Class Flower Class Quote "Growing old is mandatory.

Class Flower Class Quote "Growing old is mandatory.

Class Flower Class Quote "Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Walt Disney Class Song The Nights

by Avicii Grade Level Gift Daniel Alderson I am grateful for my friends Joseph K. and Austin G. They supported me and helped me through school and cheered me up with jokes, stories, and would play sports with me. I will also remember the Eco-Trekkers field trip and the painted turtle. I want to

thank Brendan K. for everything. Kendall Auffarth Ill miss Prettyboy so much and I am so sad to leave. But my memories here will be in my heart for an eternity. I loved all my amazing teachers and friends including Julia D., Natalie R., Emma M., Courtney C., and especially Bench (Matthew C.) I couldnt be the person I am today without my supporting family. Ill never forget the best times of my life here! Thank you to everyone for making my life so amazing!

I plan to graduate college, go to medical school, become a dermatologist, get married, and start a family. Garrett Bandelin I loved my whole year at Prettyboy because I had wonderful teachers and principals. The best grade was every grade, but mostly 5th grade because I loved to see my friends. My friends encouraged me in a lot of ways, by accepting me for who I am and seeing why I can be a great person. My favorite part of the year was the word search and seeing what the sentence in the word search was. It was Mrs. Katherman is going to have a baby! The only person who said it was Joey Rhoads and we all laughed.

I will always remember my friends and teachers that went to Prettyboy Elementary. BYE TEACHERS AND KIDS AT PRETTYBOY...WISH ME GOOD LUCK!! Elizabeth Barshinger Ill never forget all of the amazing teachers at PBE. I am so thankful that they have taught me so much! I really enjoyed going to Marshy Point Nature Center and Miami Beach with my friends and teachers. I enjoyed looking at all the animals and all of their habitats! Also, Ill never forget STEM fair, I had so

much fun doing my STEM experiment! We had so much fun in class with our teachers with STEM, class projects,and awesome field trips. We have all been collaborating so well in class with our classmates and teachers! Katelyn Batson I am grateful for all of my friends and classmates. I loved all of the challenges that have happened this year with friendships and my grades because I learned from them. I have loved working with my teachers, Mrs. Katherman and Mrs. Price. I also loved meeting my best friends Emma, Faith, Josie, Sarah,

Jasmyn, and others. I am also grateful for Mrs. Truesdell, Dr. Harris, Mrs. Price (office), Mrs. Shilling (office), Mr. Briggs (especially), Mrs. Chenoweth, Mr. Finckel, Mrs. Kiper, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Mrs. Paris, and Mrs. Stylc for encouraging me and my family to work harder. I plan to use my knowledge that I learned at Prettyboy Elementary to improve in my ability to cook and bake. Unfortunately, I am not going to see you guys next year. I am being homeschooled. So my teacher is, of course, my mom. But I get to go to classes I wont go to in Hereford Middle, like Home Ec. and zoology. I will also get art homework.

Benjamin Beard Ill never forget my first day at Prettyboy when I was in 4th grade. Im grateful for my parents, my sister, and all of the teachers. My future plan is become an artist, photographer or a vet. I am thankful for all my teachers!!! Kaila Blizzard I loved my experience here at Prettyboy! I loved my fantastic teachers Mrs. Price, Ms. Schlanger, and Mrs.

Katherman. I think that my proudest PBE accomplishment is when I got Mrs. Price as my 5th grade teacher. Moments Ill never forget at Prettyboy would be the time that Mrs. Price got her new spring shoes all muddy and she had to bang all the mud off, it was just so funny! Also, on sports day I got a high score in football kick. Im so grateful for all my friends like Caroline Salko, Julia Haus, Emma Musolf, Natalie Radebaugh, and Kendall Auffarth for always being there Patrick Brosnan

