Islip Newsletter Roll up, roll up for the

Islip Newsletter Roll up, roll up for the

Islip Newsletter Roll up, roll up for the Islip 15 June 25pm May 2018 Welcome to this spring edition of the Islip Newsletter First up, a huge thanks to Bob Lymn for stepping in to produce the last edition of the newsletter. Sterling work and hugely appreciated. Preparations are well underway for the Islip Village Fete to be held 15 June. Therell be a fancy dress parade, games, tug-of-war, a dog show, bouncy castle, music, a barbecue, bar, raffle, cakes and icecreams it looks set to be a cracking afternoon for our beautiful village so please come along and support the event and enjoy a catch up with neighbours and friends. More details on page 3. Everyone in the village can help make this a spectacular event by putting the poster in the middle of this newsletter, in their front window. We want to see as many villagers as possible at the fete and it would be great to welcome visitors too so, once youve read the newsletter, please carefully remove the poster and pop it in your window or front door for all to see as they pass by. Useful contacts Group/organisation Name Phone Email/ website Art Club Age Concern Welcome Club Sarah Pendred Tess Rose 01832 733531 01832 732718 [email protected] Bowls Club Friendship Club Hair @ Number One Ladies Choir Parish Council Pete Liz Curtis Barbara Julia Tufnail 01832 735170 01832 732619

01832 732400 01536 394431 07756851026 Barbara Finch Richard Maxwell 01832 734474 01832 733154 07811 744264 Rose & Crown pub Short Mat Bowls Sports Pavilion St Nicholas Church If you want to get a bit more involved in the fete, please contact the clerk using the details on the back page. There are lots of jobs and you dont need any special skills, just enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch in. Residents and visitors gathered in the recreation ground (where the fete will be held), to see East Northants Council Chairman, Wendy Brackenbury officially open the new play equipment weve had installed. See page 5 for more details. Weve also hosted a very successful litter pick which has helped to keep the village tidy. You can read about that on page 5 too. Weve also got news from the pews and details of an art show at Clanfield Care Home. 2 Rector Revd Nolan Robson 01832 734614 Sally Morris (warden) 01832 733392 Elizabeth Cox (warden) 01832 734253 Gisela Daniels (secretary) 01832 734133 Streetlights [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] parishes/islip [email protected] m Village hall Julie Lymn Penny 01832 730119 01832 730057 [email protected] [email protected] uk Womens Institute Jill Nagl 07905128078 [email protected] 01832 732578 [email protected] Woolpack pub Working Mens Club Terry 01832 733165 Copy for the next Islip Newsletter to the Parish Council clerk by 20 May, please 11 Help is needed for several jobs in the village, most of which only require your time and not any special skills. Our village website is in need of a re-design so if you have the skills and enthusiasm to make it easier to use and to update, wed love to hear from you. It would be a great project for anyone with a bit of spare time on their hands or perhaps a student in need of a project for their portfolio. Please contact the parish clerk details on page 11.

The village hall committee is in need of some more helpers to keep things running smoothly at the hall. Its not an onerous job so please, if you can spare a couple of hours, get in touch. Details on page 11. More helpers are needed to make the village fete a huge success. If you can spare some time to help prepare and/ or can help out on the day (15 June), please contact the parish clerk details on page 11. A village litter pick will be held in the autumn. Contact the Parish Clerk to join in the fun. Details will be in a future newsletter. Try your hand at bowls Islip Bowling Club will be open on Islip Village Fete day so come along and have a go. Its a very sociable sport and we have lots fun playing so do give it a try. For more information, call Barbara Finch on 01832 733154. 10 As mentioned in the last newsletter, 2019 sees the return of the Islip Village Fte a great opportunity for the village and local community to get together. Come and join us at the Recreation Ground on Saturday, 15 June 2-5pm for an afternoon of family fun with traditional games, bouncy castle, tug of war, BBQ, bar, bottle tombola, plant stall, teas and cakes and much more. Therell be a fancy dress parade with judging at 2.30pm. This will be followed by a dog show at 3pm with categories for Waggiest Tail, Scruffiest Pooch, Best Fancy Dressed Dog, Dog Most Like Its Owner and Dog Judges Most Want To Take Home. You can register on the day for the dog show. Were in need of raffle prizes, plants, bottles for the tombola, good quality bric-a-brac, books and DVDs. Please drop off your donations to Hair at number One or The Rose & Crown between now and 8 June or call Gheri Ashcroft on 07899 843252 to arrange collection. Thank you in advance for your contributions. Funds raised from the fte will be donated to local village clubs/societies/causes and if youre involved with such a group and are looking for funds, then please apply, giving details, to Chantall Ridd-Jones at [email protected] We are really looking forward to making the first Village Fte in many years a day to remember so please come along and show your support. We look forward to seeing you there! Islip Village Fte Committee 3 Speeding problems continue School Lane has been experiencing speeding vehicles which, were sure you agree, is utter madness in such a narrow street with children and vulnerable folks around. Please ensure you, at least, stick to the speed limit but preferably lower as there are many parked vehicles which increases the chance of

