About TCIL As a prime telecom engineering and

About TCIL As a prime telecom engineering and

About TCIL As a prime telecom engineering and consultancy firm, we at TCIL also offer integrated, end-to-end services for responsible disposal and recycling of end of life IT assets, telecom equipment and electronics. With electronic waste becoming a major environmental concern in the country, TCIL has stepped in to provide a proper, environmentally responsible and sustainable solution for e-waste management. TCIL provides these services through its partner - Attero, Indias largest electronic asset management company and NASA recognized technology innovator. As a pioneer in the telecom industry, TCIL brings in Atteros expertise in the clean tech recycling domain and offers integrated solutions for sustainable management of e-waste, refurbishment of electronics, electronics asset recovery, data security and electronics reverse logistics.

About E-Waste E-waste or electronic waste refers to old electrical and electronic equipment that have reached the end of their life. E-waste contains numerous toxins, which if not disposed in an appropriate manner can cause environmental pollution and health hazards. Apart from toxins e-waste also contains resources like metals and rare earths which can be recovered and reused. Proper recycling of e-waste can help ensure that these resources are extracted from e-waste while the toxins are disposed responsibly. ATTERO: Recycling Partner The E-waste (Handling and Management) Rules

specifies the Responsibilities of Bulk Consumers & Producers to ensure proper e-waste management. By offering e-waste recycling services, TCIL helps both bulk consumers and producers comply with these responsibilities and regulations. Responsibilities: Bulk Consumer 01 They must deposit their e-waste with dealer/ authorized collection centers/registered

dismantler/registered recycler, or dispose their e-waste through producer's e-waste take back program 02 They shall file annual returns to SPCB or PCC They shall not import used electrical and

electronic equipment in India 03 Responsibilities: Producer 01 Manage/ Tie Up with registered collection center in every State 02

Register with the State Pollution control board in which the company is headquartered 03 Ensure end to end recycling and complete audit trail 04 File annual returns with the State Pollution control boards 05

Maintain Forms every time E-Waste is disposed off any where in India TCIL: Solution We at TCIL offer a complete and highly efficient solution for eco-friendly management end-of-life electronic assets. State-of-the-art e-waste recycling facility, powered by disruptive technology Cost effective, high efficiency solutions for e-waste management Top of the line Refurbishing facility to help extend useful life of electronics and promote reuse DoD standard Data Sanitization and Data Destruction

services Compliant, Secure and Transparent services Pan India Reverse Logistics network, spread across 22 states for efficient collection About ATTERO Attero, Indias largest e-waste management company and NASA recognized technology innovator, has been spearheading efforts to tackle the e-waste issue through its 360 degree approach, by facilitating eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronic assets. Powered by patent pending disruptive technology, Attero is now the only Indian company and globally, one among seven with the capability to extract pure metals and rare earths from e-waste in

an eco-friendly manner. An ISO 14001 - 2004, ISO 9001 2008 and OHSAS 18001 2007 certified company, Atteros operations involve cutting edge refurbishing operations to help extend useful lives of electronics and facilitate reuse; low cost, eco-friendly, recycling solutions for proper e-waste management based on its proprietary disruptive technology, as well as an effective pan India reverse logistics network for collection of end-of-life electronics from consumers. The company is also helping integrate the informal recycling sector and setting up an effective e-waste takeback program, through training and consumer e-waste collection/awareness events. THANK YOU!!!

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