UGBS 106 INTRODUCTORY FRENCH II Present Tense of ER/IR/RE Verbs Les verbes en ER (ER verbs) ER verbs constitute one category of verbs in French. EXAMPLES: chanter, danser. Manger, bavarder, regarder, couter, parler etc In conjugating ER verbs in present tense, we remove the ER leaving the

stem. Eg: parlER, We therefore add the following e, es, e, ons, ez, ent to the stem according the Les verbes en ER (ER Verbs) Lets conjugate parl er et travaill er Je parl e Je travaill e Tu parl es Tu travaill

es Il/Elle parl e Il/Elle travaill e Nous parl ons Nous travaill ons Vous parl ez Vous travaill Les verbes en ER (ER verbs)

Within ER, we have verbs like manger, changer, protger, charger, arranger, dranger, voyager etc which keep the e before adding ons for nous form. Eg: Je mange, tu manges, il mange, nous mangeons, vous Les verbes en ER (ER verbs)

We also have balayer, essayer, essuyer, envoyer, octroyer, nettoyer, aboyer, payer, appuyer etc which either keep or change y to i when conjugating. Eg: balayer Je balaie, tu balaies, il balaie, nous balayons, vous balayez, ils balaient Les verbes en ER (ER verbs) We have appeler, jeter, renouveler which

when conjugating double the consonant but keep the single consonant for nous and vous Eg: sappeler Je mappelle, tu tappelles, il sappelle, nous nous appelons, vous vous appelez, ils sappellent Les verbes en IR (IR verbs) Just as we have for ER verbs, IR verbs are also have sub-grouping according to the way they are conjugated.

1. finir, punir, remplir, choisir, saisir, tablir, nourrir, prir, attrir, etc In conjugating in present tense, we remove the IR and add is, is, it, issons, issez, issent to the stem. Eg: Je finis, tu finis, il finit, nous finissons, vous finissez, ils finissent Les verbes en IR (IR verbs) Other examples of Regular IR verbs are: accomplir, anantir, vomir, abolir,

nourrir, grossir, grandir, avertir, agir, har, aboutir, bnir, gurir, embellir, claircir etc Les verbes en IR (IR irregular verbs) We have irregular IR verbs which are also in groups: 1. venir, revenir, devenir, obtenir, souvenir, contenir, prvenir, provenir, abstenir, maintenir,

soutenir etc Eg: venir is conjugated as follows: Je viens, tu viens, il vient, nous venons, vous venez, ils viennent Note: All these verbs are conjugated the same Les verbes en IR (irregular IR verbs) 2. We have: sortir, partir, dormir, servir, mentir, sentitr, courir* etc .They are also conjugated in the same manner

sortir --------take the second syllable away for the singular pronouns and add s, s, t and bring the first letter of the second syllable before adding ons, ez, ent Eg: je sors, tu sors, il sort, nous sortons, vous sortez, ils sortent

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