Kingdom Animalia You have 30 seconds to list

Kingdom Animalia You have 30 seconds to list

Kingdom Animalia You have 30 seconds to list as many animals as you know...

Characteristics of organisms in Kingdom Animalia multicellular eukaryotic (nucleus and organelles)

heterotrophic exo or endoskeleton (support system) sexual reproduction (some asexual) Factors Used To

Classify Animals

level of organization Body symmetry cephalization body cavity formation mode of reproduction

energy source motility Level of Organization Types of body symmetry

Symmetry Pro's & Con's Asymmetrical no plane around body for repetition very poor movers

usually sessile sponges Bilateral mirrored down Radial body parts repeated

around central disk no real head slow movers, usually sessile sand dollars, anenomes

Asymmetrical central line of body good movers sense organs at one end anterior, posterior,

dorsal, ventral, lateral Cephalization Body Cavity Formation

Mode of Reproduction Energy Source Phylum Porifera no true tissues (just specialized cells working

independently) holdfast - attach to rocks asymmetrical spongocoel - inner cavity choanocytes - cell with flagellum that generate current of water

porocyte - allows water to enter Phylum Porifera no real endo or exoskeleton has silica spicules

to form some structure and shape filter feeder rely on the water to bring in oxygen and

remove CO2 Phylum Porifera reproduce by budding (asexual) or external fertilization millions of sperm

released into current (June-ish) this triggers eggs to be released (attached to mucous strings) hermaphrodite fertilization takes place and larvae settles on

substrate and starts to grow into new sponge Phylum Cnidaria anemones, jellies, corals, box jellies, ctenophores

radial symmetry or asymmetrical (some corals) tissues (cells working together) have exoderm, endoderm, and

mesoglia (jelly filled middle) start of digestive system (no anus) Phylum Cnidaria

Medusa Polyp Do you notice anything about these two forms of cnidaria?

Phylum Cnidaria basic nervous system (nerves in body to respond when they sense food)

sea anemones will battle for territory Nematocysts box jelly sting

Coral Reef asymmetri cal soft coral (sea fans) and hard coral

(exoskelet on of calcium)

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