Broadcast Advertising POSITIONING STATEMENT States how the consumer

Broadcast Advertising POSITIONING STATEMENT States how the consumer

Broadcast Advertising POSITIONING STATEMENT States how the consumer should perceive your product/client. Ricks Gun and Liquor Store is the most convenient gun and liquor store in town. Distinguish this client from anyone like them. Factual differences Ideological differences (the headache medicine)

COPY PLATFORM List client including focus of this spot / campaign Objective what the sales goal is on this spot Target Audience standard age breaks: 18-24, 2534, 25-44, 35-44, 35-49, 55+ etc. -- and also include other important demographic info Sales theme / bonus items Positioning Approach COPY PLATFORM The theme that runs throughout the campaign. Will appear in all advertising. Reflects the positioning statement.

May be a slogan. Bullets and booze to go. COPY PLATFORM -- APPROACH Straight copy Institutional / soft sell Spokesperson Sponsor speaks, Hard Sell

Urgency, testimonial, endorsement price reduction, slogans Humorous Repeated airing? Client image? Dialogue or Narration

Straight voice, VO music, donut, jingle TV: VO, chromakey, studio, EFP? CREATIVE PLANNING Spots have to resonate with the consumer. To make the consumer understand the message the copy writer must understand the consumer. The first few seconds of the spot have to be powerful. Grab the attention. The Hook. AIDA

Attention how Interest of the target audience Desire appeals Action What kind of call to action persuasive strategies CREATIVE PLANNING Keep it simple. One idea per spot. It can be price, quality, quality, convenience, etc.

But only one: A news story has lots of facts but one FOCUS A commercial must have a developed sales theme COMMERCIAL FORMATS Dramatic Short

plays Exposition sets the stage Conflict whats the problem? Rising action complications Climax problem is solved product is the hero Resolution repeat the selling points CREATIVE PLANNING Problem solution Sometimes uses the dramatic

element Demonstration TV show the product in use Interview some are real some scripted Regulations about deceptive testimonials CREATIVE PLANNING Testimonial Uses celebrities Phrased in the first

person. I use the product Must be bona fide user of the product Average person must obtain same results Experts must be experts If organization consensus must be reached Any material consideration must be revealed CREATIVE PLANNING Spokesperson

Common character or person in all ads Does not claim to use product May be real or fictional Symbolism When the product is difficult or impossible to visualize or show Creative radio theatre of the mind Creative TV how to show abstractions

CREATIVE PLANNING Direct comparison Not before 1970 used Brand X Heavily scrutinized Difference must be verifiable Superiority must be clear Reinforces brand loyalty Viewed negatively when brand leader uses comparison against smaller brands Bing beat Google

Consumer may remember wrong product CREATIVE PLANNING Appeals Emotional appeals are stronger than logical appeals Emotional appeals are related to psychological needs Maslows hierarchy of needs EMOTIONAL APPEALS Security

appeal Safety and security Medications, vitamins, etc. Uses cognitive dissonance Threat or fear of bad breath, hair loss, dandruff, body odor, etc. Sex appeal Using the product will attract the opposite sex

EMOTIONAL APPEALS Love and sentiment Associated with a close and happy home life Baby products, pet products, foods, cameras, greeting cards Humorous appeal

Very difficult Humor may obscure the message If its not funny EMOTIONAL APPEALS Convenience Saves time and effort Even if two products are equal in quality, price, etc. convenience can sell one.

Curiosity Appeals unusual to our desire to explore the unkown or the EMOTIONAL APPEALS Ego appeal Desire for status

For comfort items, luxury items, big ticket Credit cards, luxury cars, designer clothing Hero worship Uses athletes, celebrities You will be like your hero, if you use the product EMOTIONAL APPEALS

Sensory appeals Appeal to one of the five senses Bandwagon effect Price and value Belonging Family Etc. COMMERCIAL WRITING

Keep language simple, concise and concrete Write as you speak Use pronouns Informal but not slang Simple sentences Active voice Language that is descriptive

COMMERCIAL WRITING Identify the selling points and repeat them NO emails, web addresses items people wont remember Avoid numbers in broadcast copy Phone numbers are not easy to recall unless they form an acronym Make numbers understandable No a.m. or p.m.

Give a referent like location COMMERCIAL WRITING In radio you are speaking to an individual Radio is a personal medium Difficult to reach listeners because of sweeps. COMMERCIAL WRITING Attention Interest

Desire Action COMMERCIAL WRITING No clichs helps control dandruff with regular use leaves dishes virtually the lady has spotless

taste Listerine fights bad breath you can be sure if its Westinghouse The Ford Fusion is 700% quieter PRODUCTION DIRECTIONS Radio Establish Hold under Cross fade Segue Delivery

directions TV Shot composition Camera movements Transitions describe the scene VO or on camera?

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