation 2015

33 https://www-304.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/servlet/ContentHandler/stg_com_sys_power-development-platform Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 34 Power Development Cloud (aka Power Development Platform PDP) New Turbo LAMP Specific Landing Page http://graceland.rchland.ibm.com/wps/wcm/connect/content_en_US/Systems/systems/migratetoibm/pdc.html?isdraft=tr ue&id=672a884a-f36a-4d86-9545-572510fed47a Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 35 PDP Creating A Reservation Programs Tab Selecting Virtual Server Access will cause the next dialogue box to pop up Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 36

PDP Selecting the Ubuntu Turbo LAMP Image Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 37 Functional Verification IBM Loaner Program Ordering Fulfillment Support Customer works with client team reaches out to GEOs Loaner Pool coordinator See Contacts chart in Resources backup Lead time 2-4 weeks 60 day loan period Customer utilizes Turbo LAMP cookbook to build the Turbo LAMP solution on Loaner hardware with option to use JuJu

workload deployment 0.5 2 days depending on experience Used for Functional testing more flexible since equipment is on sight Mellanox high speed interconnect fabric not available. Note to sellers: Loaner Pool quantities are very limited at this time. Through Turbo LAMP Community Site and [email protected] https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/commun ity/groups/community/turbolamp Lab Services assistance available in most countries Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 38 Get started today! Learn more IBM Power Systems running Linux Take the waiting out of working! http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/migratetoibm/index.html#panel3

Contact Eric Email [email protected] Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 39 Turbo LAMP In Docker Containers Beta Demonstration VM #5 ( 5/8 core 32 GB lNEW VM #6 ( 4 cores 16GB MariaDB ZEND Srvr Docker

Docker PowerKVM F S P S822L - #2 N I C 1 N I C 2 Stop by the Open Innovation Pedestal at the IBM Booth Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 40 Visit Turbo LAMP Pedestal in the IBM Booth

Expo Doors Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 41 Turbo LAMP stack resources Watch and share the demo video http://bit.ly/tlampdemo Read and share the Turbo LAMP technical whitepaper http://bit.ly/tlampwhitepaper Includes links for downloading all components of stack & reference configuration info Visit our Turbo LAMP community page for more info https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/groups/community/turbolamp Contact us for assistance with client or partner opportunities for the Turbo LAMP stack or for Zend, MariaDB, Ubuntu or Mellanox [email protected] Amy Anderson Lisa Pike Steve Grandchamp

Jim Lonergan Director of Business Development, Zend [email protected] Director of Business Development, Canonical [email protected] VP NA, MariaDB [email protected] Business Development, Mellanox IBM WW [email protected] 4242 Panel Discussion Q&A Ubuntu on Power drives speed & performance of Turbo LAMP stack Ubuntu on Power provides a cloud platform for speed and rapid deployment

Velocity + Performance Automated cloud deployment & orchestration of Turbo LAMP stack (Zend, Mellanox, MariaDB) Rapidly develop and move apps to production Apache, PHP, MySQL apps should run as is Realize 2x+ workload performance vs. X86 High system utilization / low support costs Moving Linux apps to Power has never been easier Leveraging LE pgh 5 months MAAS 40,000+ Juju binary packages deploys container, Ubuntu and

WebSphere Application Server in < 4 minutes 2014 IBM Corporation of porting and testing from inception to beta 250 applications ported per day * Zend drives the workloads that drive the web E-Commerce Mobile and APIs Content Management Reporting & Dashboards See Zend in action on POWER8 - http://youtu.be/ruHshCAO9gc 45

Why MariaDB on Linux on POWER8 ? Mellanox - Capitalize on the Currency of Data The currency of Big Data Improved Analytics - Better Results - New Opportunities The pay off of Efficient Big Data solutions Change the way business is done An efficient, resilient network is a crucial Network moves the data so the processor can run the workload If you have the Best Servers in the world If you have the Best Storage in the world If you have the Best Accelerators in the world But you offer an Interconnect Fabric that is only Good Enough then you are diluting the Value of POWER8 Solutions Think Value Think Mellanox Leveraging Mellanox Performance Value Flagship

Solutions Elastic Storage Solution Data Engine for Analytics POWER8 Turbo LAMP Stack OpenPower Founding Member CAPI Enabled NIC solutions Efficient Mellanox Networks Mellanox for Mission Critical Solutions Because Infrastructure Matters Please fill out an evaluation! @ IBMtechU Some great prizes to be won! Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 48

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