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Mid-Year Stakeholders Meeting John NC Stockton Elementary Principal: Stephanie Brannan SAC Co Chairs: Regan Thoresen & John Campbell Date : 2/19/18 Learning Objectives To inform stakeholders of the current state of our school To analyze student achievement data To review and update our action plan for meeting student needs in our School Improvement Plan 2 Agenda Throughout this presentation, we will review the following aspects: School Data Problem Identification and Analysis School Improvement Plan (Action Plan) Community Involvement and Engagement 3 School Mission and Vision Mission Our commitment to our learning community is to inspire lifelong learners. Vision Be a learning community where highly qualified staff, motivated students, devoted parents and committed

business partners work together to create a positive school culture meeting the needs of the 21st century student. 4 Achieve 3000 Reading Data Percent of students already at or above grade level (College & Career Ready) as compared to last year at the same time (different cohort of students). Grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade Total Number 51 41 33 36 43 34 127 111 of of of of of

of of of 83 74 71 80 76 65 230 219 Percenta ge 61% 55% 46% 45% 57% 52% 55% 51% 5 Achieve 3000 Reading Data 3rd 427 452 462 488 473 513 491 547 522 565 547 576 583 616

632 633 4th 604 664 676 672 692 682 707 715 714 727 744 720 757 782 807 810 5th 788 832 820 850 835 872 855 876 849 885 872 900 905 909 920 916 Total 620 644 649 663 659 682 675 707 687 719 712 741 740 763 780 781

EOY 18-19 EOY 17-18 Apr. 18-19 Apr. 17-18 Mar. 18-19 Mar. 17-18 Feb. 18-19 Feb. 17-18 Jan. 18-19 Jan. 17-18 Mid-Year 18-19 Mid-Year 17-18 Nov. 18-19 Nov. 17-18 Oct. 18-19

Oct. 17-18 Sept. 18-19 Sept. 17-18 BOY 18-19 BOY 17-18 Achieve 3000 Diagnostic/Monthly Lexile Levels 6 iReady Reading (Proficient-as compared to where we were last year at this same) Grade Level 20172018 % on/above level-Fall % on/above level-Winter

Change KG 17% 65% 48% 1st 2nd Grade Level 20182019 KG 1st 33% 39% % on/above level-Fall 62% 61% % on/above level-Winter 29% 22% Change

18% 23% 63% 43% 45% 20% nd 7 iReady Math 2018-2019 Grade Level % on/above level-Fall % on/above level-Winter Change KG 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

25% 14% 35% 24% 35% 38% 67% 43% 60% 48% 61% 51% 42% 29% 25% 24% 26% 13% 8 iReady Math 2017-2018 Grade Level % on/above level-Fall % on/above level-Winter

Change KG 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 17% 6% 23% 15% 21% 33% 61% 38% 48% 35% 64% 59% 44% 32% 25% 20% 43% 26% 9

Mid Year Scrimmage 17# of 18 student Grad s e ELA Math Science Prof. Prog. Prof. Prog. 3rd 82 55% 33% 23% 46%

4th 72 36% 44% 28% 46% 5th 65 60% 31% 18% 39% 49% 36% ELA 23% 44% Math

Scho 219 18# of ol 19 studen Grade ts Prof. Prog. Prof. Prog. 3rd 84 52% 42% (5) 41% 48% (9) 4th

72 57% 37% (4) 44% 42% (10) Prof. Prog. 59% 28% 59% 28% Science Prof. Prog. 10 How do we compare? (proficient or progressing toward proficiency) Stockton

Elementa ry Region District 3rd ELA Scrimmage 94% 67% 62% 4th ELA Scrimmage 94% 77% 72% 5th ELA Scrimmage 100% 89% 86% 3rd Math Scrimmage

89% 59% 55% 4th Math Scrimmage 86% 51% 46% 5th Math Scrimmage 82% 49% 45% 5th Science Scrimmage 94% 85% 82% Assessment 11

Closing the Achievement Gap (proficient or progressing toward proficiency) Sub Group 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 ELA Mid Year Scrimmage Hispanic 26 of 31=84% 16 of 18=89% 14 of 15= 93% Caucasian 117 of 130=83% 128 of 142=90% 149 of 153= 97% African American

28 of 44=64% 30 of 34=88% 32 of 36= 89% Math Mid Year Scrimmage Hispanic 23 of 31=74% 12 of18=67% 13 of 15= 87% Caucasian 104 of 131=79% 126 of 142=89% 134 of 153= 88% African American 17 of 44=39% 24 of 34=71%

28 of 36= 78% Science Mid Year Scrimmage Hispanic N/A 6 of 6=100% 2 of 2= 100% Caucasian N/A 43 of 43=100% 48 of 52= 92% African N/A 6 of 9=67% 9 of 10= 90% 12 Our Operating System Based on the current data collected from assessments, what are the points of strength and what are the areas of need?

