Grand Avenue Middle School Welcome to Your Library

Grand Avenue Middle School Welcome to Your Library

Grand Avenue Middle School Welcome to Your Library Your Librarian: Mrs. Walker Visiting the Library You will Come to the Library:

With any of your subject teachers as a class to do research, take out books, use the computers and our schools online databases. With a pass from your teacher. With a lunch pass from the teachers in the cafeteria You can also visit the library before school and after school and during our After School Program. Sign In Sheets You must sign in each time you come to the library during the school day.

Green Sign In Sheet - Lunch Yellow Sign In Sheet - All other library visits Before School The library opens at 7:56 AM Once students are allowed into the building you can come into the library to check out or return books and/ or use the computers. You must get to your first period class on time.

Lunch Periods You can get a lunch pass from the teacher in your lunch room. Finish your lunch in the lunch room. When you arrive at the library sign in on the Green Lunch Sheet. You must stay in the library until the bell rings at the end of your lunch period. Computers and printers are reserved for research and school

work You can read, study and do homework, or use the computers. If you want to talk loudly with a large group of friends it is better to stay in the lunch room. Between Classes You can make a quick visit to the library between classes to: Check out or return books

Use the computer or print Please Note: You must get to your next class on time!!!! Library After School Program

The After School Program Begins in October What You Need to Know: Hours: 2:41 5:00 PM Check out or return books

Use the textbooks Work on homework Read Use the computers and our online databases Read our magazines Work on group projects Study Bellmore-Merrick Home Page

Grand Ave Middle School Library Webpage How Do You Find a Book in the Library? We have an Online Catalog Destiny is our Online Automation System Click on Grand Ave Library under the Library tab on the Bellmore-Merrick Home Page. Click on Online Catalog

Books: Online Search Web Sites Online Search Adding Books to a List Add just the books you need for your research!

My List You can now print just the books in your list. Use Destiny Quest You can use Destiny Quest for browsing! Computers and Online Resources

You must log on to the computers with your username and password. May be used for research and schoolwork E-mail Online databases and online searches Online Resources Online databases may be accessed from the Bellmore-Merrick homepage Click on Grand Ave Library under the Library tab on the

Bellmore-Merrick Home Page. Click on Online Resources You will need a username and password to access the databases. Databases may also be accessed from home with a username and password.

Databases are listed in alphabetical order. Fiction Fiction books are stories written by the author. Fiction books are arranged on the shelf in alphabetical order by the authors last name.

FIC Condie Matched Ally Condie Nonfiction

Nonfiction books contain facts about real things, people, events and places. Nonfiction books are organized by their subject. Call numbers (spine labels) range from 0-999 and have the first three letters of authors last name with the numbers. 973.7

MCP Fields of Fury The American Civil War James M. McPherson Biographies Biographies are books written about a person and their life. Biographies have their own section.

Biographies are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the person the biography is written about. B LENNON EDM John Lennon A Biography Jacqueline Edmondson

Check Out You may check out books for 2 weeks Sign out the card in the book with your full name Your book will be stamped with the due date You may always renew your books so please return them on time Periodicals do not circulate - You may read them in the library Reference Books

- May be used in the library - Some may be checked out overnight Grand Ave Middle School Library Start Your Year Off Right! Visit Your Library Often The Library Media Center. Your place to study, learn, and explore!

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