FRONT END LOADER SAFETY PROGRAM Rodolfo Ochoa, Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost Ben Sheets, Phillips Mushroom Farms AMIs Front End Loader Safety Subcommittee Members of the MESH Committee identified a need for a standardized set of front end

loader safety training resources in the fall of 2018 The Front End Loader Safety (FELS) Subcommittee was created consisting of members from farms and compost wharfs alike The scope of the subcommittees membership demonstrates the variety of ways in which members of the mushroom farm community are using front end loaders AMIs Front End Loader Safety Subcommittee Ben Sheets, Phillips Mushroom Farms

Rodolfo Ochoa, Hy-Tech Mushroom Compost Sam Wilson, Needhams Mushroom Farm Amanda Alonso, Laurel Valley Farms Scott Wood, Greenwood Mushrooms Richard Rush, Kaolin Mushroom Farms Jim Harrity, OSHA AMIs Front End Loader Safety Subcommittee

FELS Subcommittee has been meeting monthly just before the regularly scheduled MESH Committee meetings The goals of subcommittee meetings are to: Review existing materials pertaining to front end loader safety and repackage them so that they are specific to the mushroom farm community Produce a standardized set of best practices and set an industry standard Network and share safety ideas and tools Subcommittee

Stakeholders AMI staff and subcommittee members are collaborating to build a toolkit of training resources for front end loader safety best practices Toolkit will be available for AMI members Designed for mushroom farms and mushroom compost wharf employees Stakeholders include: farm/wharf employee trainers and HR representatives; loader operators; farm/wharf pedestrians; and everyone around them! Current Products

of Toolkit General training PowerPoint designed specifically for loader operators Useful for introducing new loader operators to loader safety Also good for periodically reinforcing safety with seasoned loader operators

Current Products of Toolkit Key components of the PowerPoint include information about front end loader safety pertaining to: Preparation and inspection before boarding the loader Inspection after boarding General operating procedures Procedures specific to operating the bucket

Common misperceptions to avoid Weather considerations Pedestrian safety Current Products of Toolkit PowerPoint is customizable; trainers are prompted to add photos of site specific hazards (such as slopes or other uneven

terrain) Trainers are encouraged to add information about company policies or anything else! Available for download on AMIs website in English Current Products of Toolkit

Mushroom News article from January 2019s issue titled Pedestrian Safety on the Farm, written by Amanda Alonso and Jeremy Uncles, Laurel Valley Farms Focuses on safety principles such as designated pedestrian zones, minimizing pedestrian traffic in loader operation areas and communication through hand signals Resources in Spanish

As the subcommittee moves forward, resources will be available in English and Spanish in order to make it more accessible and useful for all mushroom farm community employees The PowerPoint may eventually include a voiceover option in English and Spanish

Next Steps Continue creating products to complete a tool kit for farms and compost wharfs Supplemental documents will focus on areas like seatbelt safety, lockout tagout (LOTO) for loaders, blind spot safety and pinch points May come in the form of additional PowerPoints, articles and handouts, or videos Subcommittee will continue to produce information relevant to both farms and wharfs in order to represent companies across the mushroom farm community

Subcommittee Membership AMI would like to expand the membership of the subcommittee; please contact Kari if you are interested in joining and spread the word Meetings are held at the AMI office in Avondale and via teleconference Questions?

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