March 2014 Update Agenda 2 Applications Moving to

March 2014 Update Agenda 2 Applications Moving to

March 2014 Update Agenda 2 Applications Moving to Epic Future State Applications Epic Modules Legacy Support Hospital Go-live Sequence Project Status Keys to Success What you can expect HED HEC HLAB SLM



HMM HLAB SLQ Care Org SLW HMM Siemens Others STAR 44 Applications moving to Epic Homecare Acudose/Connect Rx Kronos Consensus 3M Softmed HPF Muse BloodBank MRS Redoc

SLM SLPG IDX Endoworks GE PACS Varian PCA HEFM/HEMM EC2000 Medimizer Checkfree Dentrix Systoc HIE SLA SLB SLRA SLW SLQ

87 Applications remain in our future state 5 5 Support for our Legacy Inpatient Systems Vision Our goal is to minimize service requests for changes or additions to the legacy inpatient systems Focus will be on patient safety, quality, regulatory or key business initiatives Administrative approval on all service requests All calls for support or change requests should be directed to the Service Desk (x 3338) Many of your go-to people in IT will transition to Epic Service Desk will ensure issues are directed to the right groups / people 7 7 Go-live Sequence Preface The utmost planning, due diligence and mitigation will be employed to assure the success of this critical program However, despite all efforts, an endeavor of this size, scope and that includes this amount of change, will never be without some level of discomfort

8 8 Conceptual Go-live Sequence and Timeline Best Option Month Plan 1 2 3 Epic Trng 4 5 6 Validate

7 8 9 10 11 Build 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 Testing User Trng Warren, Anderson, Miners, Quakertown Support/Bld HW Deployment/ Test Train Bethlehem, Allentown, Monroe Warren, Anderson, Miners and Quakertown - Go live as Pilot ~ 10/3/2015 Bethlehem, Allentown and Monroe - Go Live Phase II ~ 3/5/2016 9 9 Benefits and Risks Benefits Allows for a smaller group to pilot the SLUHN model build and workflows

Minimizes the amount of interim throwaway interfaces and workflows that would need to be created (cost/time savings) Potentially reduces the amount of time post live that the team will need to resolve issues before continuing rollout Allows more resources/ focused attention to Warren and their unique workflows Warren has expressed interest in being first Potential cost savings should Warren Lab/PACs upgrades be delayed until go live 10 Risks The Go Live date is tied to the new hospital opening. The rollout dates may be delayed should the opening date slip Warren workflows and system are different than the rest of the networks. Issues and lessons learned may not apply to subsequent go live 10 Program Accomplishments - Contract signed Program timeline and sequence determined

Program key phase dates determined Team structure and Org Chart completed Staffing Plan completed New building lease for project team SLUHN project staffing nearly complete Project Charter started Technical activities have already begun 11 Key Upcoming Activities - Complete project staffing - Schedule Key Epic onsite planning meetings to include: - - Executive Organizational Scoping Meeting Technical Overview of Implementation Integration Kick off SLUHN team starting classes for Epic certification Prepare office space for project team Begin contracting with 3rd party vendors / applications Explore specific integration requirements Continued Project Planning Planning for validation sessions 12

Physician Engagement - This is your system, so get involved Physician Advisory Council Subject Matter Experts Workflow Design and Validation Testing and Training Training Go-live Army of support Optimization What you can expect Epic Implementation and Go-live Goals, resources, expectations, and Communication are clearly defined Value realization begins McKesson Announcement Technology Trigger

14 Lessons learned Epic is live for 180 days Peak of Inflated Expectations Trough of Disillusionment Full Value Realized nd ,a n ss tio za ucce i d s ar nd al to a

t ci ,s on al cru i t c za riti criti o i r e ar ,p es tion c r a u so nic Re mu m co Epic is live for 1 year

Epic is live for 90 days St. Lukes Selects Epic Epic is live for 2 years Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity 14 Summary - 18 to 24 month project - Future state One system for all hospitals that will interface with Allscripts - Project team off to a great start - Many decisions will impact you, so get involved - Training will be critical to our success - Expect issues at go live

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