THE BAR EXAM IS COMING. You can do it! Bar Exam Dates Texas: July 30-31, & Aug 1, 2019 New York (UBE), California and all UBE States: July 30-31, 2019 NY has a separate, state specific online course and online exam in addition to the two day UBE Application takes about 30 minutes; NY does character and fitness after the exam. Check your jurisdictions rules to make sure that you are compliant.

Application Deadlines Texas February 1 was on time Late deadline: April 1 ($150 late fee) Final Deadline: May 1 ($300 late fee) New York April 1 30, 2019 (no provisions for late filing) California March 1-April 1 is on time Final Filing Deadline: June 3 ($250 late fee) Disability accommodations

Day One Texas Bar Exam 2.5 days 90 minute TX Civil and Criminal Procedure and Evidence (short answer) 90 minute Multistate Performance Test (two MPTs on UBE) Closed universe exam. Practice. Day Two Multistate Bar Exam two sessions, three hours each. All multiple choice. All jurisdictions except LA. All 1L subjects (Con Law, Civ Pro, Contracts, Crim Law, Property and Torts) + Criminal Procedure and Evidence

1.8 minutes per question Day Three Twelve Texas Essays two sessions, three hours each. Each essay takes approximate 30 minutes. Wills, BA, Family Law, UCC (Secured Credit, Comm Paper), Real Property (including Oil & Gas), Consumer Protection, Trusts/Guardianship Other states

California Bar Exam Two days Five 1 hour essays, one MPT, MBE Uniform Bar Exam NY, NJ, MA, CO, WA, OR and 28 more Two days; Day 1 is MBE Day 2 2 MPTs Multistate Essay Exam (MEE)

Six 30-minute mixed subject essays Scoring Texas Need 675 of 1000 to pass MPT is 10% Short answer is 10%

MBE is 40% TX essays are 40% UBE states MPT (2) is 20% MEE is 30% MBE is 50%

Cut scores for the UBE vary by state. NY is 266; AK is 280; NM is 260 Lets talk about the MBE. Beware older questions. PRACTICE. Sample question*: A young man suggested to his friend that they steal a large- screen TV from a neighbors house. The friend was angry with the young man and decided to use the opportunity to get even with him by having him arrested. The friend said he would help, and that night, he drove the young man to the neighbors house. The young man broke in while the friend remained outside. The friend

called the police on his cell phone and then drove away. Police officers arrived at the scene just as the young man was carrying the TV out the back door. The jurisdiction defines crimes as at common law. Of what crime, if any, can the friend properly be convicted? (A) No crime. (B) Conspiracy. (C) Burglary. (D) Conspiracy and larceny. *copyright NCBE So what is my summer actually going to be like?* Typical bar course format

Time Spent 33% lectures 18% doing MC practice 17% practice essays 17% review notes/outlines What do you really have to do?

Simulated MBE: DO IT How long should I study? Peak day is typically 8.5 hours Less than 2-3 hours per day is the difference between passers and those unsuccessful Weekends you take off. Still be you. *Statistics from BarBri Remember, you paid to do this. What to do NOW. Participate in the Bar Exam Skills and Training workshop. Three week course on bar essay writing skills

Tuesday or Thursday at noon; no work outside of each 1 hour session. Buy your prep class Funding available through employers, private loans. Public interest focused students should ask for a discount. Scholarships. Prepare your friends and family. Get everything in place for summer so you dont have to worry about anything else. Arrange for child care (if needed) Decide where you will live/study You should change it up in study spaces! Think carefully about toxic habits and/or people in your life.

Try to clean it up now. Find your Fight Song. During Summer Prep Bar class will likely start after exams but before the Sunflower Ceremony (Themis and Kaplan do; BarBri likely). Everything your bar prep company tells you to. SERIOUSLY. Start memorizing early. Give yourself work hours; be flexible. Typical day includes lecture, review, practice essays, practice MBE

Do questions under time restrictions; bar takers are often surprised by how quickly the time goes. Be a person. Stop by the law school for our bar study pizza lunches! Pass v. Fail Passers spent, on average, 433 hours studying Those who failed spent 349 hours. Knowledge is power. Average Estimated Daily TIME (IN HOURS) for COMPLETED Assignments by Assignment Category TEXAS Comparison (from BarBri)

Passed Did not pass Passers did the following: 1. More time on lectures 2. Took mock MBE seriously 3. Spent much more time on MBE practice This dip is a problem. This is the weekend before the exam. What about those

supplement al courses? PMBR, Adaptibar, etc. Critical Pass flashcards Released questions from the NCBE (National Conference of Bar Examiners) Optional P&E session This will be you. D7LlI Make it real. LETS TALK TO


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