EU-Canada Trade and Economic Relations towards a Comprehensive

EU-Canada Trade and Economic Relations towards a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) 5 May 2014 EU and Canada some basic facts Canada: European Union

10 Provinces, 3 Territories 2 official languages 28 Member states 24 official languages 34.8 million inhabitants 9.9 million sq. km GDP per capita: 39.000 Euros

500 million inhabitants 4.5 million sq km GDP per capita: 24.000 Euros Luxembourg: 80.000 Euros Germany: 31.000 Euros Bulgaria: 5.000 Euros Canada is a relatively small but rich market

The EU is a vast, integrated market. (Its annual imports alone are worth more than Canadas GDP.) A modern & attractive market EU FDI EU 28 remains a trading power 15 % of world trade (in goods) in 2012 Largest

importer First exporter 1,794 bn (2012) 1,686 bn (2012) EU-27 received 241.7 bn in FDI 2011 (ranking 1st before US 163 bn) 20.3% of world GDP & 15% of global trade Todays trade relationship

Canada is to EU: EU is to Canada: The 12th most important trading partner (1.8% of EUs external trade) The 2nd largest trading partner (9.3% of Canadas total trade in goods) 2.2% of EUs services trade 18% of Canadas services trade

The 4th largest investor in EU (4.3% of the EUs inward FDI) The 2nd largest investor in Canada (26.3% of Canadas inward FDI) CETA Process Involvement of Provinces October 2009 October 2011: most issues prepared almost complete tariff elimination October 2011 October 2013: the more difficult issues, e.g.

RoO Government Procurement Investment rules / ISDS Services Pharma IPR GIs Agriculture quotas

JOINT STUDY : Potential gains from EUCanada Agreement Potential gains for Canada Potential gains for the European Union Annual increase of about 0.8 % of GDP (or $12 billion) Almost half of the gains from the liberalisation of services About 1/3 from full tariff elimination About 20 % from the reduction of non-tariff barriers Canadian exports to the EU to increase by about 20 %

Annual increase of 0.08 % of GDP (or $17 billion) About half of the gains from the liberalisation of services About 25% from full tariff elimination About 25% from the reduction of non-tariff barriers EU exports to Canada to increase by about 25 % Political Breakthrough October 2013 18 October 2013, Commission President Barroso and Canadian PM Harper reached

political agreement on the key elements of CETA, based on which technical negotiations will be completed soon so as to finalise the legal text of the agreement. The Results (I) Both sides will eliminate all industrial tariffs and almost all agricultural tariffs. Only a handful of sensitive agricultural products will be excluded from full liberalisation or partially liberalised through tariff rate quotas, such as pork, beef and dairy (cheese). In addition, CETA will also liberalise trade in services, notably financial services, telecommunications, energy and transport.

The Results (II) For the first time ever, all Canadian levels of government will open up, in principle, their public procurement markets to European suppliers. (The EU is already very open to foreign bidders and binds its openness reciprocally in CETA.) CETA addresses a wide range of issues, including greater certainty, transparency and protection of investments; enhanced cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as regulatory development and labour mobility; The Results (III) The EU and Canada have also reaffirmed their

strong commitment to the principles and objectives of sustainable development in trade. This means that the investment and trade should not develop at the expense of the environment, but rather foster mutual supportiveness between economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. Procedure for negotiation and conclusion (II) CETA conclusion and ratification European Commission European Parliament

2014 2015 Negotiations concluded EP consent procedure / Text is legally scrubbed and initialed by Chief negotiators Ratification by all Member States if mixed Agreement (not preventing provisional application of trade

provisions) COM proposes Council decision on conclusion and signing of CETA. Council of Ministers 2015 Council gives authorisation to sign (and decides on provisional application in case of mixed nature of the agreement) Procedure for negotiation and conclusion (III)

New chapter in the Strategic Partnership Breakthrough on CETA, together with the forthcoming Strategic Partnership Agreement, marks the start of a new, stronger chapter in the long-standing partnership between the EU and Canada

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