1 WATERTOWN RECREATION DEPARTMENT BUDGET HEARING PRESENTATION MAY 20, 2015 2 Thank you for the opportunity to present and formally discuss the FY16 Department of Recreation Budget Recommendations. I am grateful for the support the Department of Recreation has received from the Town Manager, Assistant Town Managers, members of the Honorable Town Council, my fellow Department Heads and members of their staff. 3

I would like to thank my full time staff, Ernie Thebado, Assistant Director and Maureen Foley, Head Clerk. Each are critical and instrumental to the success of this department and go above and beyond the requirements of their positions to service all members of our community. We have approximately 90 seasonal staff comprised of professionals, college and high school students who provide the Town with outstanding service by supporting our active and passive recreational opportunities. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Watertown Recreation Department is to provide the citizens of the Town of Watertown with varied and comprehensive passive and active recreational, leisure and seasonal

opportunities for a wide range of age groups and abilities. 4 OBJECTIVES Collaborate with the Town Manager, Assistant Town Managers, Town Council and other departments to maximize productivity in a timely and effective manner. Develop relationships with other recreation departments and other such organizations that provide recreational opportunities to help develop new ideas and potential collaboration.

5 OBJECTIVES 6 Continued active role in the supervising and support of the John A. Ryan rink operation and staff. Continued partnership with the school department, wellness committee, pep grant and the use of school facilities. Reestablish

a program similar Cops and Kids / P.A.L. in collaborative effort with the police department and emergency services personnel. OBJECTIVES 7 Utilize grant funding from the Marshall Fund in cooperation with Live Well Watertown to create program opportunities for our over 55 community. Utilize the S.W.O.T strategic tool to evaluate the Recreation Department to identify Strengths, Weaknesses,

Opportunities, Threats. This will guide development of action plans to improve and enhance items identified. OBJECTIVES 8 Open Space Plan was approved by the State on May 13, 2015 and will be utilized as a living document. Maximize and utilize our resources. Avoid reactionary decisions, by identifying items in

advance and creating a plan and procedure to achieve objectives OBJECTIVES PROGRAMMING 9 Collaborate with other agencies that support healthy behaviors and wellness. Examples of such groups include Live Well Watertown, Wayside Family Network, Watertown Boys and Girls Club, and Watertown School Department (Wellness Committee). Research and add new active and passive recreational programs for all ages that fit the needs and wants of our constituents. The

Recreation Department will continue to be proactive in the renovation and development of our recreational facilities to support more programming. OBJECTIVES PROGRAMMING 10 Identify new program opportunities, focusing on adult, high school and middle school age groups. Utilize the Casey Park facility to develop open and league play for children and adults.

Expand relationships with local groups such as Skyhawks, Boston Ski and Sports to offer additional opportunities for programing offered in the Town for our residents. OBJECTIVES PROGRAMMING 11 Develop creative and dynamic special events such as movie night, dancing under the stars and family oriented activities. Expand fine arts programming including but not limited to

music, dance, drama and artistic opportunities. Other opportunities could include: baby sitting training, home alone safety training, mom and me yoga, legos, chess, checkers, cooking class and mom and tot program. OBJECTIVES Financial 12 Adhere to all rules and regulations as outlined by our Towns Auditor Department in regards to the processing and storage all financial information.

Analyze financial reports and information on a regular basis to ensure the department remains in great financial condition in regards to the balances of the budget and revolving fund. Create a cash drawer system to allow for customers to use cash when paying for a service. Objectives Financial Most 13 programs are self sustaining. Increase

online registration use: this option is a convenient opportunity to register for our programs and continues to be utilized by approximately 37 % of our customers. The revolving fund continues to be utilized for revenue and expenses relative to our recreational program and facility use. OBJECTIVES Financial Follow-up with Towns leadership on the following policy items: Recreational

Facilities Fee. Recreational Signage Policy. Naming facility. of recreational facilities or components of the 14 Objectives Financial 15

Will provide quality recreational programs at affordable cost to our residents. Will analyze each program for financial viability on a consistent basis. Will utilize revenue received from field and picnic reservations to assist in supporting the successful park ranger program as well as other programs related programming and expenses Objectives Communication

16 The department will continue to utilize the following to communicate with our residents: Open Forum, on a monthly basis. Website, Peak including Notify Me Software Facebook,

Twitter and will add Instagram Newspaper, Direct Cable Flyers to Schools and Early Childhood Centers OBJECTIVES Organizational 17 Recreation Staff Handbook

Recreation Employee Identification Cards (Alpha Card) Survey Monkey Evaluation Software Expand Internship Opportunities with local Universities and Colleges ACCOMPLISHMENTS Recreational Facilities

18 The renovations at Casey Park and 552 Main Street were competed in 2014 and have been used and enjoyed extensively. The creation of the dog park at Howe Park has also been a tremendous success. Recommendations for additional enhancements include an accessible pathway from the street, creation of sidewalk and formal on street parking and dog friendly surface. OBJECTIVES Recreational Facilities 19

Collaborate with the Parks Department of the Department of Public Works on a regular basis to monitor all recreational facilities to make sure they are functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing and meet the needs of passive and active recreation for our residents. Identify areas of concerns for maintenance and amenity improvements on a proactive and continuous basis corporation of the Health and Wellness Initiatives, and the ongoing implementation of our Bike Path network including the Charles River area. Continued improvements in infrastructure of our recreational facility resources is critical and will continue to be a high priority of this department. OBJECTIVES Recreational Facilities

20 Build it and they will come. We cannot minimize the positive impact that new and renovated recreational facilities have on our residents. We cannot get back the time lost when those facilities are not available, not accessible or not welcoming, safe or effective OBJECTIVES Recreational Facilities Electrical Box

21 Electrical box reconstruction: This project entails reconstructing the electrical boxes at Casey Park (Baseball), Filippello Park and Saltonstall Park. This project implementation is critical for cost and electrical efficiency, practicality of use and safety and liability. This is a high priority item for the Department. OBJECTIVES 22

Recreational Facilities Filippello (Grove) Filippello Park (Grove Street): Develop comprehensive design plan for the Grove Street entrance of Filippello Park with collaboration of the Conservation Commission, Planning and Development, Department of Public Works and other interested parties. Pubic Meetings will be held in late spring and early summer to discuss this opportunity. OBJECTIVES 23 Recreational Facilities Major Renovations

Moxley Field: Develop a comprehensive design plan to reconstruct the tennis and basketball courts, fencing throughout the facility including backstop, protective fencing, lighting and accessibility. Victory Track, Field and Court Renovation (Phase II): Develop a comprehensive design plan for the track, field and court renovation. This would include the track, field, tennis courts, basketball court, tot lot surface, parking, lighting and accessibility issues. OBJECTIVES Recreational Facilities Renovations

Bemis Park: Court Resurface and Batting Cage Reconstruction Lowell Playground: Court Resurface OConnell Park: Batting Cage Reconstruction Arsenal Park: Court Resurface 24 Conclusion On

behalf of the Watertown Recreation Department family and my supportive Centola family, I would like to thank you for your assistance and cooperation during this past year. Thank you for the opportunity to present at todays meeting and I will be happy to entertain any questions or comments at this time. 25

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