My greatest PBE accomplishment was when I made it to fifth grade! I thought that I would never make it this far. I would love to stay in fifth grade, but we have to grow up. I love all of my teachers! I dont want to go to sixth grade!!!! Matthew Campbell There will always be things you look back at when you get older, whether its memories, mistakes, or how youve grown. I definitely know when I started here in Kindergarten I was a different person than I am now. I wouldnt have became a better person without my family, friends

(including Grayson H., Joey R., Ben L., Chair {Kendall A.}, Jackson G., Livianna P., Kaila B., Austin Cl., Austin Cr., Ryan M., Ethan M., Natalie R., Emma M., Julia D., Courtney C., Andon N., Peter C. and Dominic W.) and all of my great teachers (especially Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Price, and Mrs. Katherman!). Everything that starts comes to an end...but a wise person once said every end is a new beginning! Although I am excited for HMS, I will miss PBE. Plus I dont want to rush into the future because soon enough I will be a part of some bigger graduations! Peter Capan

Ill never forget all of the wonderful teachers here at PBE. They took so much time trying to make me a better student. I will also never forget all of the fun paper ball fights in second grade. Thank you for all of the support. I cant wait for middle school! Olivia Chapline Im so grateful for my 6 wonderful years here at PBE and 6 wonderful teachers Ive had, including Mrs. Collacchi,

Ms. Fern, Mrs. Rambo, Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Kelbaugh, and Mrs. Katherman. Each teacher was so nice and taught me so much. Im so sad to be leaving such an amazing school. Ive made so many friends here at PBE like Natalie R., Grayce L., Liv P., Julia D., and Madi F. My future plans are to go to college and become a radiologist or professional singer. Goodbye Prettyboy...Ill miss you! Cassidy Chrest I will never forget when we were doing a

Scholastic News recap. Then out of nowhere Jackson G was stretching and he hit Mrs. Price in the face! Kaila also hit Mrs. Price with a pencil! Both were by accident! Also I will never forget when Ms. Schlanger was in the computer lab and she fell and got right back up and said, Im okay. Austin Clarke My proudest PBE accomplishment is graduating all the grades and making tons of friends like Austin

Cr, Ryan M, Ben L, Joey S, Tyler S, Grayson, Matthew C, Peter C, Ethan M, Andon, and especially Joey R. I was also proud when Mrs. Kelbaughs class won sports day and made the other class sad. Also, I hope that everyone next year has as great of a time as I did!!! Courtney Craig I am grateful for all the teachers I have had at PBE. I have had a chance to have Mrs. Collacchi, Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Ms. Schlanger, Mrs. Katherman, Mrs.

Chenoweth, Mr. Briggs, and Mrs. Kiper. Even though I spent more time with some of my teachers, they are all so wonderful and have taught me so much and have all touched my heart. Thank you for making elementary school so amazing! Ill never forget all my fun memories with my friends Kendall A., Emma M., Natalie R., Grayce L., Olivia C., and Madi F. I am so happy they were there for me when I needed them most, and there to make me laugh. Austin Cremen My proudest PBE accomplishment is always getting

out of school knowing that I learned something new and succeeding every day. Also making all the friends I have like Austin Cl.,Ryan M., Ben L., Joey S,. Joey R., Tyler S., Grayson H., Patrick B., Matthew C., Ethan M, Peter C., and Kendall A. But I have to thank all my teachers for all they taught me. Julia Devaney I loved 5th Grade and PBE. I am so sad to leave. I will miss all of the teachers. They were all so kind and understood my needs to be successful. My future plans are tobecome a professional golfer in the PGA. I also want to be a

physical therapist and a singer, actress, and model. I will continue with LAX, plus go to college (Princeton, Yale or Stanford). I loved the special surprise of Mrs. Kathermans baby boy announcement. I also liked the laughs and surprises throughout the year. Another memory I have from 5th grade was STEM fair. My teachers and friends were all so supportive. I have loved meeting my best friend Kendall and my other friends Emma M., Olivia C., Grayce, and Natalie! PBE has shaped me to be the girl I am today. I cant wait to bring my Prettyboy pride with me to HMS. Thank you for 6 wonderful years. I love you! Josephine Dorsey

