Training Department Class of 2021 Winter Intersessional Brief

Training Department Class of 2021 Winter Intersessional Brief

Training Department Class of 2021 Winter Intersessional Brief Professional Development LT Karin Ventresca 4/C Training Officer 3-1901 LT Dave Rodriguez 3/C Training Officer 3-1902 1 Professional Development (PRODEV) Director of Professional Development CAPT Brian ODonnell Officer Accessions Waterfront Sailing Center Training Department CDR Tiffany Checca

Seamanship and Navigation Deputy: Maj Michael Kuiper 1/C Training: LT Yohannes Bennehoff 2/C Training: LT Mitch Pulver 3/C Training: LT David Rodriguez 4/C Training: LT Karin Ventresca - BATTO/CO/SEL LEAD Academics NAAA Community Leads Logistics: LT Andrew Grimm Budget: LT Chris Hernandez

Travel Supervisor: TBD 2 MQS and PCB Fall Brigade MQS Progress 2/C: 80% completed 3/C: 71.4% completed 4/C: 50% completed Professional Competency Boards

09-20Apr Uniform Inspection (20 points) Military Bearing and Poise (20 points) Answers (60 points) Part of MOOM Passing = 70% Company > Battalion > Brigade 3x Failures = D in Aptitude COMDTMIDNNOTE 1610 3 4-Year Training Continuum Plebe Summer Follower

Plebe Year 3/C Year 3/C 3/C Cruise PTE Mentor 2/C PRO 2/C PTE Trainer/Leader

2/C Year 1/C 1/C Cruise PTE 1/C Year Junior Officer Indoc Midshipman Qualification Standards / Professional Competency Assessments and Boards/Service Assignment Practicum Physical Fitness / Sports Academics

Professional Core Competencies 4 Summer Training 2018 5 Objectives Familiarization with operational naval forces Professional development Hands on leadership experience Regional and cultural awareness Reinforce academic year programs Commanders Intent Fleet exposure to prepare you for service assignment Leadership development to prepare you for commissioning 6

Roles and Responsibilities MIDN input summer preferences Class Training Officers create MIDN summer schedules based on preferences, OOM, and Program Manager byname requests Assignments released 9MAR MIDN resolve any conflicts/issues with summer sked thru their CO/SEL 7 Timeline 9-15Jan Midshipmen enter preferences in MIDS 16-28Jan CO/SEL review and approve preferences

Mid-February Passport Fair 1Mar All MIDN have Tourist Passport in-hand or application submitted 9Mar Class Training Officers complete initial assignments and release to Brigade. 19-30Mar Brigade Medical Officer conducts medical screenings 2Apr High Risk forms due to Training Department

1May All MIDN submit Independent Travel preferences 11-25May Block 0 (non-standard) 29May-22Jun Block 1 25Jun-20Jul Block 2

23Jul-15Aug Block 3 8 3/C Fleet Cruise Focus on the daily life of Fleet Enlisted 3-4 weeks in length Worldwide assignments

Operational fleet units Petty Officer running mates CRUDES (CG, DDG, FFG), L-Class, CVN SSBN, SSN Member of a work center rotating through major departments MIDN with prior enlisted experience may submit

special request chit to validate Fleet Cruise 9 2018 PTE Priorities AT/FP Mandatory Summer School NAPS Detail NASS Detail Plebe Detail SHAPE/GUIDE STEM Detail Weapons Detail 0 *Army Air Assault *Army Airborne *Army Mountain Warfare

*Fleet AT Security Team (FAST) - New *Marine MACE *Marine Mountain Warfare Training Course *Marine SECFOR *Martial Arts Instructor (MAIT) New *Marine RECON/MARSOC - New *Atlantic Professional Afloat Training and YP-Ocean *MAGTF *Navy EOD *Offshore Sail Training Squadron (OSTS) Powered Flight Program (CNATRA/N98 funded) *Varsity Offshore Sailing Team (VOST) *Dive School 1 *USMA Cadet Field Training *USMA Cadet Leadership Dev. Training

Tier 3 Internships (Unfunded) *USCGC Eagle LREC includes LSAP, CLS, FOREX Tier 1 Internships (NSA, NRO, ONI Funded) Tier 2 Internships (STEM, Policy, ELD Funded) UKISP/SISL Key CORE PTEs *Funded by Summer Training (AG) Numbers define PTE Groups 2 = cannot do as 3/c = only options available in MIDS module

Baltimore-Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School - New National Outdoor Leadership School / NAWN NOLS - New Northern Tier High Adventure Bases Philmont Scout Camp Rocky Mountain High Ron Burton Training Village Saint Benedicts Sisters Academy Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards Summer Heroes Youth Program BCM Spiritual Leadership Training 3 4 5 10

Mandatory Summer School MSS fulfills the PTE requirement Voluntary Summer School (VSS) does not fulfill the PTE requirement and shall be done in lieu of leave 11 Atlantic Professional Afloat Training (LANTPAT) To train future Navy and Marine Corps officers in a sea going environment, enhancing the key maritime skills of Leadership, Seamanship and Navigation on the new YP class with fully electronic navigation and ship systems

