DISS A JVS OVERVIEW Rebecca Devore Security Representative

DISS A JVS OVERVIEW Rebecca Devore Security Representative

DISS A JVS OVERVIEW Rebecca Devore Security Representative Associate OBJECTIVE DISS vocabulary Provisioning Hierarchy structure CSR submissions and Notifications Uploading SF312 (Non-Disclosure Agreements) What we have learned National Industrial Security System (NISS) Transition Plan

Locations to find help 3/26/2018 2 REMARKS There are different levels of understanding when it comes to DISS and JVS. This slide pack has been tailored to a common understanding. Please keep in mind the information on the slides reflect what Lockheed Martin and the DISS working group have been addressing based on instructions received from the PSMO-I (VROC), as well knowledge sharing amongst contractors.

3/26/2018 3 DISS VOCABULARY DISS Defense Information System for Security JVS Joint Verification System CSR Customer Service Request (replaces RRUs) RFA Request for Action (replaces DoD CAF messages) Subject Details

3/26/2018 Select Person (same information from JPAS screen) 4 PROVISIONING KMP and Account Managers should have received an email about being auto-provisioned into DISS. When completing the PSSARs ensure the form is completed correctly. Of those submitted 260 have been approved 525 have been rejected. The authorizing KMP should be cleared in conjunction with the FCL. If you are not sure how to complete the request there is an option on the DMDC phone tree for

assistance. DISS is working toward all provisioning to be complete by November 1st. 3/26/2018 5 HIERARCHY STRUCTURE We recommend reaching out to DMDC Contact Center to have them send you a copy of your hierarchy. We also recommend you clean you your SMO codes before you have them pushed to DISS. Once they are in there it takes a while to get them removed If you your hierarchy is inaccurate, you have to submit a HCR (Hierarchy change request) and submit it to DSS PSMO-I with the subject line: DISS HCR-Your Company Name

DISS has released a Tips and Tricks PowerPoint on the DSS website that has this information as well as where to send the HCR. Hierarchy managers are responsible for maintaining and updating the information contained in each SMO. Reminder: Cage Codes are already in the system, they just need to be assigned to your organization. 3/26/2018 6 CSR SUBMISSIONS A document is required for all CSR submissions. Word document with your request Comments section-brief description and a POC

Not all CSR options are available Verify owning relationship Supplemental information Make sure you use the DoD IND option and submit to the right place. (DoD CAF) 3/26/2018 7 HOW TO SUBMIT A CSR Click on subject details This brings you into the actual record of the individual On Basic Info tab a green dropdown will appear

Subject Actions Click on the CSR you are trying to submit (not all CSRs are available) Can use Supplemental Information as a catch all When the CSR has been submitted The system will take you back to the about JVS tab Navigate to the subject details tab and refresh the tab Navigate to the CSR/RFA tab and your submission should be there under the CSR option 3/26/2018 8 NOTIFICATIONS

Communications tab Notifications of SF312 approvals and rejects Subject detail updates RFA notifications from the government This also contains a task inbox: This is where some but not all actionable items will come in Ability to assign individuals with tasks is here and this is how the actions can be worked. Note: the DoD CAF will send letter and notifications through DISS Most letters will request the subjects relationship be established Contact the DoD CAF to let them know the relationship is in the system, should resolve issue 3/26/2018

9 UPLOADING SF312S NDA will show in JVS once entered into JPAS. Can real-time load SF312s but JPAS will not push for at least 3 days To upload the SF312 click under subject details Access tab Green box will appear to upload Max on file size If no green box is present, check the category on the main page. If there is not a category in JVS but you have a relationship in JPAS, contact DMDC. 3/26/2018

10 WHAT WEVE LEARNED Near to real time = 3 days If you dont know, call (we are frequent callers to DMDC) Track, track, track 3/26/2018 11 LOCATIONS TO FIND HELP

Recommended CDSE STEPP Training Courses DISS Portal (EX101.16) DISS Hierarchy Management (EX100.16) When you log into DISS there is a help link that will take you to the user guide. http://www.dss.mil/index.html DSS homepage for any updates (August 20th News DISS tips and tricks) Very helpful 3/26/2018 12 DSS NOTIFICATION OF INTEREST

