Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited NTTML AT A

Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited NTTML AT A

Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited NTTML AT A GLANCE Began Production in 2012. Factory in Gazipur (one hour away from the Zia International Airport) $50 Million Revenue in 2014 Highest Capacity in Bangladesh (70 Ton Terry / 25 Ton Dyed Yarn per day) Latest production technology in use: Fully automated beam stacker State-of-the-art auto stitching Printing (Max. 6 colors. 5 Ton Capacity Air jet looms (Dobby & Jacquard) Electrical Dobby with Terry Motion Direct & Sectional Warping Product range BATH



VELOUR EMBROIDERY Ring Spun Combed Egyptian Organic Supima Product Finishes & Certifications Bleach Resistant Cosmetic Care

Hydrophilic Anti-Bacterial Bleach Fast Quick Dry Air Reach Treatment Soil Release COMPLIANCE: ENVIRONMENT Panta-Rei Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (255 M3 / hour capacity) Reduce pollution / Reduce energy consumption / Prevent soil contamination

Digital control from a central control room. BOD sensor with incubator ( For BOD test). Spectrophotometer (For COD test). Thermo reactor (For COD test). Microscope ( For Bacteria analysis). Multi-meter (For TDS, pH, DO, etc). Precision balance. Compliance: Social

Women Empowerment Timely Salary disbursement through ATM cards Minimum wage Casual Leave Earned Leave Festival Leave Medical Leave Maternity leaves Day care center for infants Factory Approved By: H&M, Kmart, Lidl, Kik, Otto, Zeeman, Rusta, Matalan, La Redoute, Bonprix

Medical Facility Living accommodations for plant workers Hygienic dining facility & pure drinking water Training Center for human development Noise Level Tracking and Monitoring Gratuity Group Insurance No Child Labor Our Suppliers (Machineries) Project Status

Infrastructure Started Operation from Mid-2012 Fully operational factory 100000 SQM land 2 dormitories 2 Production Sheds Consumption Gas: 0.30 cubic meter/ KW Water: 200 cubic meter/hour Yarn: 50 tons/day Logistics Covered Van: 46 Fork Lift: 06 Ramp: 01

Project Status Utility Generator: 10 Capacity : 18 MW Present productivity: 14.4 MW Boiler : 08 Capacity: 72 tons Present Productibity:54 tons/day 13 air compressors for all kinds of production facilities Capacity: 53040 cubic meter/ hour 7.5 MW from the Govt. as backup Hot water recovery plant. Condensed steam recovery plant. Spinning The machines yield approximately 250 metric tons daily Equipped with Ring Frame and Open-End

or Rotor facilities can offer carded, combed and compacted yarns). Total 400,000 spindles Preparatory Warping M/C: 11 Capacity: 63 tons/day Present Productivity:

Sizing M/C: 09 Capacity: 63 tons/day Present Productivity: 32 tons/day Doubling & Twisting Total Machine:34

Total Spindle:4688 Capacity: 15 tons/day Present Productivity: 12 tons/day Weaving Total Loom: 246 AIR JET LOOM Total capacity: 50 tons/day Present productivity: 40 tons/day Capacity utilization: 80% In Process: 74 more AIR JET Loom Future Plan:100 tons/day

Wet Processing Total machine(Soft Flow): 16 J-Box: 2 Capacity:70 tons/day Present Productivity: 35 tons/day

Capacity utilization: 50% Hydro extractor: 05 Rope Opener: 02 Stenter Machine: 01

Loop dryer: 03 Future Plan: 100 tons/ day Yarn Dyeing Total machine: 37 Total capacity: 25 tons/day Present productivity: 12 tons/day Capacity utilization: 48% RF dryer: 03

Stitching Total Machine: 651 Total capacity: 45 tons/day Present productivity: 35 tons/day Capacity utilization: 77.77% Quality in Focus In-House Laboratory with all facilities

ISO 9001-2008 & 14001-2008 are under implementation Well defined & practised startup process procedure Zero Tolerance approach in final inspection Final inspection with calibrated final Inspector Process control using tools (FMEA, Root Cause Analysis,

Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, Process approach, Process mapping, SIPOC, SPC) Fully established traceability procedure Lab & Testing Facility Color fastness to wash (Gyro wash, James Heal, England). Shrinkage and Durability (Washcator, Jams Heal, England) Auto dispenser. Color fastness to saliva testing machine. Color fastness to rubbing (James Heal, England). Universal strength tester (Titan, James Heal, England). Sample dyeing Machine Sample padding mangle Mini dryer Mini tumbler

Precision Balance Light box (Verivide) Spectrophotometer for color assessment & recipe preparation. Auto Dispenser Biological Effluent Treatment Plant Capacity: 6000 m3/day Digital control from a central control room BOD sensor with incubator ( For BOD test)

Spectrophotometer (For COD test) Thermo reactor (For COD test) Microscope ( For Bacteria analysis) Multi-meter (For TDS, pH, DO, Temperature etc) Precision balance

WHY US? High Quality at Competitive Prices Product diversity & strength Highly Compliant Factory Committed to environment Motivated Workers Trained Management Continued investment on technology DUTY FREE ACCESS IN: THANK YOU! For more info, please visit:

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