Powerpoint template for EXTERNAL use

Powerpoint template for EXTERNAL use

TAXONOMY CASE STUDY: SNC-Lavalin Infozone Taxonomy Project Joseph A. Busch Project Performance Corporation November 15, 2010 What We Did Defined a metadata and taxonomy framework (Fall 2008Spring 2009) Overall fact finding Community building (IM Interest Group) Metadata specification and high-level taxonomy Taxonomy governance documentation SNC-Lavalin Infozone Taxonomy Project 2 Why Build the Business Taxonomy? Managing knowledge Understanding information and knowledge within SNC-Lavalin, and surface it in user-friendly formats Collaboration and communications Allow employees and partners to connect with others within the company (collaboration), as well as deploy features that assist in creating essential one-way information flows (communication in the my SNC-Lavalin way) Task completions Instead of using the Business Taxonomy just to find things, people use the Business Taxonomy to do things (find applicable procedures so as not to duplicate existing ones) SNC-Lavalin Infozone Taxonomy Project 3 Taxonomy Outline Taxonomy Content Types Disciplines

Business Units Calendars & Schedules Change Requests Checklists Communications & Correspondence Contracts, Agreements & Accords Data Datasheets Diagrams Drawings Fact Sheets & Brochures Forms Generic Documents Industry Codes & Standards Lessons Learned Logos Maps Memos Models Multimedia Resources News, Newsletters & Magazines Org Charts +Top Management + Administration + Project Management & Control + Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Commissioning + Operation & Maintenance + Global Information Technologies Acetylene Canada Holdings Inc. ACG Corrections Services Incorporated Ageau-General Contractant SARL

Agro-Bio-Sucres Engineering S.A.S. Algeria Water Investment Company Inc. Al-Osais-Kilborn Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. Alprom (Proprietary) Limited Altalink Investment Management Ltd. Altalink Management Ltd. Applied Design and Process Technology Aqua Terre Solutions Inc. B.E.T. Becet S.A.S. B2000 Ingenierie SAS BAE-Newplan Group Limited Locations + Maghreb + Wrestern Africa + Central Africa + Eastern Africa + Southern Africa + North America + South America + Caribbean + South-East Asia + Indochina + South Asia + North Asia + Eurasia + Baltic Countries + Central & Eastern Europe + Western Europe + Balkins + Middle East + Oceana Business Functions + Administration & Organization + Financial Resources

+ Human Resources + Movable & Fixed Assets Management + Legislation and Legal Affaires + Information Resources + Communications, Public Relations & Business Relations + Business Development + Project Management & Control + Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Health, Safety & Environment + Commissioning + Operation & Maintenance Topics + Employee Topics + Equipment + Facility Types + IT, Hardware & Software + Organizations + Piping Design + Project Management Topics + Projects + Technical Topics + Vendor Topics Work Groups + Expertise Areas + Shared Services SNC-Lavalin Infozone Taxonomy Project 4

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