Im always going to love 5th grade. Im most thankful formy awesome friends, Mrs. Katherman, and her new baby! Good luck, Mrs. K! I will miss you next year...youre the best! You guys have helped me be a better polo player and have more confidence. I hope that I will become a professional polo player some day! I am so thankful for all of the teachers I helped out over the years, especially Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Collacchi. I wanted to make sure I included my friends that I made this year: Faith Weaver, Katie Batson-Katie Batman, and tons of others. I hope we dont get separated next year! Thanks for being such great friends throughout the fun-filled year. I will miss everyone who made me who I am today!

Adios Prettyboy...I will never forget the six years I spent here! All of them were filled with fun! Virginia Edwards Im so grateful for all my amazing teachers! They are very welcoming each day when I come to school and have a good sense of humor, so it makes learning fun. They are also very helpful when I am having trouble. Ill also never forget when I met my best friend Ellie in kindergarten. She is so funny and nice and I look forward to seeing her everyday! We have had so many great memories at

Prettyboy and I hope even more at HMS. We are still best friends to this day! Cole Erickson I am grateful for PBE and all its teachers, especially the fifth grade teachers. They enhanced my learning and gave me some great memories over the year. I have learned so much over the year. Ill never forget all the great field trips we went on. Ill never forget the amazing 5th grade year I

had at PBE. Brendan Fanzone I am grateful for all of my friends (Garrett, Brendan, Joseph, Austin, and Daniel, to name a few) and teachers that made this year so awesome for me. I really enjoyed S.T.E.M. fair and building the ecochambers, as well as doing the interview projects. It was awesome and made this one of the best years of my entire life. P.S.- Good luck with the baby Mrs. Katherman!!!

Madison Fletcher Ill never forget the teachers here at Prettyboy. My favorite teachers here are Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Kiper, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Mr. Briggs, Ms. Chenoweth, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Katherman, and Ms. Schlanger. They all taught me so much! And they made all the activities very fun. They are my favorite teachers and Ill never forget them. I am so grateful for all my friends. Throughout the year I realized who my true friends were and who I wanted to stay by in middle school. They are Grayce L., Olivia C., Livianna P., Julia H., Kaila B., Natalie R., Emma M., Courtney C., Kendall A., and many more.They all have

been such good friends and now I am so happy I am best friends with them!!! Shannon Flynn I will never forget when Mrs. Prices shoes got so muddy, she was mad. She just started cleaning them in the middle of class! I will also never forget when we were doing Scholastic News recap and Jackson G. hit Mrs. Price by accident then soon after that, Grayson H. kicked her by

mistake. MacKenzie Ford I'm so grateful for my 4 years at PBE. I came here in second grade. Everyone is so nice. Thank you to all the teachers who taught me over the past four years: Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Stylc, Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Porter, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Ms. Schlanger, and Mrs. Katherman. Thank you Mrs. Stylc for everything. I will never forget going to the County Competition for Safe Racer in third grade and going to Ritas afterwards. Also, getting second place in third grade and in fifth grade was awesome!

I will miss all my friends: Courtney, Emma M., Kendall, Maggie, Natalie, Madison F., Olivia C., Grayce, Lauren, Livianna P., and Julia D. Colin Franklin I am so grateful that PBE has given me so many friends, knowledge, and great teachers. Thanks to Mrs. Price for teaching me long division. Thank you Mrs. Katherman for teaching me what a brown-e tastes like on April Fools Day. It wasnt good!

Jackson Gardner My future plans are to broaden and expand my knowledge in mathematics. Mrs. Katherman has taught me various lessons and units including negative integers, proportions, unit rates, etc. In 6th grade, I am positive that I will expand my knowledge and I am extremely excited.

