Overview and Priority Projects Presentation to 2014 NBCAT

Overview and Priority Projects Presentation to 2014 NBCAT NBPLAR Symposium October 2014 Glenn Craney Executive Director Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer oncat.ca ONCATs Strategic Priorities Students will experience ease of mobility among publicly funded postsecondary institutions. Students will experience reduced barriers when transferring, which will help them to graduate. There will be increased and improved collaboration among institutions (colleges and universities) regarding transfer opportunities and articulation.

Stakeholders will have improved awareness and knowledge of transfer opportunities, outcomes and progress. 2 Early Successes: Increasing Collaboration Annual Student Pathways Conference 250 + participants National and International panelists on student mobility Ontarios Credit Transfer Initiatives Jointly Developed Responses to Ministry priorities: Best Practices Committee Degree to Degree Project

Data Collection Accountability Framework Professional Development Workshops in areas of common interest Learning Outcomes 3 Ontario Education Number Early Successes: Opportunities for Students Credit Transfer Innovation Fund

Student Portal (ONTransfer.ca) 100+ Projects Apprenticeship to Diploma Diploma to Diploma Diploma to Degree Degree to Diploma ONTransfer.ca used as a resource to provide accurate information to students on transfer opportunities Program Transfer Guide Course-to-Course Transfer Guide Pathway Opportunities 700+ block pathways posted (100% increase over 2011) Almost 90,000 course transfer equivalencies 800,000+ student opportunities

60% of diploma graduates have a pathway into at least one degree 4 option Early Successes: Communications Communications Strategy Marketing Strategy Developed a corporate identity (ONCAT) and emphasized the website by shifting from ONTransfer to ONTransfer.ca

Developed awareness through regular updates to members infographic, enewsletters & Annual Report ONTransfer.ca website on track for 300,000 unique views in 2014 Increased student awareness student fairs, student viewbooks, transit campaign, on-campus advertising, twitter Google ads Media Strategy Earned media / paid media 5 Current Priorities Completing Projects of High-Priority Ensuring Best Practices in Credit Transfer New Pathways Degree to Degree Accountability Framework Learning Outcomes Promoting Student Mobility across Canada

Memorandum of Understanding (BCCAT, ACAT, ONCAT and NBCAT) 6 Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer 180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1902 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8 Tel: (416) 640-6951 Fax: (416) 640-6959 www.oncat.ca ONCAT is funded by the Government of Ontario

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