Meals Administration and Reporting Optimize your eLearning Click

Meals Administration and Reporting Optimize your eLearning Click

Meals Administration and Reporting Optimize your eLearning Click Here For Text environment! Connect a 2nd Monitor to your Computer As you browse the lesson, navigate MyPaymentsPlus to the same location and see it in real time.

In this lesson youFor will Text learn to: Click Here Navigate the Admin Portal Add your District Users Assist your Parents Run Reports and Reconcile Deposits

Why is this lesson called Meals? MyPaymentsPlus is your one-stop-shop for all school-related payments including: Meals, otherwise known as Online Cafeteria Deposits, offers many features including Auto-Payments and Low-Balance E-mail notifications. Fees & Activities encompasses a wide variety of online payment capabilities including invoicing, registration, digital forms, shopping and more. Direct Funding via the Fees and Activities tool provides the ability to have transactions tied directly to the bank account of their choice, eliminating any delays in depositing. Our AP Exam Registration tool prevents scheduling conflicts, decreases chances of inaccurate pricing and gives the user the opportunity to acknowledge need for IEP or 504 plan. Fees and Activities and AP Exam are covered in separate lessons.

MyPaymentsPlus has TWO sites to log into: ONE for parents and ONE for admins like you. Well be logging into the Admin site today. Account Holders will log into this site. Navigating the Admin Portal You will have received an e-mail and created your login password, your user name is your email. If not, talk to your districts MyPaymentsPlus admin. Bookmark the page for easy access.

Lets log in and take a look at your MyPaymentsPlus Admin portal. Navigating the Admin Portal You will land on the Dashboard page. From here, you can access the entire portal. For example, click on Reports to open that page. Well be coming back here later in the lesson. The website times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Its all about data

Navigating the Admin Portal In Getting Started, you can add users. Training will provide info on the latest updates and link to the screen for

changing your password. Lets take a look at your Dashboard. Fees and Activities are covered in another lesson. In Parent Outreach, click Use Marketing Kit.

You and your Parents can reach us anytime. Navigating the Admin Portal Another browser tab will open with lots of marketing material for you. Click back on the MyPaymentsPlus you came from. A word from our Marketing team: MyPaymentsPlus is here to

assist you with all of your marketing needs. Our Marketing Team provides you with everything from customized marketing materials, email blasts, social media advice and more completely free! Click here to access our team: [email protected]

Navigating the Admin Portal Click on the Settings tab. Click on Admin Users. This is where youll add your district users. For MEALS, youll mainly be using these 3 functions. Adding and Editing your District Users The System Users page allows you to search for existing accounts and Add new ones.

You can also get here from Dashboard> Admin Users. Adding your District Users You may want to see which Users already exist. Type @ or ., then click Search to list ALL users. nd individuals, enter some or all of the User Name, First Name or Last name, then click Search. Adding your District Users

Click Edit to update the users profile. dding and Editing your District Users Click Add to create a User. Enter first and last name and the users e-mail address. Assign a role.

Administrator or Food Service Manager Is most common. No action is needed here. Admins and Managers are assigned to all schools by default. Food Service Managers have admin rights only to Meals activities. Save, and an e-mail is sent to the new user.

Assisting your Parents MyPaymentsPlus has a dedicated Support Team for you and your parents. Both the Admin and Parent portal offer several way to connect with us. Most districts refer parent calls to us, but, when assisting Account Holders, your Admin Portal provides several ways to help, including: Messaging , using District Bulletin.

Transaction Lookup, when searching for single transactions. People Search, allowing you to look up user accounts by name or id. Well review each. Assisting your Parents To post a message on your Parents MyPaymentsPlus home page, click Settings then click District Bulletin Choose Account Summary- District Message Type in your message.

You have many editing options. You can only display 1 message for all MyPaymentsPlus users in your district, including those only using Fees and Activities. Be sure to Save Content when youre finished. Assisting your Parents If you are trying to locate a single Account Holder payment, use the Transaction Lookup feature. Click Settings then click Search Transactions. You can search by

a wide range of criteria. Assisting your Parents This is what your search result will return. All transactions for the value you entered will be returned in a list.

A Status Key is provided on the Search screen. Assisting your Parents ck People Search to access account information. search by name or ID number. District Population searches for all students. Registered Users searches for students with accounts and the account owner. Users and account members with MPP accounts appear over a shaded background.

Because this search was on District Population all students, whether they have an account or not, will display. Assisting your Parents Next, lets review Simulate and Payment History. Click Simulate. Assisting your Parents Simulate is a very interesting feature that replicates the account for your access.

Why? Lets say a parent calls with a question about a function in his or her portal. You can Simulate the account to see exactly what they are seeing. Caution: You are looking at LIVE data. Handle with Care! Like when you opened the Marketing Kit, Simulate opens a new Browser tab. If it doesnt work, check to see if your browsers pop-up blocker is ON and turn it OFF. This will be your view of the Parent Portal. You will be logged into their account and see exactly what the parent sees. Payments are

entered here. Account Holders can set up: Auto Pay Low balance Notifications Manage Students allows you to add students to the account. Meal purchases and payment history can be viewed here. MyPaymentPlus support is accessed here. Assisting your Parents

Return to People Search and Click Payment History. Assisting your Parents Payment History shows you all payments made under the account. Click on confirmation # to see more details of the transaction. The parent will have been provided this # at the time of payment.

Nevada Smith Smith Jebadiah They are listed newest first. Reporting Under the Reports tab you will see a menu of different report categories on the left. Click Banking and Reconciliation. These reports will show you when payments were made and the deposits you can expect to see deposited to your bank.

Click Advanced. These reports will show if any payments were returned. It will also show ACH* transactions (payments by check) that are still pending deposit to your district bank account. Reporting Report Filters allow you to focus your search. Click GO to run the report. Deposit Date is the date it entered your Bank Account.

Transaction Date is the date the parent paid to the account. You can run reports by module. Use the x to remove as needed. Choose to generate the report in the Web Page, in Excel, or as a PDF. Web Page will display on your monitor and download otherwise. Download goes to your \Downloads folder and asks if you want to View. E-mail will send the report to your Inbox. Reporting Heres an example of the District Payment Summary report. Use Navigation Bar change

pages, download or print. Your Payments by Credit Cards are shown here. InstFee is the transaction fee paid by the district. A summary of the Filter options is shown. These are payments by check.

Note: If your reports arent generating, turn off the pop-up blocker in your web browser and try again. Reporting Popular reports include: District Payment Summary Report This report is a quick way to see what was deposited into your bank account on each day. The last page of the report will show the total for the date range chosen. Payment Details Report This report itemizes each payment that was included in each deposit and will show each students payment

details. Use this report to locate payments for specific students. Site Payment Summary Report This report will show the amount each site contributed to the Bank Deposit. Deposits with Transaction Dates Report This report will show transaction dates for each deposit. Chargebacks In the event of a account holder has disputed a payment, you will get an e-mail notice from Persolvent (the payments processor). The data you receive in the e-mail will be duplicated on this report. Reporting Reconciliation

Generate the Payment Summary Report for the reconciliation date range. Download or Print as needed. Compare the Deposit Date and Daily Net Total to your Bank Statement. Congratulations, Click Here For Text Youve mastered Meals!

Now you can: Navigate and Administrate Help your Parents Run Reports to help Reconcile Thanks again for your time and effort. Its appreciated!

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