From Exodus to Exile Timeline of Major Events

From Exodus to Exile Timeline of Major Events

From Exodus to Exile Timeline of Major Events 3800 BCE Adam and Eve are created by God; year 1 of the Jewish calendar 1743 BCE Abraham receives vision from God; Covenant and Promised Land introduced 1314 BCE Moses sees God in the burning bush; sets out to free his people (movie) 1280

BCE Exodus from Egypt to Sinai, to Canaan 1200 BCE The Time of the Judges and Kings starts, Israel and Jerusalem established 970-931 722 BCE Solomon builds his temple in Jerusalem BCE Israel destroyed by the Assyrians, Jewish people evicted from their land 586 BCE Babylonian Captivity; Solomons temple destroyed and Jewish people exiled as prisoners

333 BCE Hellenistic (Greek) takeover 168 BCE Maccabean Revolt; Jews take back control 64 BCE Roman Empire takes over; Jews subjected to tremendous hardship under Roman rule; the second temple is destroyed Early CE Rabbinic Judaism emerges and survives

After the Exodus Where the movie ended! Moses led the Hebrews across the Red Sea and into the Sinai Region On Mount Sinai, God appeared to Moses again. This

time, God shared with him the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments served to emphasize the nature of Gods power as well as provide rules the people would need to follow in order to keep their covenant with God. Renewal of covenant, Solidification of Judaism What was the Passover? What does The Exodus refer to?

What are the Ten Commandments? The combination of these three things served as a renewal of the pact between God and his people. The Hebrews marveled at the wisdom revealed to Moses, and they could follow his example. They could conduct their lives according to the laws of the commandments. Judaism believes that God established this so that they could live as a peaceful and faithful people. WHAT IS A JUDGE? WHO WAS A GREAT KING? WHAT IS A PROPHET? The Time of Judges, Kings, and Prophets

The Time of Judges, Kings, and Prophets The Hebrews lived a nomadic life for 40 years before finally reaching the land of Canaan. Their arrival marks the beginning of the time described in the Bible as the period of Judges and Kings. Judges = charismatic and influential

tribe leaders The Judges helped the Hebrews form a sense of identity. The Time of Judges, Kings, and Prophets Eventually the Hebrews longed for a king to lead them. God granted them a king; first Saul,

then David. David was a great king who won many military battles and established Jerusalem as his capital city. Davids son Solomon built a temple that would come to be the centre of worship for Jewish faith for the next 1000 years. Eventually, the Hebrew tribes split, and

the northern tribes land took on the The tribes splitting brought the time of the Judges and Kings to an end. The end of this era was predicted by prophets. In the Bible, prophets mean two things:

1. Somebody who can predict the future. 2. Somebody who speaks on behalf of God. In the Bible, Hebrew prophets often warn of upcoming crisis when the people are failing to The Time of Judges, Kings, and Prophets WHAT IMPACT DID THE EXILE HAVE ON THE

FORMATION OF JUDAISM? The Exile The Exile Jewish independence did not last long. In 721 BCE, Israel was invaded and captured. Almost all citizens were evicted from the area, beginning the scattering of the Jewish population.

In 586 BCE, Babylonian invaders destroyed Solomons temple in Jerusalem. 10, 000+ Jewish people were sent into exile as prisoners for The Exile Because the Jewish population was scattered about, and because Solomons Temple was now destroyed, Jewish

people had to think of new ways to worship and honour God. Three new concepts emerged Synagogues: Places where Jews congregate to worship. They became very important to Jews once the Temple was destroyed or for those who lived away from the Second Temple.

Rabbis: The Exile marked the beginning of intense scholarly analysis of scripture. Rabbis emerged as respected teachers. They would make the scriptures easier to understand for Messiah: The idea that a great king would come and

save the Jewish people from oppression. Belief in this character emerged during the Exile period. The Exile Eventually, the Babylonians were overcome by the Persians. The Persians encouraged the Jewish people to return to their homeland of Israel; some did, some didnt.

In 515, a new temple was built as an outward sign of the Covenant. Again, this newly instated freedom didnt last long. WHAT IS THE DIASPORA? WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DIASPORA FOR JUDAISM? Jews in the Diaspora The Diaspora Diaspora is a Greek word meaning sowing of seed or dispersal. In the context of Jewish history, this term is used to describe the

population of Jewish people living outside of Israel. By ~300 BCE, the majority of Jews lived in the Diaspora. Hellenization In 332 BCE, Alexander the Great conquered much of the known world and many of the Jews in the diaspora fell under Greek control. This process is called Hellenization. Jews embraced Greek architecture, dress, and names. The Bible was translated

into Greek. Solomons Second Temple was converted into a shrine Maccabean Revolt The Jewish people became increasingly unsatisfied with Greek rule. A group of rebels (anti-Greek) emerged, called the Maccabees.

The Maccabees fought against Greek rule, ultimately winning back the temple, which was rededicated to God. The Maccabees ruled their own people for almost 100 years. Roman Takeover In 64 BCE, the Jews fell under harsh foreign rule once again with the expansion of the Roman

Empire. During this time there was a renewed emphasis on the Messiah coming to lead the Jews out of oppression. Roman Takeover The Jews suffered at the hands of the Romans When the Jews revolted,

the Romans responded with a 5 month siege of Jerusalem. They destroyed the temple, which was never rebuilt. With the temple ruined and the Jewish resistance destroyed, the Jews faced a choice: disintegration or HOW DID JUDAISM IS WE KNOW IT TODAY COME TO BE? Rabbinic Judaism

Rabbinic Judaism A rabbi named Yohanen ben Zakkai did not want to see the disintegration of his people, and so he convinced the Romans to let him relocate the Jewish Justice Court, scriptures, and people outside of their rule, allowing the Jewish people to preserve their way of life. Rabbis led congregations and prayers in synagogue and worked to analyse and write scriptures. The groundwork laid during this time is the foundation of Judaism The Jewish experience from the Exile to

the Roman occupation is one of inspiring fortitude and an unfailing will to preserve the faith. Behind the worldly experience of oppression, the Jews immersed themselves in coming to terms with God and the covenant. By the Middle Ages, Judaism has established deep intellectual and spiritual roots that would ensure its survival.

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