INTEGRATING SOCIAL SCIENCE DATA IN EUROPE Ron Dekker | CEO, CESSDA ERIC Dr Aleksandra Bradi-Martinovi | Institut ekonomskih nauka, Beograd Open Science Day @CESSDA_Data Content 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. European Developments Positioning of Social Sciences & Humanities CESSDA ERIC Serbia General open data repositories V.S. National infrastructure 2

ESFRI European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure 3 EOSC - European Open Science Cloud Increasing agreement among Member States and major research infrastructures and e-infrastructures Integrated approach to research data infrastructures is needed going beyond layers (computing, data storage, use)


4 EOSC - Mission To provide members of Europes research community with a virtual environment with free at the point of use, open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and reuse of research data across borders and scientific disciplines To federate existing initiatives and structures

within a single, consolidated and seamless platform 5 Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud H2020 funded All SSH ESFRIs CESSDA, CLARIN, DARIAH, ESS, E-RIHS, SHARE + EVS, Wage-Indicator, 2 research communities, LIBER, Trust-IT Coordinate, Cooperate & Complement 6

Research (data) communities e-Infrastructures Innovation Training Tools to the market Marketplace Governance 7

CESSDA Consortium of European Soc Sci Data Archives Provide a distributed and sustainable research infrastructure enabling the research community to conduct high-quality research in the social sciences, contributing to the production of effective solutions to the major challenges facing society today; Facilitate teaching and learning in the social sciences. 8

9 10 CESSDA Membership Members Efficiency, Trusted Repositories Service Providers

Scale: Efficiency, Standards, EC Funding, Sharing Expertise Common Technology Researchers

Easy & Safe Deposit of Data Visibility, e.g. Data Citation Find and Re-use Data incl. Access to Sensitive Data Training 11 Preparations in Serbia 2012 2014 SERSCIDA -> SER.DAC

Support for Establishment of l Social Sciences Data Archives Analysis of existing potentials for establishment of data archive in SSH for each country; 2015 2017 SEEDS & CESSDA South-Eastern European Data Services

Improvement of technical infrastructure RRPP Data Rescue CESSDA Strengthening & Widening 12 01/25/2020 13 01/25/2020 14

Key issues: 1. Privacy protection respondents (Law Contracts) 2. Copyright (Law Contracts) 3. Sustainability of data format OAIS compliance (SIP, AIP Xml, DIP) 4. Metadata scheme (DDI or CESSDA new scheme in progress) 5. Data visibility (CESSDA platform) 6. Impact of dataset (No of published papers based on one dataset how to trace?) 01/25/2020

15 Conclusions Coordination of Research Infrastructures Europe: ESFRI/EOSC SSH Cooperation: SSHOC Soc. Sc. Infrastructures: CESSDA National: Serbian Data Center in Social Sciences SER.DAC We do all this to support researchers and make high quality research possible 1


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