NGA/Army/DIA INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP 25 JUNE 2014 This briefing is UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED NGA and DIA Share a Revolutionary Industry Interaction Vision NGA GEOINT Solutions Marketplace (GSM) Transparency & Collaboration Immersive Sand Boxing & Co-Development Industry Led Consortium DIA Gateway

UNCLASSIFIED Establishes capability readiness for ICITE transition Develop next gen tools and tradecraft. Fast-track transition for promising capabilities 2 UNCLASSIFIED Army Actions on Interoperability In 2010, the U.S. Army introduced the Common

Operating Environment (COE)*, an approved set of computing technologies and standards that enable secure and interoperable applications to be developed and deployed rapidly across five defined computing environments. The Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, ASA(ALT) has released the COE Implementation Plan (Nov 2011) to position the acquisition core for execution. * The Common Operating Environment (COE) Architecture Appendix C to Guidance for "End State" Army Enterprise Network Architecture, 01 Oct 2010. UNCLASSIFIED 3 Army Collaboration Towards a Common

Operating Environment UNCLASSIFIED Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA) developed standards and architectures to link sensors together in a forward operating base (FOB) for better situational awareness and faster response Allows for the discovering and leveraging of sensors for which you have no specific, prior knowledge. Increases sensor utility and reduces integration costs. CERDEC and PEO IEW&S have signed a Technology Transition Agreement for collaboration in developing the Sensor Computing Environment (Sensor CE) acquisition solution. This solution (ISA/Sensor CE) is broadly applicable to systems across all domains and is being used within the DIA GATEWAY to connect live and virtual sensors. UNCLASSIFIED

4 UNCLASSIFIED Observations on the DIA Gateway Ability to expose the vendor to user needs through a live and virtual environment allows timely evaluation and feedback and clearly provides time and cost benefits. UNCLASSIFIED Can support acquisition as well as development Provides low-bar-of-entry for vendors by leveraging Government

investment in modeling, simulation, and networking tools. Represents a concerted effort towards common interoperability standards by leveraging capabilities across agencies/services. 5 UNCLASSIFIED Innovation partnerships: Looking forward Joint NeedipeDIA needs GSM/Gateway Connection Solution Provider Registry Collaboration between Mission/Industry Means for providers to declare competencies & advertise strengths Link Developer Depot to Gateway & Lab76

Collaborate on common enablers (e.g. auth/auth/audit) Establish and enforce interoperability standards Moreas we deepen the partnership UNLCLASSIFIED 6 UNCLASSIFIED QUESTIONS? UNCLASSIFIED

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