In your comp notebook.. Bellringer: List at least

In your comp notebook.. Bellringer: List at least

In your comp notebook.. Bellringer: List at least 5 ways humans and daffodils are similar. Response: 1. Both are living organisms. 2. Both can die. 3. Both need food. 4. Both need water. 5. Both reproduce. 6. Both exchange gases. 7. Both get rid of waste. 8. Both are made of cells and tissues. 9. Both have transport vessels. 10.Both grow and develop. 11.Both respond to their environment. 12.Both maintain an internal balance (homeostasis). LE 1-2 Evolutionary adaptation. Response to the environment. Order. Energy processing. Regulation. Growth and development. Reproduction. Examples of Hierarchal Classification (From most inclusive to least inclusive.) Matter, Atom, Compound, Element, Subatomic Particles Matter Compound

most inclusive Tissue Element Atom Subatomic Particles least inclusive Cell Organism Organ System LE 1-14 Species Genus Family Order Class Phylum Kingdom Domain Ursus americanus (American black bear) Ursus Ursidae Carnivora Mammalia Chordata Animalia Eukarya LE 1-3

The biosphere Ecosystems Organelles 1 m Cell Cells Atoms 10 m Communities Molecules Tissues Populations Organisms 50 m Organs and organ systems Honors A&P Due The System of Life 9/8/14 ~influences of disease~ Requirements: 1. Choose a current article from a media source which

explains a disease, disorder, or technological advancement as it relates to the human body. 2. You must write a summary of the article which includes: -the name of the system affected -functions of that system, and - how the disorder or disease affects that system, and 3. You must include your reaction or opinion to the article 4. Follow the detailed instructions found on my web page at 5. Attach the article to your summary/reaction Due DueMonday Monday 09/08/14 09/08/14 Skeletal System Muscular System Nervous System Reproductive System Digestive System Respiratory System Immune System Excretory System Cardiovascuar System

Integumentary System Endocrine System EXAMPLE Amy Albritton #50 Genetics 1 and 2 09/08/14 Ice Bucket Challenge Has Raised Millions for ALS Association, NYT Now, Emily Steele, August 17, 2014. Summary ryeuiarydsjfh dewrarfhdaasdv hf dafhhdsfdhskfhdakekeduk vhjkdaks dkfjdhfdsad s.akfdhfddjskakdjf dfdjkf .adskjfhd ajdhfhdjk.akjdfh akkfsfdjksaskdf hdfdkjfd fdhjfkds.aksdjfhd fhjdksfhjkfh. Djfaeifn ajekkjfjus, fdjawehfh fdjkaksj edoewlffh fndjakdhfe wasdhhoe ahefea fddguiaweud fndjkalske adjfkdaksdhf. Fdeioide fneududn slseif wliflsdkfna wefs d sllewsldfn fndjsols.,w fndfnejhdne . Reaction fdjkakrehfn aejf fjndalkeif s jfkdaleif sifreihaohf wlitha hfiera. Ahjerr relfi fdjka.dfeh fda.dfd fhjdakerhfndmaskjdnnerakewedjkfdbvdnfb fdjka.kjdf fhffnjdka fdjkaksdjfd fajkdck fdja.f f gslalsekkf a,s,wwfndjk.akjdhkwkgnfskdffbda. System Integumentary Skeletal Muscular Nervous Endocrine Cardiovascular Lymphatic Digestion Respiratory Urinary Reproductive Major Organs Functions Organ Systems are responsible for your life characteristics:

Characteristic of life Organ System(s) involved.. 1. Secretes hormones to regulate body functions Endocrine 2. Provides outer covering for protection 3. 4. Reproductive Exchanges gases between air and blood 5. 6. Cardiovascular Maintains body posture and generates most body heat, assists in movement 7. Digestive 8. Removes liquid wastes from blood and transports them to outside of body 9.