Midshipmen will operate in a dynamic maritime environment with realistic watch standing routines between quality port calls Training is provided in overall maritime operations to include water survival, helicopter operations, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), team building and leadership under pressure Port visits in Boston, MA and/or New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA 12 12 Offshore Sailing Training Squadron (OSTS) Navy 44 Sail Training Crafts ~4 weeks long

Leadership Teamwork Exciting port calls Community outreach 10 person crew Skipper (Officer or 1/C) XO (Officer or 2/C) Crew (4) 1/2/C and (4) 3/C 125 3/C billets 13 Internships (1) Every internship must be sponsored by a USNA faculty member and approved by the Superintendents Review Panel. Typically, only one internship per MIDN per summer is authorized. (2) The above guidance applies even if the internship will be executed in lieu of leave and/or at a midshipman's expense. Midshipmen may not arrange internships outside of

the formal USNA approval process this includes with your Congressman. (3)Review the list of 2018 internships. Contact the faculty POCs for details on eligibility criteria, available projects, and funding. Maintain communication with the faculty internship POC concerning your summer plans: (4) You must possess a personal credit card to participate in a funded internship. Travel will be on orders. Reimbursement is through DTS. (5)Lodging for local, commutable internships will reside in Bancroft Hall. Consult the Internship Business Rules for more information. (6)Independent travel to/from internships is NOT authorized. 14 Medical Screening 15 Medical Screening

Required Submarine Fleet Cruise (Sub Embark Form) NOLS (NOLS Screening Form) OCONUS Cruises (Country Specific Med. Screening) Northern Tier/Philmont (High Risk) MAGTF (High Risk) EOD PTE (High Risk) During the two weeks after Spring Break

Organized by Battalion and conducted during your off period 3/C Training Officer will provide detailed information via email Med forms can be found here: NOLS Screening Form Submarine Screening Form High Risk Screening Form 16 Summer Training Assignments 17 MIDS Preference Module I review every preference and comment for your class

Clear and concise comments Fleet Cruises: block/platform/location PTEs: block/event/location Most PTEs will be by-name requests though program managers Compelling leave requests: dates/reason/location NAAA: you can give us a heads up, but Ill receive actual blockers from NAAA MSS: same, but Ill receive actual assignments from Academics VSS: let me know if you want to do this 0-Block cruises are for exceptional cases, do not expect to receive one Manage your expectations 18

Good Comments My preferences are as follows: 1) Block 1: Leave 2) Block 2: Sub Cruise 3) Block 3: YP LANTPAT I would like a West Coast submarine cruise. If not that, any CG/DDG assignment. My highest priority is for Block 1 leave for my sisters wedding on 18Jun in San Diego 19 Poor Comments I will be participating in a computer science internship near my parents house from 30 May 20 June. All internships must be USNA approved I have already paid for a beach vacation from 22 June 08

July. Training will consider leave requests, but paying for a trip without approved leave is done at your own risk Always buy refundable tickets, rooms, etc. Because I have leave planned for San Diego during Block 2, I must do Block 3 Surface Cruise in San Diego. Be realistic and flexible 20 Priority for Assignments 1) NAAA Blockers and MSS 2) By-name requests from Program Managers Internships, IPO programs, AT/FP, Plebe Detail, etc 3) MIDN Preferences / Overall Order of Merit Fleet Cruise, 1st PTE, and Leave for all MIDN, then 2nd and 3rd PTEs

21 Key Business Rules Standard Summer Training = One funded Fleet Cruise and one funded PTE (USNA Policy) 3rd and 4th events shall be done in lieu of leave and may be funded Fleet Cruises and service assignment requirements are high priority events At least one Fleet Cruise is required for graduation (OPNAV Policy)

At least one CORE PTE is highly desired prior to graduation Repetition of a PTE is not desired (some exceptions) Min 14 days of leave / Max 35 days Utilize your Chain of Command

Special request chits may be submitted for compelling reasons 22 The Gouge In general, Block 0 Training is for athletes who have a full NAAA blocker during Blocks 1, 2, or 3. These training events are the exception, not the rule. If you are selected for a Block 0 PTE or a very short PTE (Rocky Mountain High, SHAPE/SAPR, etc.), you may be assigned a Block 1-3 YP/OSTS spot depending on overall minimal manning numbers. Cheer team is not a NAAA blocker and does not warrant Block 0 YPs or cruise. Submarine cruises require a secret clearance, a completed submarine embarkation form and a high risk screening form, or else you cannot embark and will have your training changed. NOLS incurs extra costs on your part, though they have scholarship programs available. If you choose to go on training in lieu of leave, 0 block leave is not compulsory. Buy refundable travel to and from leave. Cruises are subject to fleet availability and are often subject to change. Fleet cruise validation is possible if you have significant underway enlisted experience. 23

Personal Preparation Maintain updated contact and passport info in MIDS Review your assignments weekly beginning after Spring Break Attend any pre-training events Get the gouge from other MIDN whove done that training event

