Bell Ringer: describe the picture using Geographical characteristics.

Bell Ringer: describe the picture using Geographical characteristics.

Bell Ringer: describe the picture using Geographical characteristics. Standard and EQ SSWG1 The student will explain the physical aspects of geography.

a. Describe the concept of place by explaining how physical characteristics such as landforms Essential Question: How do physical features define a place?

Bell Ringer Review How many physical descriptors did you use in your paragraph?

Do We Know The World? Label all of the continents and oceans on your map

Physical Features Why do we mainly use physical features to describe a place? Physical Aspects of Geography

Landforms Bodies of Water Natural Resources Climate

Landforms Natural structures of the land Examples: Mountains, glaciers, peninsulas, isthmus, island, plains, plateau, mesa

Bodies of Water Rivers, lakes, seas, oceans Can provide transportation, fertile soil, fishing, and food, energy from hydroelectric power Natural Resources

Substances created naturally by the earth Coal, oil, diamonds, natural gas Can bring money to a region or provide essential substances

Climate Tell us the average weather in a place Can show us if people can live there, what can grow there, and what activities are possible there.

Stop! Lets Check for Understanding 1 minute Island

River Isthmus

Humid Subtropical Climate that has mild winters, hot summers, and is typically very humid. This is the climate of Atlanta.

Subarctic Peninsula Mesa

Plains Ocean Mountain

Dump and Clump 7 minutes You and a partner will be assigned the term Landforms, Climate, or Bodies of Water. You will

come up with words that relate to that term and then categorize them. You must come up with at least 15 words. Group Work Activity:

Show What You Know! Who? Groups of 4 (assigned by me) What? You will be assigned either Natural Resources, Landforms, Bodies of Water, or Climate. You will make a poster giving at least 5 examples, an

explanation, images, and the impact of your category as it relates to the United States and Canada. You will present this to the class. When? In the next 35 minutes Why? So your classmates can learn in depth about

the different physical aspects of geography Exit Ticket 1. _________ are substances found naturally on the earth that typically bring money to a place. A. Natural resources

B. Landforms C. Arctic climate D. Rivers 2. ________________ is the climate in Atlanta E. Humid continental

F. Subarctic G. Humid subtropical H. Mediterranean 3. ______________ is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger strips of land. I. Isthmus J. Island

K. Peninsula L. None of the above 4. Geographers study landforms because: M. They dont- theyre not that important N. They can define the climate and culture of a place

O. They are pleasing to look at P. Each place has the same landforms, so it is easy to study 5. True or False: Climate is the same as weather.

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