Stages of the French Revolution Estates General Tennis

Stages of the French Revolution Estates General Tennis

Stages of the French Revolution Estates General Tennis Court Oath Storming of the Bastille March on Versailles Reign of Terror Guillotine Crowning of Napolean Executions during French Revoluti on Vny3AFcV4Qs Charles Dickens bio Popular in his own time Father sent to the debtors prison when Charles was 12 (for 3

years) Dickens gained a fascination with prisons and the poor during this time Born 1812-1870 Born and raised in England Tale of Two Cities Chapter reviews Setting: Paris, France London, England between 1775-1793 Chapter 1 Parallel structure: England vs. France Louis XVI (16) 1754- Born 1770- Marries 1774- King

symbols Woodsman: fate personified Farmer: personifies death Moveable framework: guillotine along the roads that lay before them (3). Fate/foreshadow Idiom riding shotgun 20 miles across Channel 20 iles Jerry Cruncher (messenger) from London to Dover and back Jarvis Lorry (passenger) going from London to Paris for business. Gets a message and sends back response. Chapter 4

Dover, England Char: Lorry Allusions Figurative Language Char: Lucie Epithets Symbols Themes Char: Pross Caricature

Chapter 5 Saint Antoine, Paris, France Symbols Char: Gaspard Anaphora/Personification: Hunger Char: Defarge and wife Epithets Char: Dr. Manette Chapter 6- end of Book I Chapter 6 Figurative Languages Epithets Lucie- role reversal Symbols Epistrophe Human Nature- theme

Bastille- allusion Themes Motifs Book the Second The Golden Thread Ch. 1 Metaphorical titles of Bk 2 and Ch 1 Setting: England, March 1780 Char: Tellsons Bank Death- Epistrophe Char: Jerry Cruncher + fam Foreshadow: exceedingly red-eyed and grim, as if he had been up all night at a party which had taken anything but a convivial turn

Cliffhanger: Always rusty! His fingers is al-ways rusty! muttered young Jerry. Where does my father get all that iron rust from? He dont get no iron rust here! Bk 2, Ch. 3- A Disappointment Title metaphor buzz Attorney Generals (lawyer for county) charges against Darnay Solicitor-Generals (defense attorney for client) discrediting of Barsad and Clys testimonies (5 total) Lucies testimony both damaging and helpful to Darnays case How Carton helps Stryver

Cartons characterization Theme- resurrection Old Bailey courthouse Bk 2, Ch. 4-5 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Characterize Stryver Manette- recalled to life? Significance to Stryvers name Cartons jealousy of Darnay Foil characters Hook Metaphorical title Stryver vs. Cartons

relationship Cartons childhood -blames for miserable life Fate Hook v=GvweIBn7q-o lions vs. jackals om/watch?v=fqly5ky O2MI Ch. 6- POD paper review 1. Why is Miss Pross unhappy because there are dozens and hundreds of

people coming to visit Lucie? 2. Who is Solomon? 3. What questions does Lorry ask Pross concerning the doctor and his shoemaking tools? 4. Why is Dr. Manette afraid to remember his past? 5. Why is Darnays story about the prisoner in the tower upsetting to Manette? Cross Reference 6. Explain the foreshadow/significance at the end of the chapter. Ch. 7-8- POD review

Ch. 8 Ch. 7 1. Two columns describing 1st estate vs. 3rd estates lifestyles 2. Characterize Farmer General and Monseigneur (relationship and titles) Symbol- fountain 3. Find at least 2 biblical allusions 4. Characterize Gabelle and Monseigneur (relationship and roles) Symbol- blue cap 5. tall as a spectrecharacterize/CR Restore to life- theme Marquis- stone cold apathy Hook Ch. 9

