Job Description Training What is a job description?

Job Description Training  What is a job description?

Job Description Training What is a job description? How do I get started? Components of a job description Job duties Education and experience Competencies

What is a job description? Details the duties and responsibilities of a specific job. Helps attract the right job candidates and sets clear employee expectations. Provides an opportunity to clearly communicate direction and guidance. Explains the role of the employee in the larger organization and provides a baseline of reference. Serves as a major basis for outlining performance

expectations, job training, job evaluation and career advancement. How should I get started? Determine what the business need is of the position. Are there other positions that have a similar role? Use existing job descriptions as a reference point. Classification profiles for SHRA, CSS and Broad banded classes can be used as a guide. These are generic profiles and should not be

copied and pasted into the job description. Job descriptions should include specific duties related to the position. If reclassifying a current position, the employee who is doing the work is a great resource. Input from other team members on what is needed. All ECU job descriptions are housed in PeopleAdmin. Components of a ECU Job Description

Proposed Classification Identifying Information (i.e. department, work hours, etc.) Primary Purpose of the Organizational Unit Primary Purpose of the Position Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationship Education and Experience Description of Work Competencies ADA Checklist

Organizational Chart Position Details Proposed Classification: What title and description of work best describes the overall function of the position? If it is a current position, has the job changed significantly enough to change the classification?

Position Details: Working title, position competency level, position type, salary range E-Class, months per year, work schedule, work hours SHRA/CSS POSITION EHRA-NF POSITION

Position Details Education and Experience: SHRA, CSS and Broad banded position minimum qualifications are determined by the classification of the position. They cannot be changed and will always be listed on the posting. EHRA-Non-faculty positions must qualify under the IRIT general criteria which is generally post-baccalaureate credentials (e.g., Masters degree or higher). Bachelors degree plus alternative or equivalent professional training and experience may be substituted for the advanced degree.

The minimum qualifications are used to establish clear and appropriate eligibility standards for the position and is the lowest level of acceptable education and/or experience needed to be selected for the position. Position Details Education and Experience (continued): Preferred education and experience above the minimums can be added to the job posting if the manager wants to search for a particular skill set. Preferred education and experience should include any desired criteria

that enhances an individuals capacity to perform the functions of the position. Example: Additional training and experience include three years of programming experience with a working knowledge of at least one highlevel programming language such as C++, Cold Fusion; working knowledge of relational database systems such as MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or Sybase; web development experience; knowledge of designing relational databases, and HTML programming experience. SHRA/CSS POSITION

EHRA-NF POSITION Proposed Job Duties Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit: A general description of the organizational unit to which the position is assigned, including a description of the programs and services to be provided. Does not have to be exhaustive a brief paragraph will suffice.

Primary Purpose of the Position: Why does this position exist and how does it relate to the unit? Summary of all of the job duties that highlights the overall role of the position. Specific duties do not need to be listed Example: The primary purpose of this position is to implement and carryout objectives of the campus mail system, which includes processing departmental outgoing U.S. mail, providing back up for the United States Postal Service contract window, substituting for all mail routes, balancing the monthly postage billing, provide backup for outgoing mail processing, and log-in student parcels and accountable mail.

Proposed Job Duties Change in Responsibilities or Organizational Relationship: For a new position, list the reason the position is being created. Is it a new role completely or are there other positions in the unit that have been handling these duties? For an existing position, provide a brief explanation of the basis and purpose of any change in responsibilities and/or reporting relationships since the previous description was updated.

This section is critical for HR to understand what has changed! Example: Due to the restructuring of the department, this position will now be assigned budgetary functions to include various line item accounts such as travel, equipment, and supplies. These functions were previously assigned to position 123456, Accounting Technician Contributing. Position 123456 will not be filled and will be abolished. SHRA/CSS POSITION Proposed Job Duties

The job duties section should describe, in detail, the responsibilities and duties of the position. Include: Individual tasks and methods used to complete the tasks. Structure your sentences in classic verb/object and explanatory phrases (e.g. Greets office contacts and visitors in a friendly and sincere manner.) List the percentage of time spent in each functional area over a course of a year. Write the duties in terms of what the position requires, not based upon

the capabilities of any individual. Use explanatory phrases telling why, how, where, or how often to add meaning and clarity (e.g. "Collects all employee travel documents on a weekly basis for reimbursement purposes.") Include the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary. EHRA-NF POSITION SHRA/CSS POSITION

Proposed Job Duties Example Functional Competencies Used only for Career Banded classifications Competencies of the classification can be used as a guide, but we need to know the job duties for the particular position, so do not copy the description of work or

competency profile information into the job duties. Example of a mix of job duties and competencies: Must be able to work effectively with people in a constantly changing environment, communicate clearly with others, be comfortable training users, and have considerable knowledge and understanding of computer technology and how it relates to libraries. Must possess a thorough knowledge of operating systems, and the capabilities and limitations of computer and peripheral equipment. In addition, the position requires thorough knowledge of the principles and techniques of computer applications and documentation; the ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret programming needs.

When to review/update a job description? Job change New leadership

Prior to posting vacant position Reorganization of unit Questions?

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