Austin Gover Ill never forget on the Eco-Trekker trip catching spiders and fish. I am grateful for my friends Daniel A. and Brendan K. I also think that my biggest accomplishment more than likely was STEM fair. It was the thing I spent the most time on. Spencer Gudeman My proudest PBE accomplishment is

getting good grades. But Ill never forget my favorite teachers: Mrs. Warns, Ms. Schlanger, and Mrs. Miller. Also, my friends Grayson M., Jake Hess, and Patrick Brosnan. My future plans are to be a photographer or a banker. I WILL MISS YOU PBE! Grayson Hammann Ill never forget my amazing teachers. They have been so nice to me and they made learning fun.

Also, I will never forget the kindergarteners that I helped. They would always cheer me up at the end of the day. And my friends Peter C., Austin Cl., Austin C., Matthew C., Joey R., Ryan M., Ethan M., Jackson G., Ben L., and Dom W., etc. that would always make me laugh. Thanks to all of my teachers, I am ready for middle school. Emma Hankey I am grateful for all my friends, my old teachers, Mrs. K, and just being in fifth grade. I will miss all my teachers

when I will go to HMS, but I think I will miss the fifth grade teachers most of all. I remember doing S.T.E.M fair for the first time and seeing everyones projects. It didnt really matter if I won or not (even though I wanted to win) just mattered that I was having fun! I will always remember the fun I had here! Julia Haus Im grateful for all of the great, awesome, kind, and nice friends I have like Caroline Salko, Chayla Jeppi, Kaila

Blizzard, Marin Wilhelm, Madi Fletcher, and many, many more. I am also grateful for all of the great memories I have in PBE and I am sad to be leaving. Ill never forget the time Marin, Chayla, and I pranked Mr. Schmidt by putting a whole bunch of bugs in an empty ice cream carton with the help of Mr. Bass. THANK YOU SO MUCH PBE! Jacob Hess Ill never forget that I broke my arm at recess in first grade. My proudest PBE

accomplishment is finishing MAP and PARCC testing. Im grateful for my teachers: Ms. Schlanger, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Salkeld, and Mrs. Miller. My future plans are to be an inventor. Jasmyn Houreas I am so grateful for learning some interesting things in my years here at Prettyboy Elementary School. Ill never forget when I did S.T.E.M. fair. It wasnt my favorite, but Ill never forget my project topics in 4th and 5th grade. It was fun when we made our eco-chambers. My group did

the forest and it looked great! Im so grateful for all the wonderful teachers who taught me these past years. Ill miss you all next year. Thank you guys so much for what you have done this year to help me learn some great lessons. I also heard that Mrs. Katherman is going to have a baby, so good luck with the baby Mrs. Chayla Jeppi My favorite, best, awesome, amazing school memories are the teachers and the best, Ms. Schlanger! Also, my BFFs Caroline, Marin, Julia,

Cassidy, Ashley, and Shannon were always by my side! Lastly, I loved when I pranked Mr. Schmidt with an empty ice cream box with my friends. My future plans are to go to Duke University. I loved these wonderful 6 years! Brendan Keller My biggest accomplishment was probably STEM fair because I put lots of time and effort into it both years. The first year I did by myself it was about how different factors

affect the strength of an electromagnet. My second project I worked with Colin and we tested the strength of different brands of paper towels. Joseph Kline My best accomplishment is being chosen to help out with Mrs. Salkelds kindergarten class. Ill always remember all the teachers and friends Ive had throughout the grades. Im grateful for all the teachers who have taught me

throughout the grades. I plan to let my life go as it is going to go. Sarah League I'm so grateful for my teachers and friends that I have met at Prettyboy, like Ashley, Elizabeth, Lauren, Faith, and Katie...and a special thanks to everyone who helped me get where I am now. I will miss all of my friends and teachers. My favorite school memory is when me, Ashley, and Elizabeth claimed our title as The Three Musketeers. I will

miss Prettyboy next year! Austin Leisher My 5th grade year has been great and I loved the teachers. Mrs. Katherman is going to have a baby! My favorite memory is when I dressed up as Mrs. Katherman on Dress as Your Favorite Teacher Day. I also enjoyed having my gym job with Mrs. Chenoweth. Farewell PBE!