Greek allusion- gorgon Setting Characterize- Marquis Foreshadow- stone cold Suspense- is Darnay his nephew? Shadowshe is nervous and anxious Motif- doubles- names Secret business- trial Allusion- Letter de cachet Motif- doubles- ideals

and morals Twin brother! Darnay- renounce this propery and France Connection between Marquis and Manette Repetition- three heavy hours Symbol- fountain (CR) Jacques- (CR) Noblemans stony apathy his inability to comprehend the suffering of the people or make an effort. Ch. 10 Pod Paper 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. What promise concerning his past does Darnay make to Dr. Manette? 7. Identify and explain the significance for one example of anaphora and cite. Explain the setting. How does Darnay earn 8. Identify and cite multiple examples his living in England? that Dr. Manette is greatly disturbed by the prospect of Darnay and Lucies Identify the TWO promises Darnay and Dr.marriage. 9. Give two examples of motifs AND Manette make CR each to previous chapters. Explain concerning Lucie. their significance to the novel. Describe Manettes current status of being 10. Identify, cite and explain one example of foreshadow. recalled to life as

evidenced in this chapter. How long has Darnay been so intimate here? Ch. 11-12 Note: 12/13 juxtapose one another Q&A for either Ch. 11 or 12? Each POD will take a character and analyze. Include traits and examples. Scuba dive! Things to consider: physical traits, static vs. dynamic, external influences, what other characters say/think about them, upbringing, etc. What is Dickens purpose for including this character in the novel? Characters: Darnay, Dr. Manette, Pross, Jerry, Lucie, Stryver, Defarge, Mdm. Defarge, Lorry, Monseigneur the Marquis/twin 1. In Ch. 13, why does Carton say he is grateful that Lucie does not love or want to marry him? CR. 2. Consider/analyze: Carton cannot conceive himself changing for the better.

Note: Chapter 12: 3. What secret does Carton ask Lucie to keep as the the Fellow of last confidence of his life? Analyze. CR. Delicacy vs. Chapter 13: the 4. Assume the closing of this chapter is an example Fellow of no of foreshadowing. What future event do you think Delicacy are two Dickens is suggesting? metaphorical chapter titles that5. In Ch. 14, what is Crunchers after-hours secret juxtapose one occupation? CR. another. 6. List 3 examples of mischief in which the crowds following Clys funeral engage after the casket is Take a few buried. Why does the mob disperse finally? minutes to compare/contrast7. What does the phrase no fish for breakfast these concepts

suggest regarding Crunchers nighttime between the occupation? CR/analyze little Jerry. chapters above. Ch. 13-14 Ch. 15 thin wine symbolic Personification- prison Setting- revolutionarys Parallelism nographic-knitting secret meeting place Whispers at fountain- CR CR Bk I, Ch. 5 buzz in the court Contrast Defarge and wife Inhumane treatment of the time- Damiens death (25

Dual views of the years prior) revolution Apartment/attic- CR Bk I, Gaspards death Fountain- symbol- polluted Ch. 5 Mender of the roads- CR Foreshadow- the chateau and characterize and all the race, extermination. Gaspards arrest- CR Knitting Onomatopoeia- tramp epithet/significance tramp / Ch. 16- Pod review and share with classThemes themes

to CR (5-7 ex): Have DLPs out for check Q&A Mdm vs. M. Defarges views Rose- symbol for spy Allusions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Revenge Injustice Evils of Revolution Sacrifice

Hope Human kinds capacity for violence and evil 7. Social oppression 8. Loyalty 9. Resurrection & renewal 10. Suffering Ch. 17-18- POD review- grading 1. Manette refers to his past imprisonment the night before Lucies wedding. What is Lucies reaction to this conversation? CR 2. A motif is confusion between reality vs. illusion. Cite an event in this chapter. CR to other events in the book. 3. The night before her wedding, why does Lucie check on her father? CR

4. CR Darnays secretive meeting with Manette the morning of the wedding. What are they discussing? 5. Why does Manette begin to make shoes again after Lucie and Darnay leave? CR 6. What does Lorry observe about Manette after the 9th day? What does he tell Lucie? Ch. 19- Carey review Any remaining Q&A Ch. 17-18? Metaphorical title Setting- 10th day of relapse Dark imagery

