Why Study Comeback Churches? 10 9.5 9 10

Why Study Comeback Churches? 10 9.5 9 10

Why Study Comeback Churches? 10 9.5 9 10 10 The statistics on churches are alarming Many churches are

flat to declining We want to help churches come bac k after a decline Using biblical principles Learn from the experiences The Study Method The BIG question: What principles from Comeback Churches could

guide pastors and churches down the path of revitalization? The Study Method Examined 324 comeback churches That experienced renewed growth after a period of decline Increased membership and increased baptisms

The Study Method Using surveys and phone interviews Criteria for a comeback church: Experienced 5 years of plateau or decline Followed by significant growth over the past 2 to 5 years Membership to baptism (conversion) ratio of 35:1 At least a 10% increase in attendance, per year

Biblical Churches Scriptural authority Biblical leadership Preaching and teaching Ordinances Covenant community Mission Missional Churches Do what missionaries do, regardless of the context Study and learn language

Become part of the culture Proclaim the good news Be the presence of Christ Contextualize biblical life and church for that culture Spiritual Churches What are some barriers to spiritual growth? Self-focused leaders and churches Experiencing Gods discipline Lack of radical faith/reliance Doing instead of being the church Watering down the gospel/truth

Spiritual Churches What are some barriers to spiritual growth? Distracted from our first love Ineffective disciple-making Irrelevant ministry PRIDE Why Become a Comeback Church? More Change

Less We dont want our church to die. Well do what it takes. A church needs If it is Refocusing Stagnant in size (needs a clear Reenergizing

Declining in size (deal with internal Restructuring Experienced substantial decline Restarting Near death (restart with new focus on outreach) issues and begin to reach its community again)

(large internal changes and a new outreach strategy) leadership or become a new church) Dirty Bakers Dozen Churches 1. Institutionalized 2. Voluntary association 3. Unintentional 4. Us four and no more 5. We cant compete 6. Decently & in order Dirty Bakers Dozen Churches

7. Square peg in a round hole 8. Time-warp 9. Tidy 10.My way or the highway 11.Chaplaincy 12.The company 13.Play it safe Staging a Comeback The people have to be part of the turnaround - Acts 6:1-5 Decide on a course of action

Nehemiah 2:11-18 Proactive leadership 1 Timothy 3:1 Rising with Leadership Comeback leaders took the initiative for change Challenge excuses Rising with Leadership See the harvest Matthew 9:36-38 Model evangelistic passion

Share the ministry Make choices about how to invest your time Rising with Leadership Give away non-ministry tasks Use time intentionally Spend more time on people stuff Communicate a clear and compelling vision Comeback leaders multiply themselves Three Faith Factors

What happened spiritually to impact such change? Comeback leaders know that change takes place as the church is renewed spiritually. Three Faith Factors 1. A renewed belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church,

2. A renewed attitude for servanthood, and 3. A more strategic prayer effort. Prayer Change During Comeback 1 2.27 2.23 2.06

1.99 1.89 1 1.5 2 2.5 2.63 3.00 2.94

3.46 3.29 3.22 Children's Min 3.83 3.82 3.78 3.76 3.73 3.68

Evangelism Youth Min Leadership Missions Assim/New Memb Worship SS/Small Grps Organ Str Committee/Teams Deacon/Elder BusMtgs/Voting Memb Req 3

3.5 Degree of Change (1) No Change (2) Little Change (3)Some Change (4) Many Changes (5) Drastic Changes 4 4.5 5 Ordinances

Preaching Const/Bylaws Comeback Churches How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can Too By Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson

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