someone stepping out from between parked cars that you struggle to see until its too late. Your destination is reward for safe driving. Church services at St Nicholas church now all begin at 11am. On the first and third Sundays in the month ,the service is Holy Communion and on the second and fourth ,Sunday morning worship. Everyone is welcome to join these services and there is always time for a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits afterwards. Art on display at Clanfield Date for you diary - A wedding dress festival is being held in church 5-7 July and your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, suits and photographs of your special day are needed. On Friday, 28 June as part of National Care Home Open Day, Clanfield Care Home will be throwing open their doors to the local community to join them for a cup of tea and a chat with residents as they celebrate Arts in Care. Doors will be open from 1.30 3.30pm and residents, their families and staff will be displaying their art. Judging of a Four Seasons art competition will also take place. You do not have to model the outfits and work is underway to source mannequins but if you have one of your own, that would very helpful. We promise to take great care of all items loaned to us and are really looking forward to seeing what helped to make your wedding day amazing. The church will be decorated with flowers highlighting aspects of weddings such as the mother of the bride, and the music . If you can contribute in any way, please call 01832 733758. Pop along to the Community Coffee Morning at the Working Mens Club on the 4th Wednesday of every month, 10.30am until noon. Just 1 for a tea/ coffee and 50p for cake. No club to join, no fees to pay, just a get together and a natter. Everyone welcome. Next coffee mornings 22 May, 26 June and 24 July. 4 Fundraising continues for the church roof following the lead theft in 2017. Half of the costs have been raised from events and generous grants and so the damage to the roof over the chancel has been repaired as this was a small area compared with the aspect on the west side of the church. Grateful thanks to everyone who has and continues to support the work of the church. 9 Playtime just got a whole lot better Islip volunteers step up for the Great British Spring Clean Young residents and visitors to the village can now enjoy new play

equipment at the recreation ground, thanks to a grant from the East Northamptonshire Councils (ENC) Community Facilities Fund and the Big Lottery Fund. Over a dozen volunteers joined members of the Parish Council in April to don yellow vests and fill rubbish bags with litter making the village look a whole lot tidier. Two hours of hard graft later and the helpers had filled many bags with drinks cans, sweet wrappers and crisp packets. The new look rec was officially opened by ENC Chairman, Cllr Wendy Brackenbury on Sat 6 April and wed like to say a big thank you to Wendy and to Su Davies of ENC who helped us with the grant . The makeover cost more than 20,000 which the Parish Council would never have been able to fund on it's own so were very grateful for the help we have received to make these improvements. A very BIG thank you to everyone who helped organise or came along and gave up their time to keep the village looking its best. It is much appreciated. There is likely to be another litter pick in the autumn, so if anyone is interested in helping out, please contact the Parish Clerk. You can also keep up to date on our Islip Village facebook page. There will shortly be a new round of grants on offer so if anyone would like to see more new equipment at the rec, please let the Parish Clerk know what you'd like and we'll put in an application. Farewell to a friend of Islip Roma Burdett remembers Ann and Peter Colvin who lived in the village for many years - Ann and Peter moved from Bedfordshire into Islip House in 1978 but their confectionery business (fudge, coconut ice and honeycomb to name a few) outgrew the property and so they moved into larger premises in Bridge Street, Thrapston, opposite the Bridge Hotel. Having sold the business, they returned to Islip for Peters retirement, initially to Branwell House in the High Street before settling in Rushmere Close in the early 1990s. Anne remained as busy as ever as a member of the WI, deliverer of Meals on Wheels and volunteer at The Age UK shop for many years. In December 2015, Anne moved to Eynesbury and then into a care home in Bucken in 2016. Sadly, she died on 28 March, 2019 and will always be a great friend of Islip and the surrounding area. 8 5 6 7

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