Emma Lenivy I will never forget my years here at Prettyboy. They have been some of the best years of my life. My friends have always been there with me through my ups and downs and my teachers have taught me everything I know now. I would have never met my best friend forever, Sophia Rudolph, without Prettyboy Elementary School. Jackson Libonate

I am grateful for the friends Ive made because they are by my side. Theyre the people I trust and never make me feel down. I can just be who I want to be around them. I hope the friendships will continue in middle school. Benjamin Lindsay I am so grateful for my amazing teachers and all of the great memories I had here. I wish I could stay here for my whole

school life, but I cant, so goodbye PBE! Grayce Little I will never forget Prettyboy! Fifth grade was so fun! I want to thank my BFFs, including Olivia C., Booch (Madi F.), Olivia R., and Kaila! I will also never forget when the boys called me Graxie. 3rd grade was so fun with Mrs. Stylc. We did really funny pranks! I am grateful for God putting me on this planet for a purpose! Thank you to my teachers including Mrs. Salkeld, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Stylc, Mrs.

Kelbaugh, and Mrs. Katherman! Lauren Lockwood Ill never forget Prettyboy Elementary School. When I found out that I had Mrs. Stylc as my third grade teacher, I was so excited that I got the teacher I wanted. You rock, Mrs. Stylc! Thank you for all of the candy and fun times together, Mr. Briggs. You also rock! I have set many goals that lead to being my dream, a designer. I am so grateful for shelter, food, water, and my family, including my mom, dad,

and my brother, Connor. Thank you Prettyboy staff and teachers for teaching me so much and giving Ryan Martino Im grateful for all my teachers at Prettyboy, especially Mrs. Kelbaugh. I will miss all of you so much! My favorite school memories are youre crackded forever and when we all started singing Uptown Funk. Ill also never forget when Austin Clarke scared me and I screamed so loud!

I will be so sad to leave 5th grade, especially Mrs. Katherman. Thank you so much!! Maggie Mathews My six years at Prettyboy have been fun, but the funniest thing was when my dog jumped on the bus. My accomplishments at Prettyboy have been winning the Safe Racer competition, going to the county competition, and getting fourth place! In second grade, I got better in math and reading. I also loved getting in art shows and getting the overall 5th grade prize for the art show. The things I will remember are Emma M. dancing, friends, my job,

and most of all the faculty and all of the teachers. They have helped me get this far in school. They have helped me solve problems, have fun, but they have made me ready for the challenges that will come in life. I am ready for what is to come next. Thank you Mrs. Stylc, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Salkeld, most of all: Mrs.Katherman, Grayson McManus Im grateful to have had Mrs. Stylc for two years in a row because she had a really fun and good way of teaching.

Ill never forget when I fractured my ankle and had all of my friends there to help me out. Joshua Meadowcroft Im grateful for having the best teacher at PBE, Mrs. Katherman, because she teaches us a lot in reading and she lets us have fun a lot. Im going to miss PBE a lot. I wish I could stay in PBE longer with all the great teachers Ive been with!

Anthony Miller My proudest PBE accomplishment was getting through elementary school itself. It was pretty hard (especially the big assignments), but I was successful. I'll never forget the time when I lost 3 teeth in one day...I think I broke a record! Im so grateful for all the teachers I had, especially Mrs. Katherman. All the teachers I had were very kind to me. When I grow up, I want to either drive trains, be an astronomer, or do something in robotics.

I had lots of good times in elementary school and Im well prepared Ellie Miller Ill never forget the first day of school when I met my BEST FRIEND EVER, Virginia Edwards. I will also never forget my favorite teacher, Mr. Schmidt. He made learning fun. I will miss Prettyboy, but Im excited to go to middle school. And a shout-out to my 4 best friends: Virginia Edwards, Joey Sheckells, Faith Weaver, and Olivia Rapuzzi.

