Eoghan Hanley (National Coordinator / Connaught Region) [email protected]

Eoghan Hanley (National Coordinator / Connaught Region) eoghan.hanley.tutor@gaa.ie

Eoghan Hanley (National Coordinator / Connaught Region) [email protected] Sean Kelly (North Leinster Regional Coordinator) [email protected] Peter Beirne (South Leinster Regional Coordinator) [email protected] Colm Hanley (Munster Regional Coordinator) [email protected]

Garrett Coyle (Ulster Regional Coordinator) [email protected] Course Structure: - The GAA Future Leaders TY Programme is a cross-curricular programme. - The programme consists of 8 Modules.

- The modules vary in length, in general they are 6 10 hours long. - Each module is stand alone and individually certifiable. - A school can choose to deliver one or more modules. - Delivering at least 5 modules plus the organisation of a GAA Super Games Centre/Blitz through the students and/or coaching in their local primary schools results in the pupils

being awarded a GAA TY Future Leaders Award. GAA Future Leaders Modules -Future Leaders FMS & Coaching of Hurling/Football Module -Future Leaders Refereeing Module -Future Leaders Administration Module -Future Leaders Sports Journalism Module

-Future Leaders Performance Analysis Module -Future Leaders Nutrition Module -Future Leaders Wellness Module -Future Leaders Event Management Module -Pupils will receive a GAA Certificate for each completed module. Assessment:

- Each pupil gets an online e-Portfolio to store and share documentation and assignments on learning.gaa.ie/futureleaders. - As pupils complete tasks for each module, they upload them to their e-Portfolio to be assessed. - Pupils receive certification for each module when all the tasks are completed and submitted to their

e-Portolio. Competition: - There is a competition element to the Future Leaders Programme also. - For example, the best Sports Journalist will be chosen to shadow a sports journalist in Croke Park

on a big match day. - The winners of these competitions will be picked from the work submitted to the pupils eportfolio. Practical Application of Skills Acquired -When the modules are completed the pupils hold an AGM and form a TY Future Leaders Committee.

-They apply for various positions and jobs in organisation. -The Transition Year Future Leaders Committee oversees the overall day to day running of the Super Games Centre (SGC). -They hold weekly meetings to decide who does what and when to ensure the smooth running of the SGC. This is done in the same way as a County Board meeting or a Club AGM, where pupils are proposed and seconded for the various positions, with a vote taking place if necessary.

Transition Year Future Leaders Committee Super Games Centre Jobs Team Managers Responsible for ensuring team knows when and where games are on and for the team during games. Referees / Umpires / Linesmen These are appointed to the various

games by the Fixtures Committee. Journalists The PRO is responsible for appointing a journalist to each game. The journalist then writes a match report which is emailed to the PRO for the Social Media Committee to post on the Super Games Centres Facebook and Twitter account and for the schools website. Photographers The PRO is again responsible for appointing a photographer to each game.

The photos are then emailed to the PRO for the Social Media Committee to post on the Super Games Centres Facebook and Twitter account and for the schools website. Performance Analysts There will be a PA working with each team collecting various data. Nutritionists These will meet the 1st and 2nd years and discuss healthy eating with them and prepare healthy eating plans for them . Ground Staff The Secretary will appoint a number of Ground Staff on any given day. The ground staff are responsible for getting all the pitches ready .

Equipment Managers - The Secretary will appoint a number of Equipment Managers any given day. They are responsible for sliotars, bibs etc. Super Games Centres are centres where: A small-sided games format is provided for youth players aged 12-17 years on an age

related and developmental needs basis incorporating ALL (Applied Lifelong Learning). Basically it is sport in its purest form, where kids play our games just for the sake of playing the game, there is minimal coaching input involved. They are playing for fun and enjoyment.

Upon completion of the necessary modules, pupils can either run a Super Games Centre / Blitz or coach in their local primary school, or both, in order to receive a Future Leaders Award. Qualifications / Certification:

- Future Leaders Award - Certificates for various completed Modules Optional Extras: - Level One Performance Analyst (GAA/Sporting Ireland) - Foundation Award Coaching Course (GAA/Sporting Ireland) - Referees Qualification - Gaisce Award

How can this programme be rolled out in my school? - The programme is designed to fit into a schools timetable with as little disruption as possible; 1) A school can timetable Future Leaders as a subject for a double class per week and one teacher could roll out approx. 5 of the modules there.

2) The schools Future Leaders coordinator can give the various modules to different subject teachers to deliver in their classes ie. Performance Analysis in Maths, Nutrition in Home Ec. Etc. Why should my school do this programme? GAA Coach Education Mission Statement

The GAA is committed to implementing an integrated Coach Education Programme with a view to maximising participation, optimising playing standards and ensuring that Players needs are catered for in a Balanced way Benefits to the individual:

- Life Skills Organisational Skills Communication Skills Responsibility Initiative

Maturity Inclusivity Fosters a sense of belonging in the child - There are benefits to the pupil, the school, to the local community, to the country as a whole.

Educational Benefits: Throughout the Future Leaders Programme pupils enhance their; - Physical Literacy Skills - Digital Literacy Skills - Literacy Skills - Numeracy Skills

- Presentation Skills -https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=50YvfXFYYek&feature=youtu.be Website: www.learning.gaa.ie/futureleaders

Email: [email protected] Twitter: @gaafutureleader #gaafutureleader

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