The next slide was information that can be located on the DSS website that we felt you may need to know. A full article of the NISS transition plan can be found there and we recommend you go over to see how this could impact your organization. 3/26/2018 13 NISS TRANSITION PLAN On September 5th DSS posted the timelines for NISS deployment. Monday, September 17 Friday, September 28 Facility Clearance Verifications in ISFD

Monday, October 1 Friday, October 5 Clearance Verifications Submitted to DSS Knowledge Center Monday, October 8 NISS Live for External Users! Note, any user that had a NISS Soft Launch account will need to re-register for NISS. NISS Training in STEPP Note: STEPP will be unavailable from September 14 until October 1, 2018. 3/26/2018 14 CONTINUOUS

EVALUATION Jennifer Dimas Security Manager CONTINUOUS EVALUATION What is continuous evaluation? Implemented for Industry August 1, 2018, continuous evaluation is a process that uses commercial and Govt databases to conduct automated record checks, for example criminal and financial checks, to identify adjudicative relevant information to assist in assessing the continued eligibility of a cleared individual. What investigations are impacted?

T3R/T5Rs While CE will be implemented for cleared personnel, this does not remove the employees obligation to report adverse CE enrollment will be entered into JVS starting November 2018 Dates will reflect actual date of enrollment, not date of entry in JVS 3/26/2018 LOCKHEED MARTIN PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 16 PROCESS FLOW

PR is submitted to DSS Submitted to NBIB for reinvestigation New investigation date and eligibility is granted when adjudicated

Enrolled into CE PSQ is stopped no new investigation date or eligibility is granted eQIP is Reviewed by DSS 3/26/2018 LOCKHEED MARTIN PROPRIETARY INFORMATION


Robert Afonso Security Representative Associate EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) What is ECI? ECI is a Partnership with National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) and approved federal contract vendors to maximize interview time and minimize administrative time (e.g., driving, scheduling) for investigators allowing for reduced wait times for clearances Most commonly referred to as hubbing within NBIB and its approved subcontract companies. The concept of hubbing involves a group of investigators being assigned to one central location, working a set of pre-assigned cases that have already been scheduled whether it be VTC or In-person.

3/26/2018 20 EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) Start-up of ECI: Worked with NBIB to find an approved method for VTC. The approved method was our encrypted Lockheed Martin network utilizing Skype for Business video which can only be accessed from within our network. Partnered with Internal computer engineers to ensure the investigators who would be granted access to our network, would only be able to access programs necessary to complete interviews. NBIB identified initial investigators who would be working on the pilot program, and sent first set of case names for scheduling. Secured private offices for investigators to use to conduct interviews.

3/26/2018 21 EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) Scheduling Cases: Identify a point of contact with NBIB or subcontract agency who will be responsible for assigning cases to investigators once scheduled for them. Ensure employee understands the requirements for interview (e.g., in-person, vtc, required documents to bring). If scheduling in a different time zone, talk thru any time differences to ensure employee is on time. Create a meeting notice between employee and investigator.

3/26/2018 22 EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) Track progress: Use of internal database to track cases from start to finish. Record key information such as date case was received, date of interview scheduled, and date interview was complete. Identified key metrics to evaluate effectiveness of the program, and areas for improvement. Created internal dashboard to show progress in relation to pending cases.

3/26/2018 23 EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) Lessons Learned: Identify production facilities where employees may have limited access to company assets. Obtain office space with an asset and a point of contact for employees to utilize if needed. Obtain a point of contact across all business units who can help facilitate interviews if needed. Create clear and concise communications for employees. Include information such as documents to bring to interview, location of interview, and expectation of time to complete interview. If conducting interview via VTC never assume the employee has a working camera.

We found that just because a laptop has a camera on the screen it may be disabled due to facility requirements. Best to try to test the connection by having the employee initiated a skype call if possible. 3/26/2018 24 EXPEDITED CLEARANCE INITIATIVE (ECI) Lessons Learned: When a list is received, review for accuracy (e.g, employee location, employee still employed, clearance level). Be innovative, Identify ways to increase room productivity, and scheduling efficiency.

Communication is key to success, understand employees/investigators needs or concerns. 3/26/2018 25

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