Ethan Morgan Im grateful to have the best teachers at PBE. They have taught me well. Ill never forget Kindergarten and 5th grade because it was my first and last year. Im also grateful for the friends Ive made here. Im really going to miss PBE! Emma Musolf Im so grateful for my 6 years at Prettyboy Elementary

and all the great friends I have made. I loved fourth grade and having the best teachers, Mrs. Kelbaugh and Mrs. Porter! In fifth grade, I was so grateful to be with Mrs. Katherman all day. Between Mrs. Kelbaugh and Mrs. Katherman, I learned so much these past years in math. I will never forget all the memories I have made! I will also never forget getting to be Mrs. Warns Kindergarten helper! And...Mrs. Stylc, Mr. Schmidt, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Kelbaugh, and Mrs. Katherman: the best teachers ever. I will never forget Prettyboy!

Andon Novotny My proudest PBE accomplishment is being in the STEM Fair. My future plans are to go to the University of Maryland and get my degree in Marine Biology, then to move to Florida (where I was born) and study the reefs off the west coast. Madeline Papesh Ill never forget all of our awesome teachers and how they all help us to learn and thrive in school.

We have had so much fun in class, with friends and with teachers. I loved the STEM fairs, projects, super fun field trips (such as the Eco Trekkers field trip), collaborating, and teachers making jokes, which makes learning so much more fun. I met so many new friends and I hope to see them in junior high! I will always remember my awesome six years at Prettyboy Elementary! Livianna Pisano My future plans are to graduate high school,

move out to California, and get into the music industry or photography. The teachers here have taught me to never give up on my dreams. Im so grateful for the people Ive met here, like Madi F., Peter C., Matthew C., Kai Kai B., Olivia C., Emma M., Kendall A., Grayson H., Ethan M., Jackson G., etc. Thank you Prettyboy! Jacob Powell My proudest PBE accomplishment is being chosen to be a kindergarten helper in 5th grade.

Ill never forget when Mrs. Stylc put Post-It notes all over my desk in 3rd grade because I pranked her, so she got me back. Im grateful for all of my teachers: Mrs. Warns, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Stylc for 2nd and 3rd grade, Mrs. Kelbaugh, and Ms. Schlanger. My future plans are to be a pro football or soccer player. For my backup job, if I dont become a football or soccer player, Im going to be a landscaper. My friends that have been with me and have helped me throughout all my years at PBE are Garrett Bandelin, Joey Sheckells, Andon Novotny, Brendan Keller, Joseph Kline, Austin Cremen, Ryan Martino, and Tyler Stefanowicz. Natalie Radebaugh

I am very grateful for all of the teachers, staff, and classmates that have made these past 6 years at PBE ones to remember. From the teachers funny stories to laughing with my friends, I have enjoyed it all. I have learned a lot and hope to learn even more in middle school! Ill never forget...Mrs. Collacchi, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Kelbaugh, and Mrs. Katherman! They are the teachers that have taught me everything I know! Also, all my friends for being there: Olivia Chapline, Emma Musolf, Kaila Blizzard, Kendall Auffarth, Julia Devaney, and Grayce Little. I greatly appreciate everything that they have done for me! I will NEVER forget all of

the funny stories that theyve told me and all of the ones we have Olivia Rapuzzi I will miss Prettyboy so much! Ill never forget when Ms. Schlanger would tell us funny stories and teach us how to play really fun games. My proudest PBE accomplishment is when we did multiplication tests in fourth grade and I didnt pass until I did it four times. When I passed though I got 100%!

