International Orientation Before we talk about immigration rules,

International Orientation Before we talk about immigration rules,

International Orientation Before we talk about immigration rules, let me; + introduce you to the ISS team, + review your general responsibilities, and + describe how our office can help you throughout your stay Megan Kless

International Student Advisor And a special thanks to the rest of our ISS Team The Peer Advisor Leaders (PALS)! ISS Orientation Highlights

Please raise your hand if you need a; new international student guidebook, schedule, or map Transportat ion Off-Campus:

Please check this page for updates to transportation options Zipcar: You might consider buying a $15 membership to the cars that can be rented on campus by the hour or by the day:

Bikeshare: (free on-campus service) Always wear a bike helmet & use a bike lock! Ride-Sharing Services that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice Recently came to Rochester

Often less expensive than a taxi cab Campus Policy on Smoking RITs smoke-free policy restricts all smoking/vaping (tobacco, ecigarettes, pipes, etc.) to only the designated areas on campus pointed out on this map files//images/Designated%20areas.png Used to pay your bills by wire transfer from your home country bank This may save you money on fees! An Overview of our Web Resources If you have not already done so Please submit your passport and I-20 (or DS-2019) to the ISS office (located in the SAU, above the Ben & Jerrys) anytime in next day or two. Well copy & sign your documents and record your arrival in the US

government database (SEVIS). You are required to always update your local address (where you physically live) Immigration regulations require you to update it within 10 days of any move. You can do this online here: US Immigration requires you to correctly format your address. EXAMPLE: International Student Services 42 Lomb Memorial Dr. Rochester, NY 14623 You can find the standard address format at: Specifically: Email Requirements Regularly (at least every other day) check your RIT e-mail account and read all notices from ISS. Some may be optional programs, but occasionally we will contact you about very

important immigration matters. Students have been stuck crossing the border because they ignored emails from our office. Or, forward your RIT e-mail account to your own personal account if you prefer this approach. Do this at:

eServices It lists tuition and fees, fines, credits, etc. YOU are responsible for monitoring your bill. Be sure to click on Account Activity (not just Statements) Pay particular attention to Health Insurance Charge $775 for Fall

$1,075 for Spring/Summer (this equals $154/month) If you wish to cancel (waive) your health insurance, you must do so within first 30 days after classes start, and only if you have another approved insurance plan in place. You must have another policy in place that meets RIT standards. Contact us when you do not know where else to go.

ISS can answer questions or refer you to professional resources on: Cultural Adjustment & Intl. Student Groups/Clubs Drivers license (by the way, you can use your home country license while here as a student). Social Security Number (if you have a job offer. More info @ our employment session). Banking, cell phones, legal workshops or referrals, etc. (see the new

student handbook/guide and your PAL). ..and now, lets move on to Immigration Rules Several Government Agencies Enforce Immigration Rules

YOU are responsible for understanding F1 and J1 rules. We are here to help you understand them. So Please ask questions before doing anything unusual.

Maintaining your legal status It is YOUR responsibility to know and follow the rules related to your F-1 or J-1 status. If your spouse or children are in the US, they are also required to know and follow the rules for F-2, J-2, etc. No matter what you do, we will always advise you, but the

responsibility to follow the rules is yours, and there are serious consequences to ignoring or breaking the rules Important Terms ISS: International Student Services SEVIS: Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (ICE database) this is funded by your $200 SEVIS fee. DSO (Designated School Official for the F-1 student visa program) the

advisors at International Student Services. RO (Responsible Officer) for J-1 program for students & scholars. Immigration Documents Passport: keep yours updated through your embassy (or passport authority when home) Visa (F1 or J1): only needs to be valid at time of entry to US I-94 # (on-line process to print your number)

I-20 (F-1 students) DS-2019 (J-1 students) Issued/updated by RIT or sponsor Immigration Documents You must have all of your original documents with you when you are downtown at the central bus, train station, or the airport!