Changes to Improve the School Problem Action Identification Plan Review (Operating System) 13 Problem Identification and Analysis Points of Strength Root Cause Why How will the school maintain this strength? Administration, teachers and students actively looking at data and using it to drive instruction and improvement PLCs, 3 tiered data chats, data boards Continue these strategies and continue to include stakeholders in school

wide data analysis Recognition for Students E-tags, Pizza w/ Principal, SOM, class incentives, Facebook posts, lunch bunch with non DCPS, Continue to foster these strategies and incorporate more Team Work & Support Fewer staff members Continue to support each this year than last other. Admin continue and yet progressing incentives quite well 14 Problem Identification and Analysis Areas of Need Mathematics achievement data and K-2 Reading Recognition for

Parents Root Cause Why ??? (Lag between the testing window and the pacing guide of the curriculum) How will the school address student needs? 1. Explicit, targeted instruction in small groups 2. Individual student folders 3. Student data folders & goal setting 4. New curriculum for ELA 1. Started recognition at PTA board meetings, Facebook page, form a committee (next year) to look at volunteer awards 15 Our Operating System Problem Action Identification Plan Review

to Improve the School Changes (Operating System) 16 School Improvement Plan Goal #1 (Step 1) Has the How effective is goal been the monitoring achieved? of the progress toward the goal? (Step 8) If teachers analyze data to implement rigorous, differentiated instruction based on individual students needs, then there will be an increase in student achievement for all students (bottom quartile as well as students performing above grade level). Progressin g and ongoing We have evidence of substantial growth in most

areas (using iReady, Achieve, & Mid Year Scrimmage) 17 School Improvement Plan Goal #1 continued Barriers for Goal #1 (Step 2) Has each barrier been eliminated or reduced by the various strategies? (Step 4) Are the action steps and monitoring being done with fidelity? What needs to change? (Step 5 - 7) There is a lack of consistent implementation of small group instruction with fidelity. We have reduced the barrier through: -Adjusting time/

schedules/ curriculum -Providing additional, differentiated professional development as needed. - Encouraging teachers to visit model classrooms within JSE. Yes, administration is completing the action steps and tracking the data. Administration is also conducting data chats with teachers and students. 18 School Improvement Plan Goal #2 (Step 1) Has the goal been achieved? If all faculty and staff Progressing and are focused on ongoing maintaining a positive school culture, referrals will decrease,

therefore, student academic achievement will increase. How effective is the monitoring of the progress toward the goal? (Step 8) 2018-2019: 10 students with a total of 16 referrals 2017-2018:18 students with a total of 40 referrals 40% reduction in referrals 19 School Improvement Plan Goal #2 continued Barriers for Goal #2 (Step 2) Has each barrier been eliminated or reduced by the various strategies? (Step 4) Are the action steps and

monitoring being done with fidelity? What needs to change? (Step 5 - 7) Consistent behavior expectations throughout the building and classrooms. We have reduced the barrier through: -school-wide behavior expectations -clear direction on the code of conduct -Variety of incentives Yes 20 Our Operating System Problem Action Identification Plan Review to Improve the School Changes

(Operating System) 21 Additional Actions Push-in supports o Pope 4th & 5th ELA o Craft 5th Math After school tutoring o 3rd 5th ELA o 3rd 5th Math Computer Lab 3 days per week-AM (Coach P) Student data boards/ tracking sheets Teacher/ administration data chats Teacher/ student data chats Student/ administration data chats Analyzing data and creating focus calendars Individualized student work folders 22 Support and Partnerships

Student Enrichment Opportunities Television Studio Production Robotics Club Chorus Safety Patrols TOTs Anchored4Life Green Team Computer Lab & computer carts Extended Day Before and after-school tutoring 24 Community and Family Weekly flag raising Engagement Fall Festival

Grinch Run Holiday sing-a-long Spirit nights Art Fest/ Talent Show Muffins with moms & Doughnuts with dads Lunch and Read Big MAC Week STEM Day STEM Parent Night Literacy Parent Night 5th Grade Promotional Ceremony Ortega United Methodist Church 25 Business Partnerships

Ortega Orthodontics; Vaughan Holland, DDS Ortega Forest Association Kids First Dentistry Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute; Carl Freeman, MD Parag Patel, Realtor Purcell, Flanagan, Hay & Greene; Brian Hershorin, Attorney at Law Jimerson & Cobb, PA JBL Corporation, Inc. Ameris Bank RayWare Hardware SNC Square, LLC Open Road Bicycles Mass Mutual Southeast Coast Hagan Coastal Outfitters IDCards.com CBRE Kennedis Closet 26 Business Partnerships Power Up Consulting State Farm Insurance; Jim Love, Agent

Janie Boyd & Associates; Carolyn Tatum, Realtor Synergy Studio S4 Sports Academy Spoiled Life RPM Automotive Ortega Methodist Church Riverside Rotary Club 27 Empowering Parents and Families What are we doing well? (Get feedback from SAC) STEM and Literacy Night (Resources that are provided) Push in to support 3rd-5th Data chats Communication (Dojo, Remind, etc) Extra tutoring (after school) Do you have any ideas or suggestions to share on areas in which can improve? PTA can provide funding for professional development More excitement around SSYRA program (program) 28 How To Get Involved Parent Teacher Association (PTA) www.Stockton.my-pta.org

Notifications about news, fundraising events and opportunities to volunteer at the school. o STEM Day o Teacher Appreciation Week o Art Day o Talent Show o Fall Fest 30 Friends of Stockton http://friendsofstockton.org Supports the children and staff of Stockton through donations of their time, talent and treasure. History of parents investing time to make the school and community outstanding! o Luminaries o Robotics team funding o Big M.A.C. week o iPads o All in One Carts 31

School Advisory Council (SAC) What is the SAC ? The responsibility of the SAC is to provide parents, citizens, faculty, and staff an opportunity to participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of a schools needs, and identification of local resources. The SAC has helped provide feedback on the School Improvement Plan. The SAC is made up of a representative group of parents, school and community members. 32 School Advisory Council (SAC) How can you get involved in SAC? Meetings: Third Tuesday of Each Month at 7:30 AM SAC Co-Chairs: Regan Thoresen and John Campbell 33 Q&A

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