Presenters Mr. Justin Thompson Career Specialist Mr. Roger

Presenters Mr. Justin Thompson Career Specialist Mr. Roger

Presenters Mr. Justin Thompson Career Specialist Mr. Roger Fowler MTC Student, AAMLI Mr. Xavier Gantt MTC Student, AAMLI The of

Over 18,000 credit students enroll annually 100 programs of study 1/3 of area high school graduates going to college enroll at MTC $90 million budget, $100 million in assets 30,000 participate in MTC continuing education each year 6 Campuses Student Success Counseling and Career Services wanted to find

ways to proactively impact students Two populations were identified by departmental staff: African American males Students who were having academic difficulty Sandi Oliver, VP for Student Development Services, supported the outreach directions chosen

Number of African American male students going to college is low Retention is low for African American male students African American females attend college and graduate at approximately twice the rate as African American males Organized a committee in January, 2006 Rene Bellamy-Coletrain Faculty, Human Services Henry Bracey Staff, Counseling & Career Services

Vanessa Brown Staff, Student Activities William Goldsmith Staff, Financial Services Clarence Goodwin Faculty, Computer Technology Tara Y. H. Taylor Staff, Counseling & Career Services Ivory Johnson, III - Staff, Student Assessment Paul Livingston Faculty, Coordinator of Psychology Phil Morris Staff, Director of Counseling & Career Services Marian R. Nurse Faculty, Computer Technology Justin Thompson Staff, Counseling & Career Services Leonard Waymyers Staff, Assessment, Research, & Planning

The MTC African American Male Leadership Institute is committed to developing leadership potential and promoting academic and personal success among African American males enrolled at Midlands Technical College.

Increase retention of African American males at MTC Promote social responsibility in African American males Strengthen and develop leadership potential in identified African American males

Create and promote network opportunities for future success Promote effective communication

Began with first cohort in Spring semester, 2007 Provided Conference on African American Males in Higher Education with 140 in attendance Workshops for students Informal mentoring relationships Trip to Morehouse College and King Center

Business tours Celebration banquet at end of year Annual conferences Monthly activities for participants to include: Workshops on success topics Visits to African American owned or managed businesses Cultural enrichment trips

Visits to senior institutions Mentoring Counseling and career planning Annual celebration banquets Monetary support from the college Two

AAMLI students are hired for each major campus New partnership - Greenville Technical College Over 150 participants through Spring 2011 Over

200 students were served through programs annually MTC Middle College outreach Programs include: Manhood: Identity, Purpose, and Direction Social Responsibility Financial Responsibility Students have become active in other clubs/organizations such as SAB, SIFE, etc. Students recruiting students

Increasing visibility The Male Empowerment Task Force Implemented a first-year AA male recruiting process during the summer in targeted high schools Summer 2010 - AAMLI members called all new African American male students from Fall 2009 March 2627, 2010 Midlands Technical College Airport Campus th

Excelling with Class to Expand Our Knowledge in Health, Wealth, and Self Fall 06 Fall 08 African American Males +4.8% Fall 08 Fall 11 African American Males +3.2%

Getting students to become involved in new initiative and not overwhelm them Obtaining/securing support Campus/local community African American male faculty/staff members Being flexible to change/alter direction as needed to better reach/serve students Time commitment of/for participants Assigning responsibility with clear expectations and goals

increases participation Participation in the AAMLI increases connectivity with MTC Focus on time management and strengthen communication within and outside of the organization The AAMLI continues to successfully create network opportunities for participants that may not have occurred in any other organization Students are increasingly taking leadership roles in promoting and sustaining the organization 5.4% Retention Rate Increase in 3 yrs.

+ 8.1 % African-American Students +11.2% African-American Women + 3.2% African-American Men + 2.4% Students Enrolled in All DVS Courses +12.0% for DVS Students in the SOAR Program (over 5 yrs) MTC was 1st in SC and 59th in the US in the number of African-American associate degree graduates in 2009-2010* *2011 Community College Week Annual Report

Constantly making programming adjustments based on student needs Ongoing evaluation and assessment

Creating future AAMLI chapters within the SC Technical College System Justin Thompson [email protected] Roger Fowler [email protected] Xavier Gantt [email protected]

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