Batman Probability Batman has many enemies, and he

Batman Probability Batman has many enemies, and he

Batman Probability Batman has many enemies, and he has no idea which one is around the next corner. Can you find the probability of Batman meeting each type of villain next? Nyss a Poison Ivy Swagma n Suicide King Quake Master Time Commande r Nocturn a Sensei Spellbinde r Vox Lyle Blanco NKV Demo n Ten Eyed Man Mad Dog Magpi e Reape r Professor Milo Professor Pyg Dr Double X Mettalo Nicholas Scratch Cavali

er Corrosive Man Catwom an Big Top Penguin Ech o White Rabbit Catma n Dr Phosphorus David Cain The Riddler Firebu g Black Mask Ban e KGBeas t The Joker Great White Shark Fright Firefly Killer Croc NoBod y Mon k Merly n Jezebel Jet Harley Quinn Gunhaw k Batman's 60 Enemies

Lynx Deadsh ot Electricution er Whisp er AdaireVentriloquis t Red Hood Two Face King Tut Mr Zsasz Scarecro w Mr Freeze Hush Lady Shiva Men Ban e Women Catma n Quake Sensei Suicide Master Electricution King er Ten Eyed Man Vox Red Hood Two Face Time King Tut Commande r Lyle Blanco

NKV Demo n Mr Zsasz Merly n Scarecro w Mad Dog Spellbinde r Reape r Whisp Harley er Quinn Adaire David The Joker Cain Professor Pyg Hush Mr Freeze Deadsh Killer ot Croc Swagma n Great Dr Double X Mettalo Black Mask Big Top White Shark Poison Ivy White Rabbit Lady Shiva Dr Phosphorus

Firebug Firefly Magpi e NoBod y Cavali er Professor Milo Jezebel Jet Gunhaw k Corrosive Man Mon k KGBeas t The Riddler Nicholas Scratch Penguin Nyss a Catwom an Ventriloquis t Fright Ech o Lynx Nocturn a Find the probabilities of: 1. A woman. 2. A man. 3. A woman whose name begins with W. 4. A man whose name begins with S. 5. An enemy whose name begins with E. 6. A Professor or a Doctor.

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