Motif- shoemakers bench Manettes state of mindconfusion cautiously proceed to seek direction and guidance from the opinion he had been 3rd person conversation (CR Bk 1) Lucie doesnt know of relapse Only Lorry and Pross know 3 questions: a. Will this happen again? b. Does overwork cause it? c. Remove shoe bench? Darnays secret on wedding day/loss of Lucie caused relapse Blacksmiths work Theme: sacrifice Metaphor/simile of bench Ch. 20- Carey review

Figurative Language Review Each pod assigned a term. Define and find multiple examples to CR. Include significance for Dickens using this type of language for the reader. 30 minutes to work as a pod and then share 1. Repetition forms: anaphora and epistrophes 2. Epithets and paradox 3. Personification and hyperboles 4. Imagery: dark vs. light 5. Imagery: verbal, dramatic and situational 6. POV shifts and caricatures 7. Symbols

8. Allusions: historical, biblical, Greek 9. Foil characters and juxtapositions 10. Idiom, similes, metaphors Ch. 21-22- Carey Review Ch. 21 Metaphorical title: Lucies son, Carton, Stryver 1789 Setting mid July symbol- lightning (CR) Lorry- Tellsons business Dark imagery Tons of foreshadow Setting shift change to France- storming of the Bastille (July 14) 105 North Tower Symbolism of 7 Water- symbol (CR)

Ch. 22 Metaphorical title Mdm Defarge characterize Vengeance characterize Old Foulon/son in law Killings by the peasants impact their lives Greek allusion- furies Drums- dual meaning Ch. 23- POD Review Q&A Work on Bk 2 Allusions page in packet Ch. 24 Setting: August 14, 1792 (3 yrs) Tellsons, England Darnay= Marquis St. Evremonde Irony- I wish I were going

myself Allusions- biblical, literary, historical Loadstone Allusion Lorry (78 yrs old), employed 60 yrs CR Ch. 18 & 6- secret Catalyst- Gabelles plea Stryver, Lorry, Darnay- letter Stryvers POV on Marquis Theme- Human Nature Characterization- Darnay

Hist Allusion- Abbaye 2 letters to Lucie & Doctor Themes- sacrifice, loyalty heavy mist CR Bk I Hook Motifs to CR to class: Ch. 24- POD Review 1. Spies Thursday Q&Afinish 2. Prisons Bk 2 3. Coincidences Allusions/Green packet 4. Secrets Friday- motifs review 5. Darkness/Shadows Green packet due 6. Light 6/2:

Documentary 7. Doubles Symbols 8. Shoebench Ivy Green Active Reading 9. Fate Parallelism 10. Love Allusions Ch. 1 Bk 3, Ch. 1-2

Book 3 metaphorical title Chapter 1s metaphorical title Aristocrat + emigrant Situational irony- decree Setting- August 14, 1792 Epithet- traveler Monsieur Defarge- loyalties Liberty cap- symbol Epithet- prisoner- Evremonde 37 years old (25 at trial) 12 years since trail Book 2

Solitary confinement parallels Manette Bk 1 La Force prison- allusion Metaphor- aristocrats = ghosts Light/dark imagery Darnay/Evremonde are doubles char: regret Hook- parallel Darnay and Manette Ch. 2 Setting: September 3, 1792; Tellsons

Bank, Paris Motif: darkness Grindstone, mob mentality- symbol repeated) Manette- role- reversal privileged person characterization CR revolution and the murders of the aristocracy Dickens belief? Theme: human violence, loyalty, suffering, hope Characterize Lucie- ideal woman Epithet- white hair Anaphora- o the long, long night Imagery- blood, foreshadow Bk 3, Ch. 3-5 POD Review: Ch. 3, metaphorical title, motif and foreshadow= Vengeance and Mdm. Defarge Situational Irony- takes the shadow to Lucie and her family

