International Hiring: Faculty, Researchers and Staff Presented by

International Hiring: Faculty, Researchers and Staff Presented by

International Hiring: Faculty, Researchers and Staff Presented by Mario Rojo del Busto, LL.M. Assistant Dean of Faculties & Chief of Staff Director of International Faculty & Scholar Services

Resources System Regulation 33.99.01 Employment Practices University Rule 12.99.99.M1 Faculty Recruitment Procedures System Regulation 33.99.09 Employment of Foreign Nationals University Rule 33.99.01.M1Employment of Foreign Nationals DOF Faculty Hiring Guidelines and forms

IFSS Guidelines and forms Different Routes to Hiring Colleges Departments Faculty Researchers Staff Dean of Faculties

Vice President for Research Human Resources IFSS (International Employees) Three Stages to the Process Pre Hiring What do we need to do to launch the search

Hiring We selected a candidate and we made him/her an offer Post-Hiring What do we need to do to actually employ the individual Hiring domestic vs. International Is there a difference? Same advertisement

Same selection process Same offer letter Almost the same post-hiring requirements BUT FOR: Obtaining USCIS authorization to work for TAMU Retaining employee on a permanent basis Visa vs. Status INSIDE THE U.S.A.

I-94 To be in the USA OUTSIDE THE USA VISA To enter the USA I-94 Approval Record

Immigration Statuses of a Foreign National Change of Status Extension of Stay/Portability New Status Departments Obligations System Regulation 33.99.09 Ensure that correspondence with the foreign national prior to

obtaining the necessary approvals does not constitute a firm offer of employment Ensure that the proposed employment complies with all U.S. export control laws and regulations Initiate the request, including the necessary immigration information Contact IFSS for handling the employment of foreign nationals Nonimmigrant Petitions Starts

Hiring Department After contingent offer is made Collects required supporting evidence Submits to IFSS IFSS reviews & prepares dossier for filing Files the petition with DOL & USCIS The Offer Letter Essential Elements

Mirror the PD Length of appointment Date of employment Salary Duties and responsibilities Effort time Contingencies Acceptance by candidate Contingencies

1.Final administrative approval (for faculty) 2.Employment eligibility verification 3.Criminal background check 4.Degree verification/official transcript 5.Selective Service Review and analysis H-1B Specialty Occupation

Position Description Prevailing Wage Determination Labor Condition Application Deemed Export Control Attestation Prevailing Wages What is a Prevailing Wage? Prevailing wage determinations are based upon: Experience and skills required for job Complexity of job duties

Level of judgment involved Amount of supervision required Does the position supervise anyone 4 Wage Levels (entry, qualified, experience, fully competent) How does it affect the employment? Labor Condition Application The Attestations Under Penalty of Perjury

Payment of the higher wage Employment will not adversely affect the working conditions of similarly employed workers No strike, lockout or work stoppage in the occupation Retention of public inspection file documenting compliance with above requirements DEEMED EXPORT CONTROL

ATTESTATION Completion of Export Control training by supervisor It affects H-1Bs and O-1s international employees Determination of whether or not a license is required must be documented Attestation must be completed and signed by the hiring supervisor Severe civil and criminal penalties for concealment or intentional misrepresentation

Commencing Employment 6.5 of TAMU Rule 33.99.01.M1 An approved nonimmigrant status notice (I797A) Actual receipt of USCIS approval Portability exception I-9 Form has been completed QUESTIONS?

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