For Audio please call: 800-260-0712 Participant Code: 439447

For Audio please call: 800-260-0712 Participant Code: 439447

For Audio please call: 800-260-0712 Participant Code: 439447 ACT Aspire Test Administration Webinar and Q&A April 3-May 11, 2018 1 2

Agenda 1) Test Preparation Computer Based Testing (CBT) Paper Based Testing (PBT) 2) Test Administration 3) Reports 4) Resources

3 Test Preparation 4 User Roles Review users in the portal and make updates as necessary, including inviting new members and removing old User Roles Matrix found on Avocet

(http:// Home ) Room Supervisors and Proctors should be assigned Educator role Test Coordinator role has access to all test sessions for that school 5 Test Coordinators Separate Test Coordinator manual

Select testing staff and rooms Responsible for material security per ACT guidelines Staff training Ensure technical readiness Print student authorization tickets 6 Testing Rooms

Select rooms free from potential distractions Have adequate lighting, temperature and ventilation Have an accurate wall clock Can be rearranged if necessary to meet seating requirements 7 Online Process Flow SDU File

Uploaded Download TestNav PNP Input Perform App Check

Test Session Setup Pre-Cache Test Sessions Feb 6-7 (State) Jan 8Feb 5

Feb 19April 2 Feb 14April 4 Feb 19April 2 March 19March 30 8 Student Data

DPI loaded student data Feb 6-7 View the training module Manually Entering and Updating Student Data to learn how to manage student information Confirm student information is correct or make necessary edits Enter PNPs for applicable students Begin creating groups (optional) and test sessions (required) Task order is important; do not complete steps out-of-order 9 Personal Needs Profile (PNP) Defines student test supports

Edit prior to placing in test session (March 2nd for PBT, April 2nd for CBT) Certain PNPs may require individual testing Avocet Accessibility User Guide Paper based testing allowed ONLY for Large Print, Braille or American Sign Language Add/edit PNP Add student to test sessions Appropriate

materials delivered Student Groups Optional - but should be created before test sessions if using Easily accessible list of students Different than test sessions Facilitate easier test session setup Used to generate dynamic reports Organize students by teacher, home room, placement, or other subsets Students can belong to multiple groups and groups can change as testing proceeds Can be used to easily populate multiple sessions

Test Sessions Students must be placed in test sessions in order to test Test sessions close date auto-set for two-weeks; alter this manually to match your schools true testing window Enter all PNPs before assigning student to test session Students receive the correct form type per their PNP Do Not close test sessions manually Important: be sure to change the end date of your test sessions to include any/ all dates your school will be testing, including any makeup testing Enter your testing window start and end dates,

times, active days of testing, and observance of daylight savings Define a title and any special instructions for the session Proctor Caching is highly recommended for summative online testing

Online Testing Authorization Tickets Test Name (subject) Session Name Students Name; alpha by last name Student specific User Name and Password Authorization tickets can only be used by the student listed on the ticket;

failure to do so will result in testing and reporting irregularities Paper Based Testing (PBT) Only allowed for students using Large Type, Braille or American Sign Language (reviewed/approved before materials are sent) PNPs must be correct in the portal by March 2nd in order to receive correct materials Materials arrive in schools April 2nd - 6th Review the Room Supervisor Manual (PBT) available on Avocet Review the Accessibility Users Guide available on Avocet

16 Paper Based Testing (PBT) All paper testing materials MUST be received by ACT Aspire no later than May 18th Follow the instructions Collect, Pack and Return the Test Materials in the Test Coordinator Manual Summative found on Avocet Enter will not test codes as applicable in the portal 17 Administration

18 Test Times Spring 2018 Summative Standard Test Times EHS English Math

Reading Science Writing 45 75 65

60 40 Students testing with accommodations may need additional time Anything out-of-the-ordinary should be recorded on an irregularity report 19 Irregularities

Document any circumstances that could affect student testing experience or scores Room supervisors should enter test irregularities directly into the reporting tool in the portal Paper irregularity reports located in room supervisor manual if needed If irregularity is due to Prohibited Behavior, student can not re-test that subject, but can take other subjects 20 Types of Irregularities

Examinee cell phone, copying, working before or after time, late Environment power outage, weather, emergency evacuation Technical launching issues, kicked out of test, machine issues Staff test procedures, irregular staff behavior Prohibited Behaviors Looking at anothers test Mobile or any electronic devices Non-approved or sharing calculators

Disruptive students Unauthorized test materials Attempting to remove test materials Copying questions or taking pictures 22 Prohibited Room Supervisor Behaviors Do Not answer individual test questions Do Not comment or add to instructions or questions Do Not talk with co-workers

Should not be on electronic device unless online testing 23 Student Transfers Initiated by portal administrator at the students new school Portal administrator at the previous school reviews and approves transfer request Remove students from any test sessions before approving transfer request Scores will be reported to the school where the student resides at the time of reporting

24 Common Situations If: Then: Student needs a bathroom break Technology problem and student is kicked out of current test

Power outage, or student must leave room for some reason (fire alarm, etc) Have student logout of TestNav; this should allow the student to resume testing where they left off. Student Illness after starting test 25

Common Situations If: Student in test session that has started but needs PNP added/edited Then: Request Reinstatement Student has transferred but is still in an active test session at former school Room Supervisor observes PB

Force Close students test/Invalidation 26 Reinstatement Should be requested in rare situations Must be approved by DPI Wipes previous test attempt/responses; student takes the entire test again Does not unlock students test

Only the new test attempt will display in the Individual Student Record (ISR) Request should contain a complete explanation of the necessity for reinstatement Reporting 28 Will Not Test Codes Must account for all students in the portal, including those that did not test Schools enter codes in portal May 14-May 21

Will Not Test codes entered AFTER testing is complete and test sessions are closed Cannot assign a code while student is in a test session, cannot put student in test session if they have a code assigned Codes applied on student profile page under tab Testing Accountability Will Not Test codes entered for each subject the student does not take 29 Reports District, school and educator reports Reports are available in the portal starting on June 29th

Administrators, test coordinator & educator access All reports are printable ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) requirements were added to the SDU file, and will be reflected on the demographic reports 30 Important Reminders Change the end date when creating test sessions to reflect your schools testing window, including any necessary make-up PNPs before test sessions Students must be in the portal to test

Review the Schedule of Events and Checklist for Success Hawai'i Training November 28 December 2, 2016 31 Resources 32 ACT Aspire Assessment Landing Page

Hawai'i Training November 28 December 2, 2016 33 Avocet 34 Training Management System (TMS) 35 Training Management System (TMS) 36 State Testing Website

Top-right corner select Aspire Scroll down past ACT and WorkKeys Schedule Of Events and Checklist Contact Us 37

Contact Us If you have any questions, please contact ACT Aspire Customer Care Email: Phone: 855.730.0400 Wisconsin ACT Testing Website: 38

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