Assemble your gear in April (use packing list on summer training intranet site) Submit your Independent Travel preferences when training is assigned Purchase refundable tickets, etc. for leave Check email/MIDS daily beginning in May DO NOT get locked out of email during summer

24 Travel All MIDN shall obtain/maintain a Tourist Passport (update MIDS info) to be considered for an overseas cruise Training Department has provided directions Contact your Company Training Officer if you have questions OCONUS requires completion of Official Travel Checklist All MIDN complete AT/FP Level I (annual), Combatting Trafficking in Persons (annual), and SERE 100A training (triennial) now Details/direction to follow from the Training Department Standard Travel: Government provided to AND from training Independent Travel: Self arranged travel either to, from, or to and from

Input required by 1 May Provide timely inputs to LT Rodriguez if your independent travel plans change Available for some PTEs and the following Fleet Cruises: Surface, Submarine Not available for MAGTF East or OCONUS training events. You will only be reimbursed for COMAIR or mileage up to the government rate to/from DC/MD and the training location 25 Travel Summer cruise departure briefs will occur: CONUS: 1 Day Prior to Embark date in MIDS OCONUS: 4 Days Prior to Embark date in MIDS All MIDN on OCONUS Cruises shall use USNA Provided Travel

Travel Vouchers: You will be required to file a travel voucher within 5 days of returning to USNA from your training event. No exceptions. If you leave your training event on independent travel, you shall complete a travel voucher on your next return to USNA. Do not plan your flights/travel within 24 hours of training completion (unless you submit a chit or are on independent travel) 26 Communication Contact your CO/SEL with questions CO/SEL will Answer your question

Contact the Training Department Present exceptional cases Approve Leave (Training Dept. does not handle leave) Timeliness and full disclosure are best practices Maintain up to date contact info in MIDS your Fleet Cruise may change due to operational schedules 27 Contingencies Special Request Chits Chits need to be submitted in a timely manner Chits need to be routed thru SEL, CO, BATTO, LT Rodriguez, Major Kuiper (Deputy), CDR Checca (Training Officer) and DEPDANT for PRODEV Chits for weddings, reunions, etc during Cruises need to be routed well in advance of training event (typically 1-2 months prior) these events should fall in your leave block if possible Medical Status Changes

You must notify Brigade Medical and the Training Department The Medical Excusal Recommendation form is on the Summer Training intranet site Requires Brigade Medical Officer, CO/SEL and Summer Training Duty Officer signatures Emergency Leave Immediate family member (father, mother, brother, sister, loco parentis) Dying, death, accident, or serious illness AMCROSS Ship/Sub/MLO/Program Manager will contact STDO If not immediate family and still desiring leave, contact your local (ship/sub) training officer or Program Manager 28 Summer Training Intranet Site One stop shop This brief Key dates Current Instructions, Notices, and Manuals Summer Training Preference Module guidance Packing Lists Travel guidance Medical forms 29

Site Navigation 30 Questions? Excel on MQS, Pro-Quizzes, and PCBs Get smart on Summer Training opportunities and identify critical family events this summer Submit your preferences w/ good comments Dont set up your own training event Utilize your chain of command (MIDN, SEL, CO) before contacting the Training Dept Complete OCONUS NKO training Get a tourist passport Update contact and passport info in MIDS Go to your medical screening! Complete your personal preps in April

31 Independent Travel LT Chris Hernandez Budget Officer 3-7077 LT Andrew Grimm Logistics Officer 3-1908 32 Independent Travel **SUBMISSION DEADLINE 01 MAY 2018** 33 Independent Travel Independent Travel: You arrange transportation for (to cruise/from cruise/both) your Fleet Cruise. You will be reimbursed up to what it would have cost the government

to transport you from USNA to the cruise location. Save your airline ticket receipts! If your cruise is on the east coast between Groton and Norfolk you will not be reimbursed. MILAIR is no cost to USNA. 34 Who is eligible for Independent Travel? MIDN on the following Fleet Cruises are eligible for Independent Travel: - Surface - Submarine MIDN on the following cruises are NOT authorized Independent Travel: - OCONUS Fleet Cruises - Within 100 mile radius of USNA-case by case

35 Requesting Independent Travel 1. Go to 2. Select MIDS 3. Select Midshipmen 4. Select Independent Travel 5. Input your city, cruise block, and to cruise or from cruise USNA preference with a concise comment describing your intentions. 6. Independent travel is not approved until a confirmation email is sent to you through MIDAPPN and YES shows under the Independent Travel column of your Summer Training Schedule in MIDS. 7. Your cruise might change, so purchase refundable tickets! 36

37 38 Questions Purchase refundable tickets that depart at least 24 hours after the end of your cruise. This gives buffer for changes in transportation and to complete your voucher. Fleet cruise embark dates and ports change often! Change flight fees are not reimbursable on your travel claim. Go through your Company Officer/SEL for questions after this brief COMDTMIDNNOTE 1530 on the Summer Training website: 39

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