Interactive Power Point Hernando de Soto was a

Interactive Power Point Hernando de Soto was a

Interactive Power Point Hernando de Soto was a Spanish ____________ born explorer. He is famous for exploring the Southeastern United States from Tampa Bay _______________ through Georgia Carolina to the area of North _________________.

He was the first European to cross Mississippi River the _____________________ . Peru He also explored __________, the land of the Incas. He was born around the year 1500 _________, in Badajoz, Spain

_____________. Not much is known about his early life other than the region he was poor from was fairly ___________. At the young age of14 _______ he left home to join the West Indies Governor of Panama for a voyage to the ______________.

Hernando de Soto proved to be a horseman talented ______________ and became very wealthy from trading and stealing from the native people. By around the year 1530, he slave a ____________ trader in became Nicaragua. In 1531, he joined the explorer Francisco Pizarro on an

expedition Peru The goal of the expedition was to conquer the Incan _______________, the Empire native people who lived in Peru. When they arrived, Pizzaro captured the Inca Emperor and ransom held him for ______________. He

gold amounts of demanded large __________ and silver for his return. De Soto and Pizzaro became very ___________ as a result, but Pizzaro rich did not return the emperor to his killed ____________ him people. Pizzaro even though they paid the ransom. During this time, many of the Inca people were also

killed ____________ and most of their treasure plundere was _______________. d De Soto returned to Spain a very ___________ man, he married and rich Seville settled

in _______________. His reputation as an explorer gained the attention of the king of _____________. The king gave him Spain permission for an expedition to Florida conquer ______________ . In 1538, de Soto left Spain for the New World and Florida with a large soldiers

fleet of ships, horses and _____________. De Soto stopped inCuba _____________ on the way. He and his crew prepared for the rest of the voyage to Florida. In May of 1539, de Soto and his Tampa men landed near modern day Bay ______________ Florida.

De Soto and his men led an expedition through Florida on a gold silver _____________ quest for ____________, and any other riches they could get their hands on. They led brutal attacks on the native people that lived in Florida, corn like ____________ they took supplies

meat and ___________. Many native Americans died. All the while, Hernando De Soto was becoming frustrated because _______________ there was no gold _____________ to be found! plundered He fought and _______________

his way north, possibly as far north as North Carolina. The trip was sick difficult for his men, many were __________ and hungry. Many of his men were killed ______________ as the natives mounted attacks, not willing to villagesinvade let the Spanish their_________________.

In 1541 Hernando de Soto and his expedition found themselves on Mississippi River the banks of the _______________________. The expedition constructed barges several ______________ and rowed down the river. De Soto had heard rumors that the natives Arkansas in ________________

had large amounts of gold. He continued to believe these stories of gold but once again the false were ____________. rumors They spent the next winter in Arkansas. But things were beginning to fall apart for de Soto. Ortizadvisor HisJuan trusted _________________ died. His men

were weak and hungry. May 21, On ________________ Hernando de fever Soto 1542 himself died of a ______________. Hernando de Soto failed to establish gold anycolonies ________________, found no

____________, and left death and disease wherever he went. His exploration did help document the Native tribes _____________ that American lived in the Southeastern Hernando de Soto was born in Badajoz, Spain. Hernando de Sotos first expedition was

with Francisco Pizarro to Panama. They went on to conquer Peru. Hernando de Soto led the next expedition to the New World and Florida. His first stop was in Cuba. Mississippi River

Route taken by de Soto through the Southeastern United States After leaving Cuba he came ashore modern day Tampa Bay, Florida.

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