Welcome to Options Evening The schools curriculum is

Welcome to Options Evening The schools curriculum is

Welcome to Options Evening The schools curriculum is aspirational and inclusive. Pupils enjoy the challenge of academic rigour (Latest Ofsted) Settle College featured in the Parliamentary Review, where regarding our curriculum, we state: We are very well placed for Progress 8 (the new accountability

standard) without having to force the students to go down pathways that may not be appropriate for them. Our guiding principle is always to follow our moral compass rather than to shape our curriculum around the requirements of League Tables. Under the newly reformed GCSEs your son/daughter will take undertake a greater number of exams, which makes this comment from one of our Year 10 students, even more

relevant: It is good to have the chance to take two options in Year 10 and then two options in Year 11 because it will help to reduce stress, especially with the amount of exams we have Why options across Y9-11? It avoids an excess of exams at the end of Year 11.

It allows us as a small school to offer a broad range of subjects. It works for our students (regardless of League Tables)look at the results 2018 GCSE Exam Highlights Our Progress 8 score has been positive for the 3 years since the introduction of this measure. This means that over the last 3 years, our students have performed anything up to half

a grade per subject better than students from a similar starting point nationwide. This impressive rate of progress is replicated regardless of starting point. Progress 8 A 3-minute video explaining the progress 8 measure is on the school website.

2019-20 Option Subjects Offered: Creative IMedia (vocational GCSE equivalent) Design and Technology (GCSE) Drama (GCSE) Engineering (vocational GCSE equivalent) Enterprise and Marketing (vocational GCSE equivalent) Food Preparation & Nutrition (vocational and/or GCSE) French (GCSE) Geography (GCSE)

History (GCSE) Music (GCSE) PE (vocational and/or GCSE) Spanish GCSE For current Year 9 in 2020-21 we plan to offer: Art Creative IMedia Design and Technology

Engineering Enterprise and Marketing Food Preparation & Nutrition French Geography History PE Spanish

NB It may not be possible to run an option subject if too few students choose it. Art will be on offer Music will not Drama will not Health Warning:

We have outlined our options offer until summer 2021, according to Government legislation as it currently stands, but this is always subject to potential change. Occasionally a new subject specification is launched with very little warning. If this happens and it affects your son/daughter we will keep you fully informed. Grading Change

All subjects are now graded on the 9-1 scale on the following page. Currently the League Tables refer to a standard pass (4+) and a good pass (5+)But New benchmark figure = 5 (B/C). In future this is likely to be the grade required by courses/employers who previously asked for C+ Progress 8

In order to meet Progress 8 measure students need to select at least one of these subjects by the end of Year 11: French Geography History Spanish. Considerations Humanities

Subject and a Language The top ten and Russell Group of Universities ( https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables/rankings) recommend that students who are likely to aim for as place at a top University undertake the following pathway at GCSE. At Settle College, we allow students to follow this pathway by selecting the relevant subjects at GCSE. English Maths

Two Sciences (or Triple Science) One Language One Humanities subject (History or Geography) Considerations Progress 8 Students must take a Language or a Humanities subject (we dont insist on BOTH). The Importance of Progress (8) (P8) and Attainment 8 (A8)

AS qualifications are no longer undertaken by all sixth form subjects Employers and universities will therefore increasingly use GCSE results to make offers. The Finer Details All exams are linear and not modular. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are very

important. Assessment varies according to course. Generally, more emphasis is now placed on examined content, but GCSEs having a greater focus on exams, whilst vocational qualifications are predominantly assessed within school. Challenge has increased. The Choices

Full details in the Option Booklet The Option Booklet (and the powerpoint presentation) is also available on the website. Requirements On the option form, 3 options must be selected (1 being most preferred choice, 3 is a reserve choice).

Allocation of Options We will try to allocate the first two choices wherever possible. It may be necessary to delay a Year 10 choice until Year 11, in order to prioritise those entering their final year of GCSEs. Year 9 Considerations: Subjects that can only be taken in one of years 10 and 11

Music (Year 10 only) Drama (Year 10 only) Art (Year 11 only) Your son/daughter is now underway with their three year GCSE course in the core subjects. Comments from our sixth form students: Gave enormous confidence. Had 3 years to develop skills which really

made for a smooth transition to Year 12. It made me think longer term, including what I might want to do after GCSEs. Beyond GCSEs When considering GCSE Option Subjects, it is worth having ideas for beyond Year 11. Mrs Pettifer can arrange a careers interview if your son/daughter needs some assistance.

For a small school, we offer a very wide range of A Levels and Level 3 courses. We offer a wide range of facilitating subjects, as defined by the Russell Group universities. (http://www.russellgroup.ac.uk/) Give yourself time! The option choices are NOT awarded on a first-comefirst-served basis. No decisions will be made before the deadline date of Thursday 21st February. This is after

Year 9 and Year 10 Parents Evenings. I will, however, start working on allocations immediately after that deadline. The following staff can offer support:

Form Tutors Subject Teachers Student Services Mrs Pettifer - Attendance and Careers Officer Mr Mercer - Assistant Headteacher and Special Needs Coordinator (supported by Miss S Buckley) Mr Murphy Assistant Headteacher in charge of Sixth Form and

Enterprise and Marketing teacher Ms Doyle - Assistant Headteacher in charge of options or any other member of the Senior Leadership Team. Thank you for listening. We are staying around, should you have any questions

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