Joseph Rhoads I loved all of my 6 years at Prettyboy and every year was the best year! I have gained lots of funny memories and I will never forget them. I love PBE and I will miss all of you. Thanks Mrs. Collacchi, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Stylc, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Mrs. Porter, and Mrs. Katherman. Thanks also to my great friends who have been there for me: Ryan, Grayson H., Ben, Matthew, Peter, Austin Cr., Austin Cl., Ethan, Jackson G., Emma M., Kendall, Natalie, Julia D., Courtney, Kaila, and Liv P. Thank you Mrs. Collacchi and your wonderful, adorable, funny, energetic, enthusiastic class of 2028.

I will never forget in second grade when I got my nickname on the first day of school...also Spring Fever! Again, I will say I love every one of you and I will miss you all so much. Sophia Rudolph My future plans are to go to a nice college, like Harvard or Yale. Then, after I get my Masters Degree, I would like to become a famous artist or violist, lawyer, female president, marine biologist, or an agricultural scientist. After that, I would like to progress in my career, start a family, and live a

happy life. Prettyboy Elementary has sparked my interests and made me the person I am today. Thank you Prettyboy! Ill miss you! Brennan Rumsey Im grateful for the fact that I could be a Prettyboy pony. The thing that Im most grateful for is all the moments I can cherish in 5th grade for when I get older, like the time Mrs. Price got mud all over her brand new spring shoes. Hilarious! And the time that the whole grade was screaming because we

all found out that Mrs. Katherman was having a baby boy! Thank you teachers and staff. Im very glad to be a Prettyboy pony! Caroline Salko My proudest PBE accomplishment is getting good grades, making friends, and doing the best I could in (mostly) everything! Im grateful for my mom and dad for helping me along the way and for my friends, like Julia H., Marin W., Chayla J., Kaila B., and many, many more. Ill never forget when Julia, Marin, Chayla, and I worked every recess

for 3 weeks on a powerpoint project, goofed off, had a really good time, and probably got an A+++! My future plans are to make new friends, be an actress, persuade my dad to get a puppy this summer, and to keep the dear memories of 5th grade in my heart forever! Bradley Schloer Im grateful for all the fifth grade teachers teaching all these wonderful and very fun things. I am so happy I got Mrs. Price as my teacher because she was the best teacher ever. Also, Im grateful for all

things teachers teach and you should thank them, too. They are important in your life and they do all kinds of things with you, like help you with problems. Also, thanks Josh Stelmack, Josh Meadowcroft, and Colin for helping me through things and making me feel better. I really will miss everybody. Joey Sheckells Im really grateful for my parents because they helped me when I needed it and they kept me on top of

things and assignments! Thank you to all my teachers, like Mrs. Warns, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Stylc, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Kelbaugh, Ms. Schlanger, and Mrs. Katherman! I met a lot of cool people who are my great friends, like Austin Cremen, Austin Clarke, Joey Rhoads, Grayson Hammann, Peter Capan, Garrett Bandelin, Matthew Campbell, Ryan Martino, Ben Lindsay, Jacob Powell, Brendan Keller, and Zack Wieland! Ashley Stefanowicz

I am grateful for the best, nicest, and funniest teacher ever, Ms. Schlanger! I hope the future 5th graders will be lucky enough to have her. I am going to miss her so much. I will never forget my wonderful friends and hanging out with them on Sports Day and doing the 50 yard dash with them. It was so fun doing all of those fun activities. Then at the end, I got a red ribbon. I will always remember all of the fun I had at Prettyboy!

Tyler Stefanowicz Ill never forget when I went on the Eco-Trekkers field trip. It was so fun and neat because I got to learn many new things and hang out with my friends. I went waist-deep in the water and we caught tons of fish. I also will never forget when we had ballroom dancing. I thought it was going to be bad, but it turned out to be fun. I had many great memories and I will never forget them! Joan Steinly-Marks

My greatest accomplishment here at Prettyboy Elementary is probably getting my black belt in Music Karate. I could not have done it without the help of Mrs. Kiper giving me the belts. Also, Im grateful for my parents and friends for being supportive. Also, thanks 5th Grade teachers for letting me go to lessons and recess practice in order for me to earn the belts! Christopher Stelmack

I will never forget April Fools Day when Ryan Martino and I tried to take a fake snake and put it on Mrs. Kathermans desk, but instead I hit a picture frame. Also, it was funny when Mrs. Katherman gave us paper brown-es. Joshua Stelmack Ill never forget ballroom dancing because I liked looking at my friends faces because I didnt want to dance nor

did they, but on Friday we were okay with the program because we did it for one whole week. Madeline Subotich I am grateful for my parents for making sure I got good grades and my friends for being by my side. Ashley Turner I will never forget my friend Sophia Rudolph.