Andwhenever you leave Rochester. Passport Extended/replaced only by your embassy, or while in your home country. Must always be valid while you are in the U.S., and have at least 6 months remaining validity when entering the US.

Visa Can only be issued outside the U.S. The visa is like your key to get into the U.S. Your visa can expire while youre in the U.S., but your I-20 and passport must always remain valid. If you leave the U.S. with an expired visa, you must obtain a new visa in your home country before returning to the U.S.

F1 Visa I-94 Number You should go to this website: and print out your I-94 number. You may need to wait a week after entry to the US. You will need the

I-94 number if you apply for a campus job, Social Security number or a New York Drivers license. Form I-20 (when in F-status) Form DS-2019

(when in J status) I-20 or DS-2019 I-20 (Issued by RIT for F-1 status) DS-2019 (Issued by RIT or external sponsor for J-1 status) Must be signed every year for travel. Name on form must match name exactly as it appears on passport (and usually visa).

Program of study if you change majors, you need to request a new form. How long can I stay in the U.S.? Your form contains an estimate of when you will complete your degree requirements. This date can be shortened or extended with approval from your Academic Department and ISS. Students have a grace period to stay in the U.S. after completion of

program. 60-day grace period for F-1 30-day grace period for J-1 Within that time, you must depart the U.S., or, obtain post-completion work authorization. Details at our workshops & on our website. To Re-Enter the U.S. after a trip

Required: Passport valid at least 6 months into the future; Valid U.S. Visa*; original I-20 (or DS-2019) endorsed (signed) by ISS/sponsor during the current academic year. Also required if you will be renewing your visa: Proof of financial support Transcript or Enrollment Verification Letter (available from Registrars Office)

*Travel to Canada Same as previous page, with one exception: Your F-1 or J-1 visa, can be expired, but do not attempt to renew your visa in Canada. NOTE: Visa must not be expired if you are from Iran, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba Certain citizens also require a Canadian Entry Visa (available only by mail). More information at:

Or, link may be found at ** It can take 2-4 weeks to get a Canadian Visitor Visa. Traveling within the US When traveling outside of Henrietta, always carry your: Actual Passport Actual I-20 or DS-2019 (not just a photocopy) It should have a travel signature from the current academic year

This is particularly important at the long distance bus station, train station and airport! How to Stay in Status Report to International Student Services for initial registration in SEVIS. We will then sign your documents. If youve not yet checked-in please drop-off your I-20//DS-2019 & Passport/U.S. Visa

at ISS this week. Update your local address: Report a change of local address to RIT within 10 days of the change. Well then update SEVIS. Do this at: How to Stay in Status, cont. Each semester*, pursue a full course of study** 12 credits minimum for undergraduates

9 credits minimum for graduate students *Except during official school breaks (mid-Dec to mid-Jan, and summer) **Or obtain permission from ISS in advance to drop below Full-Time (only available in limited circumstances) Full-Time Equivalency counts, as does Co-Op (requires employment permission from ISS), thesis, capstone, final project.

How to Stay in Status, cont. Make normal progress and complete your studies before the expiration of your DS-2019 or Form I-20 Contact ISS for: extension of stay request before your documents expire change in educational levels or programs of study transfer of schools

How to Stay in Status, cont. NEVER work off-campus without advance authorization: F-1 must have written approval for off-campus work J-1 must have advance written approval for both off-campus and on-campus work. 20 hrs/week maximum On-Campus employment, while school is in session. This is monitored by RIT Student Employment Office. After completing studies, abide by the Grace Period rules

Or, apply for work authorization, change of educational level, or a school transfer before documents expire. Review Forms at ISS Reduced Course Load (RCL) Form Program Extension Form

Insurance Information, including the waiver Link: Summary of Status What YOU Need to do: Be a full time student Get advance permission for off-campus work Keep I-20, DS-2019 & passport valid

Keep local address up to date with RIT What Will I Get if I do These Things? Ability to travel Ability to work Recommendation for post graduation work permit (OPT or Academic Training) Questions? Remember this Website!

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