Transports excess fluid from tissues to blood 10. Stimulates muscles to contract and interprets information from sensory units 11. Provides framework, makes blood cells, assists in movement COPY 9/9/14 Characteristics of Life Homeostasis- organisms ability to maintain a fairly constant internal environment -this internal balance is known as the set point and represents the optimal internal conditions -this is accomplished by two mechanisms: a. Positive feedback- increases the deviation from the set point and usually leads to death. Ex. b. Negative feedback- decreases the deviation from the set point allowing the body to regulate itself back to the norm Ex. COPY 9/9/14 Homeostasis Complete the following paragraph using these terms about homeostasis: control center, receptor, effector, positive, negative (X2), brain. There are three essential components of all homeostatic control mechanisms: control center, receptor, and effector. The __________ senses changes in the environment and responds by sending information to the _______

________. The _______ analyzes the input, determines the appropriate response, and activates the __________. When the response causes the initial stimulus to decline, the homeostatic response is referred to as a _________ feedback mechanism. When the response enhances the initial stimulus, the mechanism is called a ____________ feedback mechanism. _______ feedback mechanisms are much more common in the body. Medical Terminology Made Easy Many medical terms refer to various parts of the body. By learning to recognize the pre/suffixes and root words for some of these parts, you can understand complicated terms. The following is a list of root words, prefixes, and suffixes (many derived from Latin and Greek, for various structures of the body. Cardio=heart hepat=liver neuro=nerves Myo=muscle odont=tooth nephro=kidney -it is=infection,inflammation -ology=study of -ectomy=surgical removal -scope=view gastro=stomach derm=skin osteo=bone oto=ear algia=pain -gram/graph=pic, chart Use the information above to create the term for each definition below: 1. Inflammation of the stomach 2. Branch of science concerned with the study of the nervous system 3. Removal of the kidney 4. Inflammation of the liver

5. Small mirror used by dentists to view the teeth 6. Graph showing heartbeat 7. Infection of bone by bacteria 8. Skin Doctor 9. Otomedius is a Fungus infection in the middle ________ 10. Pain in the muscles List these pre/suffixes and their meanings. #1-50 9/8/14 In your 3 ring binder notebook ab- -ase cerebro- -ary cyan- -ac brady- cranio- costo- cysto- ad- carcin-

-cyte dys- cyto- -algia cardio- circum- -emis ecto- a-/an- cephal- erythro- -ectomy epi- arterio- arthro- entero- endo/intra- append- -al Derma-

-emia gastro- glyco- -ar gingiva gloss/lingua hemi- hypo- hyper- hepat- hydro- hystero- hemo- -ism -itis inter- lipo bi- In your 3 Ring Binder Notebook, copy AND describe this list of pre/suffixes/root words.

TODAY 9/9/14 leuko- -genesis -gram/graph -megaly mamm/mast- myo- nephro/ren- neuro- -lysis -ic ortho- odont- -osis -ologist -ology oculi/opthal- osteo- oto- ped/pod-

phleb- -pathy poly- -penia pseudo- -oma peri- pnemonia/ pulm psych- rhin- sub- -sclerosis tachy- -trophy trach- thorac- -uria Copy this chart in your three ring binder notebook 9/3/14 Directional Terms Vocabulary

Term Meaning Synonym Antonym 1. Superior X inferior 2. Inferior X superior 3. anterior ventral 4. Posterior 5. Proximal anterior

X 6. X proximal lateral 7. Medial X 8. Lateral X 9. 10. Toward the surface Deep X X deep Vocabulary Term 11. Frontal 12.

Cross section 13. Meaning Synonym Antonym X Mid-sagittal 14. Sagittal 15. Intermediate X Human Body Planes 1. Plane Frontal AKA coronal 2. Transverse Cross section

3. Saggittal 4. Mid-saggital Description median Handout: Directional Terms and Planes Color Plate Vocabulary Collection for CH 1 Anatomical position Anatomy Atom Cardiovascular Cells Digestive Distal dorsal Energy Endocrine Excretion Posterior Proximal Receptor Reproduction Reproductive Respiration Sagittal Transverse

Ventral Frontal Growth Homeostasis Immune Inferior Integumentary Intermediate Lateral Median Metabolism Movement Muscular Negative feedback Nervous Organ system Organelles Organism Organs Organized Physiology Positive feedback

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