She would always make me laugh when I was sad or hurt. She was so artsy and when I needed help with something, she would help me. I will never forget Mrs. Chenoweth because she always makes you laugh and she is the best gym teacher in the world! Faith Weaver I am grateful for all of the wonderful friends I made at Prettyboy! I have enjoyed every year I have been at PBE! I

have also been blessed with spectacular teachers, especially Mrs. Katherman and Mr. Bass! I will miss everyone at Prettyboy next year! Zachary Wieland I am grateful for having the opportunity to have Mrs. Stylc two years in a row. She is the best teacher ever and she made learning fun. Thank you Mrs. Stylc for being a wonderful teacher.

Marin Wilhelm My favorite school memory is when Chayla, Julia, and I pranked Mr. Schmidt in fourth grade, with the help of Mr. Bass. I am proud to thank my closest teachers: Mrs. Warns: so welcoming! Mr. Schmidt: so helpful! Mrs. Stylc: so funny! Mrs. Kelbaugh: so nice! Mrs. Porter: great teacher! Mr. Bass: makes me laugh! & Ms. Schlanger: so supportive!

I also would like to thank Mrs. Truesdell and Dr. Harris, all of my awesome friends, including my sister, Katelyn, who has been there for me through these magical 6 years of my life. Also, thank you to my parents who have always been there for me! THANK YOU, PRETTYBOY! Dominic Wilkinson I am very thankful for great teachers throughout my years at Prettyboy. They have helped me learn and grow in the six years I have been here. I thank my fifth

grade teachers and Mrs. Kiper, who has really helped me a lot with the violin. I feel well-prepared for middle school, thanks to them. THANK YOU PBE!

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    Improves primary prevention Guidance -who and when to refer Choose and Book referral Electronic desktop guidance CPS service replaces RACPC Pts investigation and plan within 4/52 May be scope for rapid speciality assessment service in future for pts with pain...
  • Nursing Theorist Betty Neuman - Rebekkah McConnell, RN

    Nursing Theorist Betty Neuman - Rebekkah McConnell, RN

    Mrs. Loder is a 42 year old woman currently hospitalized for new onset of seizure disorder after experiencing a headache for three days. She has stable, long term full time employment in a managerial position. She takes no current medications,...
  • Missional?


    Missional? Worship Prayer Reason Emotion Attraction The Kingdom of God Evangelism Soteriological Ecclesiological Eschatological Social Fellowship
  • Title font - Trebuchet MS, 36pt

    Title font - Trebuchet MS, 36pt

    Restaurant critic reviews (e.g. Sunday Times, Daily Mail) The restaurant's own website and comments Other None of the above 0.5665 6.6500000000000004E-2 4.5600000000000002E-2 0.12770000000000001 3.04E-2 0.16320000000000001 Gen X Online reviews from other people (e.g. TripAdvisor)
  • 84.443/543 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

    84.443/543 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

    84.443/543 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry The Aufbau Principle The loss of degeneracy in multi-electron atoms or ions results in electron configurations that cannot be predicted based solely on the values of quantum numbers. The aufbau (building up) principle provides rules for...
  • Renaissance to Baroque - General Music and Chorus - Home

    Renaissance to Baroque - General Music and Chorus - Home

    Music and art was geared not only towards a religious nature but now also towards achieving a fulfilled life on earth. Music of the Renaissance: Canon - when several voices sing the same melody but enter at different times, or...