Monsieur Defarges role= loyalties Verbal irony- Lucies comments to Madam Defarge Characterize Jerry Note: repetition= weekly installments of newspaper Characterize Madam Defarge= imagery Fate- symbol, personification, Dickens Lucie- static, ideal woman Ch. 4, setting- 4 days later Title- oxymoron/metaphor Manette- dynamic character! characterize Define: The Tribunal, The Law of the Suspected= historical allusions Carey Review Q+A

Dramatic irony Doubles- motif Manette- 62 years old Theme- hope Allusion- Reign of Terror 1 year, 3 months have passed since Charles imprisoned in France. Ch. 5, Samson- wooden shoes CR! Asyndeton- ; repetition

Setting- France, December 1793 Symbolism- 3 oclock Allusion- Carmagnole Compassion- speaks and gives money to Samson Personification, light/dark imagery, motifs, symbols, CR Hook!!!!! Who is with Mr. Lorry?!?! 26 May 2017 Ch. 9-10 Carey review Bk 3, Ch. 6-10 Ch 8, metaphorical title /what are Ch. 6- Carey review Share your annotations! Ch. 7-8 POD Review Ch 7, setting: same day.

Metaphorical title- tone/fear Role-reversal Motif- shadows Lucie- char (note reactions) Manette- char (note reactions) Theme- renewal Bk 1, Ch 1 Juxtaposing images in the universal fear and distrust Cruncher char/epithet Pross- char/caricature Why cant they leave France yet? Foreshadow/simile/personification the staircase is as still as death 4 have come for Charles- who are they? the hands at cards made? Setting: evening/mist National Razor- allusion Anaphora & Polysyndeton ;of the

Barsad vs. Pross- relationship/ char Biblical & hist allusions (multiple) Jerry recognizes Barsad CR to Bk 1&2 Dialect- sheep Tellsons Bank is old Monseigneurs house CR Jackal char- Cartons negligent recklessness More Foreshadow/sacrifice/char There was a braced purpose movie? Dr. Manettes influence or lack of now??? Chapter 10 Note: This is Manettes journal being read as evidence in Darnays 3rd trial! Flashback

1st POV Setting: December 1767 Title- CR shadow and darkness tone Hid in chimney (CR Defarge finding) 10 years in prison at this time Sane of mind. Important! Darnay born 1755 Reviews unjust reason for imprisonment Marquis & twin- doubles Symbol- fountain- Beauvaius CR Char: Marquis and brothers throughout ch Theme: oppression Patient- characterize the young woman 24 hours of feverish ravings 2nd patient- characterize the brother of woman

Hubris of the Rev A crazed young common dog Theme: fate/humankinds capacity He was quite incapable of any compassionate Epistrophe us We were so robbed CR to Gaspard Ch. 7 Theme: oppression Paradox/doubles/hubris The two opposing kinds of pride imagery Rape of woman/Uncle the worst!!!! young sister what char is that?????? CR Bk 2, registry in the days when all

these things are to be answered for 26 hours then woman dies. Father, husband, woman, unborn child all dead. Little sister survives and in hiding safe Twins pay Manette for silence Rouleau of gold- symbol of corruption CR Darnay and mother- atonement for sins Hook Bk 3, Ch. 11-13 Chapter 13 Ch. 11, metaphorical title Significance of a life you love? CR Purpose for Manettes message to Lorry at 9 PM Hook Ch. 12, metaphorical title Purpose for Carton at wine shop What does he learn there? Why do the Defarges speak so

freely in front of Carton? Hook Carey Q + A Theme: Rebirth

Metaphorical title- 52 3rd person limited- Darnay Theme: fate (CR) 3 letters (CR Bk 2): Lucie, Manette, Lorry Irony- he never thought of Carton CR and characterize Darnay and Carton Flashbacks- Darnay- theme of sacrifice Carton- dynamic character- characterize! VAPOUR- (CR Ch. 9) Epithet/Symbol- Christ Figure (CR) 52 must die! (CR Ch. 9) Barsads part in the plan (CR Ch. 8-9) Setting: dark winter day Seamstress- char/injustice/corruption Parallel/Setting shift the same shadowson the prisonon the Barrier All flee- 52 die! Epistrophe - Us

