Welcome to Rosshall Academys Transitions Information Evening To

Welcome to Rosshall Academys Transitions Information Evening To

Welcome to Rosshall Academys Transitions Information Evening To Rosshall Academy Whos Who ? Head Teacher Alison Mitchell FH Additional Support Frances Carey FH Inclusion JennyDougall House Heads Barra Graham Keith Harris Wendy Stillie

Iona Madelaine Baker Lewis Maureen Moy Skye Stephen Murphy Pastoral Care Barra Evelyn Brogan Harris Brenda Sharp Iona Kathryn King Lewis Sacha MacLean Skye Neil Simpson Our House System House Name

Depute Head Principal Teacher Barra Graham Keith Evelyn Cawley Iona

Madeline Baker Kathryn King Harris Wendy Stillie Brenda Sharp Skye Stephen Murphy

Neil Simpson Lewis Maureen Moy Sacha MacLean Contacting Pastoral Care If you have concerns or worries about your child: In the first instance please contact

Pastoral Care by phone - They can discuss and often resolve your concerns over the phone. If not they will arrange an appointment at a suitable time to discuss your concerns. Dates For Your Diary 2017-18 EVENT DATE Information Evenings at each Primary

School April/May 2018 Ready for Rosshall Programme at associate Monday 30th April Primaries Friday 4th May 2018, inclusive. Pastoral Care staff and S1/2 pupils visit P7 classes Two-days induction at Rosshall. Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May

2018 Pupils start at Rosshall. Wednesday 15th August 2018 Metros Outdoors Activity Days. Monday 10th - Friday 14th September inclusive.

Two Day Induction This will take place on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May 2018. Please bring your PE kit and a packed lunch or 1.90 to buy your lunch. School ties are available from the school office at a cost of 3.00. We look forward to welcoming you to Rosshall! Arrangements

Wednesday Period 1 & 2 - pupils will arrive at the school and be sorted into their class groups Period 3 pupils in timetabled class, leave 5 minutes early for interval Period 4 pupils in timetabled classes Period 5 pupils in timetabled class, brought down to Fuel Zone by teachers at 12.25pm ( 15 minutes early) Period 6 pupils in timetabled class Period 7 pupils in timetabled class, dismissed at 2.55pm

Arrangements Thursday Pupils in timetabled classes from Period 1 onwards Interval and lunchtime arrangements same as those for Wednesday Period 7 pupils in timetabled class, report to social space for short assembly at 2.45pm before an early dismissal . S1 Classes Link pupil to House if a sibling is already at

Rosshall; At least one other pupil from their Primary school will be in their class; Balance of gender; Balance of ASN needs- resources; Cannot guarantee that friends will be put together; Most vulnerable pupils will be identified by FH of Learning Support- Buddying Programme. Attendance

We monitor daily attendance very closely. Registers are taken every lesson. Personal Support Tutors, the Pupil Support Team, our ELO and DHTs work very closely as a TEAM. If attendance goes below a certain level parents and carers will be contacted. If support is required we will do our best to help. Monday / Tuesday

8.45am PERIOD 1 9.35am PERIOD 2 The School Day Friday 10.25am INTERVAL 8.45am PERIOD 1

10.40am PERIOD 3 9.35am PERIOD 2 11.30am PERIOD 4 10.25am INTERVAL

12.20pm LUNCH 10.40am PERIOD 3 1.05pm PERIOD 5 1.55pm PERIOD 6 2.45pm PERIOD 7 3.35pmEND OF DAY

Wednesday / Thursday 8.45am PERIOD 1 9.35am PERIOD 2 10.00am PERIOD 3 10.50am INTERVAL 11.05am PERIOD 4

11.55am PERIOD 5 12.45pm LUNCH 1.25pm PERIOD 6 2.15pm PERIOD 7 3.05pmEND OF DAY 11.30am PERIOD 4 12.20pm LUNCH 1.05pm

PERIOD 5 1.55pm PERIOD 6 2.45pm END OF DAY Lunchtime at Rosshall Glasgow City Council expects all S1 pupils to stay in school for lunch. Lunch

is available from the Fuel Zone (where a full lunch can be purchased for 1.90 ) and from Rosshall Hut in the playground. Alternatively, a packed lunch can be brought into school. All food and drink available in school complies with government nutritional guidelines. Be In FULL School Uniform Black trousers or skirt. White shirt and school tie. School sweatshirt or black

jumper / cardigan. Black blazer with school badge. Black shoes. School Uniform Our blazers are supplied by Academy Uniforms. The cost is 31.50 Fitting sessions for blazers for our new S1 will take place at Rosshall Academy on the evenings of Tuesday 8th May and Wednesday 9th May between 6.00pm and 7:30pm. A 10

deposit will be payable on the evening, with the balance due in early August. Metro Outdoors Activity Day Week beginning 10th September Castle Semple Country Park, Lochwinnoch 8.30am3.30pm approx. An opportunity to develop team working and problem-solving skills, and to have fun at the same time! Cost 10 per pupil, payable in August Further information and consent forms will be issued in August

Get Involved ! Singing, Badminton, Athletics, Drama, Chess, Fitness, Dance, Netball, Charity Fundraising, Music Lessons, Debating, Trampolining, School Show, Football, Rugby, Percussion, Games Development, Science, Craft, and lots, lots

more!! Welcome to Rosshall Academy Parent Council The PC meets every second Wednesday of each month ( excluding April) at 7pm all parents are welcome. If you are interested in joining the Parent Council or would just like to offer help or even just want to know what the PC does please come along. Parents Council Members Nancy Loftus

Chairperson Janet McLean& Susan Moffat Joint Secretary Kenny Smith Treasurer David Coia Edi Reavey Lorraine McKenzie MEETINGS: Usually second Wednesday of the month unless it is a holiday.

CO-OPTS Stephen Murphy Sacha MacLean Robert Clelland Rosshall Academy Smartphone App We are launching a brand new smartphone app to help communicate with parents and pupils Feel free to download this now in preparation for your pupils starting in August Search SSA or secondary school app in your

smartphone store, then choose Rosshall Academy from the app dropdown menu A useful app guide is included in the information tab Please note- the app is currently in an early test stage with the aim to fully lunched in Aug 18 WE Take Pride in Our Identity within our Learning Community! Twitter: @RosshallAcademy

All We Ask is That You Do Your Best

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