Basic News writing References AR 360-1, The Army

Basic News writing References  AR 360-1, The Army

Basic News writing References AR 360-1, The Army Public Affairs Program, dtd May 2011 FM 3-61, Public Affairs Operations, dtd April 2014 STP 46-46QZ14-SM-TG, Public Affairs Specialist, dtd December 2010 Army Public Affairs Handbook

AP Style Guide, 2014 Types of public affairs stories Straight news News/Personality feature Commentary (see handout) Choosing your topic

What message do you want your audience to leave with? Why is this story important? Who is it important to? Research Know your subject Prep for Interviews Provide context

Find the story behind the story What is this story really about? Choosing your interview subjects Three subjects min. Vary ranks/position

Perspective quotes What story are you trying to tell ? Get them to tell it! Inverted Pyramid 5 Ws Qualifying info

Background info End with quote Leads Start your story Two main types of leads easiest is DIRECT Dateline CITY, State (1) / CITY, Country 4 Ws Who (2), What (3), When (4), Where (5) DO NOT USE Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

1. SANTIAGO, Chile 2. Senior leaders of the Texas National Guard and the Chilean Armed Forces 3. met for the Annual State Partnership Program Planning Meeting, 4. March 26, 2014, in 5. Santiago. Always place a COMMA before date. DO NOT use the words on before date. Bridge Why does it matter to your audience?

Connects lead to story HOOKS the reader WHY do I care? statement (What makes this story newsworthy?) Bridge EX: Service members practiced their Soldier skills while performing emergency response operations in order to build competence as the custodians of the FEMA

Region VI Homeland Response Force mission. (Ready and Relevant Force to Texas, prep for hurricane season matters to Texans) EX: The Texas Joint Counterdrug Task Force partnered with the city of Laredo, the Laredo Police Department and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to clean up the city and rid the community of crime associated with drugs after thirty-three properties in Laredo were selected for demolition over the course of two weeks, through a carefully planned, legal process that identified, qualified and validated inclusion of each site. (Partner, Relevant force to Texas, People First, helping the community)

EX: During the annual Adjutant Generals Pistol Competition, a total of 54 competitors from the Army, Air and State Guards competed for one of eight Governors Twenty tabs. (Competition People First) Flow of story Alternate words & quotes (see hand out) Quote 3 people WHY do I care?

Attribution Secondary Information Avoid Acronyms! SAPP Security Accuracy Policy Propriety

Will it make us look bad? Will it compromise safety/security? Is it truthful?

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