Bk 3, Ch. 14-15 Ch. 14- the knitting done- metaphor Ch. 15- the footsteps die out for Ever CR Parallel structure- setting shift (same time as Ch. 13) Char Madam Defarge vs. husband Juxtaposition- opposition Char all Rev leaders Wife and child must follow Loyalties Doubles- Lucie and Little Lucie CR Woodsawyers witnessing of Lucie Celestial witness Vengeance idolizes Mdm. Defarge Conflict- No, I cannot spare him 3pm- the 52 being executed today- Darnay Vengeance to execution, Mdm to another engagement Sympathy- at home grieving, more proof! Epithets/caricatures- Pross vs. Defarge

Characterize!!!! CR Suspense Theme- sacrifice, love, loyalty

Hubris of French Rev Historical allusion- tumbrils Desensitized to the deaths- hist allusion Biblical allusion- Jezebels Mob mentality Characterize Carton and Seamstress Barsad char he is going to pay 3pm execution time for the 52 The supposed Evremonde CR change places- sacrifice- a life you love Fate Theme: Sacrifice, love, renewal, hope Cartons last words if written- 1st POV Soliloquy Pity/tears CR from Lucie Parallelism- beginning/end ideas and structure Recalled to life Sacrifice for love earns himself an honored place in Manette family and heaven More historical terminology: Tumbrils of the Revolution

Monty Python- Bring Out Your Dead! Letres de cachet Law of the Suspects Carmagnole First American Continental Congress Major Characters Jarvis Lorry 60 yrs old Bank clerk for Tellsons Bank in London Charles Darnay 25 yrs old Known in France as Evremonde Left France to live in England Tutors languages Major characters

Miss Lucie Manette 17 yrs old Daughter of Dr. Manette Born in France Lives in London Dr. Alexandre Manette Lucies father Prisoner in Bastille for 18 yrs Major Characters Monsieur Ernest Defarge Lives in Paris Owner of wine-shop Leader of revolution Former servant to Dr. Manette Rescues him and calls Mr. Lorry Married to Madame Defarge

Madame Therese Defarge Wife of Monsieur Defarge Works into knitting the names of enemies of Revolution so they can be identified and executed Vindictive and full of revenge Major Characters Sydney Carton Assistant to Stryver Drunk Looks like Charles Darnay Loves Lucie Jerry Cruncher Porter and errand-man for Tellsons Bank in London Grave-robber at night Comic relief

Minor Characters CJ Stryver Attorney in London Ambitious Wants to marry Lucie Manette Miss Pross Nurse to Lucie Manette Sister of Solomon Pross (AKA John Barsad) Caricature of English servants Marquis St. Evremonde The cruel uncle of Charles Darnay. Also called The Younger. he inherited the title at The Elders death Assaulted Madame Defarges sister

The Elder and his wife The twin brother of the Marquis St. Evremonde, referred to as the Elder (held the title of Marquis until his death) and his wife, who fears him. They are the parents of Charles Darnay. Minor Characters Solomon Pross English spy who testifies against Charles Darnay Miss Pross long-lost brother Roger Cly English spy who testifies against Charles Darnay Minor characters Little Lucie

Daughter of Lucie Manette and Charles Darnay Monty Python v=mv25TQibN8g Tumbrils of the Revolution Motifs Doubles Shadows and darkness Imprisonment

Parallelism Mob mentality Hope Love Loyalty Spying Themes The ever-present possibility of resurrection and redemption The necessity of sacrifice and suffering The tendency toward violence and oppression in revolutionaries Revenge Value of Life Style person omniscient point

3 of view rd Dickens originally wrote the novel in weekly installments to be published in local paper. Each chapter leaves the reader hanging, full of questions that can only be answered by next weeks installment. Historical Novel First line one of the most famous in literature. Published 1859.

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