Agenda February 8, 2018 Governance Council Charge &

Agenda February 8, 2018  Governance Council Charge &

Agenda February 8, 2018 Governance Council Charge & [email protected] Updates Cheryl Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Updates Candace and Nadine Talent Acquisition and Taleo Implementation Updates- Angie and Keith Talent Acquisition Input Teresa - Kevin Kregel, Associate Provost, Prov Office Admin* Cheryl Reardon, Chief HR Officer Associate VP* Jana Wessels, Associate VP, Health Care* -

Chris Annicella, Director HR, Education Dan Clay, Dean, College of Education Elizabeth Conley, Behavioral Health Consultant The Governance Council provides oversight Laurie Croft, Clinical Associate Professor, Education and guidance to ensure successful Raul Curto, Executive Associate Dean, CLAS implementation of [email protected]: Nancy Fick, Director HR, CLAS Representing stakeholder interests Suzanne Hilleman, Director HR, Athletics Providing input Angie Johnson, Faculty HR Director, Provost Office Enhancing communications

Jamie Jorgensen, Deputy General Counsel Promoting transparency Laura McLeran, Associate VP, Office of the President Jennifer Modestou, Director, EOD Mike Noel, Senior IT Director, AIS Tonya Peeples, Associate Dean for Diversity, Engineering Alan Reed, Professor and Chief Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery Joni Troester, Assistant VP Total Rewards, UHR Joe Wagner, Associate VP, Health Care Information Systems Jan Waterhouse, Director HR, Engineering Sherree Wilson, Associate Dean for Diversity & Cultural Affairs, UI Health Care * Exec Sponsor

21 Member Governance [email protected] Council Succession Planning Input Sessions Please plan to attend one of the following sessions to learn more about succession planning recommendations and to provide input into the process. March 19, 1-2 pm March 21, 4-5 pm March 23, 9-10 am RSVP to Neda Barrett ([email protected]) [email protected] Updates Data Driven Decisions

Inactivity Rate POC Data Dashboard in review phase Class/Comp Proposed Spot Award increase to $150 is pending approval Centralized leave management One-third of the employees (non health care) are managed under this new service. Scale up plans for remaining employees by summer 2018 HR Lead Roundtable 2nd meeting held Feb 1st Payroll - Exploring IT System Enhancements for HR Transaction System

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Co-chairs: Nadine Petty and Candace Peters Committee Members: Lori Berger, Diane Finnerty, Maria Bruno, Consuelo Garcia, Corinne Stanley, Bruce Drummond, Vanessa Steffen, Sarah Lobb, Tracy Peterson and Adam Potter Committee Charge: Research and propose strategies and tools to acquire, promote and retain diverse faculty and staff Deliverables Initiation: Research strategies and best practices in acquiring, promoting and retaining diverse faculty and staff Planning: Submit written recommendations to [email protected] Governance Council regarding strategies and best practices in acquiring, promoting and retaining diverse faculty and staff and building a recruitment ambassador program Implementation: Establish collaborations and system for acquiring, promoting and

retaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive faculty and staff. Provide monthly updates to [email protected] Governing Council regarding progress of initiative. Evaluation: Evaluate effectiveness of strategies. Phased Approach Phase I Propose research based strategies to acquire, promote and retain diverse faculty and staff Phase III

Evaluate effectiveness of strategies Phase II Develop strategic plans based on priority recommendations Phase Two Info Graphic Committee Recommendations

Develop subcommittees where identified UI Project Team Updates Strategy Attract, Engage, Recruit

We need to recruit and retain faculty and staff who possess the broad diversity essential to our missions. To remain competitive in a knowledge based economy, the UI must attract and retain world class talent across all sectors. Campus leaders have identified talent acquisition as their highest priority for HR enhancements. New System (Taleo) and redesigned processes will create efficiencies, improve productivity and realize cost savings. Attract

Focus: Outreach Lead: Jan Waterhouse Engage Focus: Pipeline development Lead: Wanda Malden Recruit Focus: Recruiter skill development Lead: Keith Becker IT Taleo Implementation Project Focus: Process redesign, technology implementation and tool integration

Lead: Keith Becker and Angie Bell Core and Extended Teams IT Project Updates Decisions to Date Three track focus (Faculty, Health care, Staff) Consolidation of Staff processes Identification of Recruiter Role Job Aggregator Purchase External Marketing Contract Februarys Demo What is it.. Highlights initial decisions from Harmonizing step

Provides details on every stage of the new process plan First time Taleo screens will be demonstrated When is it. February 21st Kelch Conference Room, 1289 CBRB February 22nd IMU, Indiana Room 346 Invitations and specific time information to come Change Management Governance Council February 8, 2018 Teresa Kulper and Blair Wagner What is Change Management?

A structured approach for achieving an objective involving people... The process, tools, and techniques utilized to manage the human side of change and achieve the required outcome A controlled process of moving people from a current state to a desired future state that helps to minimize setbacks and mitigate risks associated with adoption The Lifecycle of Change Mountain of Unrealistic Anger Expectations Anger

Effective change management: Smooth the change curve (move from navy to turquoise) Manage expectations to realistic levels Minimize the depth of the Valley of Despair Minimize the time before benefits are realized Maximize your chances of project success Manage Expectations Denial Denial

Bargaining Bargaining Awareness Understanding Depression Depression Valley of Despa ir Ascent

Decrease of Duration Succes Acceptance Commitment s Plateau of Unmet Dreams Acceptance Acceptance

5 The Value of Change Management Adds value by considering the human element along with systems and processes Reduces risk of not delivering on original objectives Assists people in transitioning to new processes and systems Prepares us to operate in the new environment Increases success rate and speed of adoption Minimizes productivity declines during and after the change Increases our capacity to change in the future

Governance Council Discussion 1. Break into groups of 4 people. 2. Select a facilitator and a scribe. 3. Capture answers to the questions (2-3 minutes per question). 4. Prepare to share with large group. Discussion Questions General Project: A1 What are you hearing about the project so far? A2 What are the top 5 things we should look for to improve the likelihood of project success? Understanding & Engagement: B1 What are the top 3 things you can do to help ensure the success of the project? B2 What are the key issues that you want the core team to be aware of as the project moves

forward? Communication: C1 In your opinion, what are the most effective ways to communicate this type of change? C2 How can we keep the communications interesting? C3 What are the most important things we should remember about successful project communications (based on your experience)? Training: D1 What training lessons have been learned from past initiatives? Thank You! Email comments and suggestions to Teresa Kulper ([email protected])

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