Finding Your Healthy Work/Life Balance By: Lorinda Lewis

Finding Your Healthy Work/Life Balance By: Lorinda Lewis

Finding Your Healthy Work/Life Balance By: Lorinda Lewis [email protected] 1. How do you know when you have achieved

work/life balance? 2. What are the indicators that you are out of balance? 3. What are your 3 biggest obstacles to achieving work/life balance? The Formula (Want Have) x

(Importance to You) ______________________________ Stress Potential What is Balance? Living Life to its fullest while staying true to your Priorities and Expectations! - Personal

- Influential - Joyful - Impactful Fun Facts! 94% professionals work more than 50 hours a week. More than half of that 94% work more than 65 hours a week.

Psychological and physical problems cost $125 to $190 billion a year in healthcare. 47% of American employees did not use all their vacation days last year. Nearly 60% of first time mothers go back to work within 12 weeks after giving birth. Live Out Your Boundaries!

1. Time is precious!

Urgent Not so urgent Not for today Not necessary for a while Stick to a long-term timetable Find and enjoy your margin Know what to say no to 2. Make decisions dont let them make you!

Vacation What is urgent

What is important Know whos in your center circle Become comfortable with No Know who to consult Give a short explanation behind the message. Use empathy I really wish Offer 2 alternatives. Ask confirming question yes/no.

Push back? Given the resources, schedule, budget, other parameters what would they suggest. Summarize. Follow up. 3. Law of the focus.

Begin every day with the end in mind Re-evaluate the 4 outcomes every 6 months Ps and Es Manage your thoughts

Dont give into distractions Ps & Es Security Wealth Good Health Relationships Fame Job / Career

Power Happiness Friendship Retirement Long Life Travel Respect Spiritual

Fulfillment Charity Education 4. Start and stay small

Focus on 3 then the next 3 Whats working Whats not working What are you learning Realize it wont always be 50-50 Stress

Imbalance Manage Burnout! Quadrant 1 ( We are able to change and choose to take action) Quadrant 2 (The area that we cant change,

but we keep trying to no avail) Quadrant 3 (We are able to change, but dont) Quadrant 4 (The area that we cannot change, and we choose to let

go of it) To Reduce! The Three Column Secret C.O.C.I. S.C.O.I. C.C.O.I.

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