Preparing for the GHSWT - Henry County School District

PREPARING FOR THE GHSWT DECONSTRUCTING A PROMPT, BRAINSTORMING, AND INTRODUCTION/THESIS VIDEO TIME Argumentative Writing: An Overview Deconstructing a Prompt (constructing means to build)

Deconstructing means to take apart How do I do that? To deconstruct a prompt: 1. Read it 2. Take it apart 3. Understand what you need to do 4. Determine how to respond to the prompt correctly

Identifying Key Parts of a Written Prompt Does the prompt give you suggestions to get started? Hints Pay careful attention to the wording of the prompt. Look for suggestions in the prompt to get you started (ideas to think about, verbs that tell you what to do). Use key words from the prompt to construct your thesis statement.

Identifying Key Parts of a Written Prompt You can use the word RAFTS to help you remember how to deconstruct a prompt. Role What role do you take as the writer? (student, citizen, expert)

Who is your audience? (class, parent, teacher, friend) Audience What kind of response are you writing? How long does it have to be? Format Task Strong key words

(persuasive, descriptive, narrative, essay, letter, speech) What are the verbs in the prompt asking you to do? Are there any specific directions? (advise your classmate, justify your opinion, explain why) What are the key words that you need to include in your response? Hint: Use these words to construct your thesis statement.

Example of Deconstructing a Prompt PROMPT: Select a person you know who does a good job in his or her profession. This person may be an entertainer, an athlete, a character in a story, or simply a successful family memberit may even be one of your classmates. Write a multi-paragraph essay describing why you think this individual is so good at his or her job. Include specific examples and details to support your response. What role do you take as the writer? (student, citizen, expert) Role I am writing this as a student.

Who is your audience? (class, parent, teacher, friend) Audience My audience will be the teacher. What kind of response are you writing? Format I am writing a descriptive multi-paragraph essay.

What are the verbs in the prompt asking you to do? Task Select a person, write an essay describing why he/she is good at his/her job, include examples and details What are the key words that you need to include in your response? Strong key words

Profession, successful YOUR TURN Look at the graphic organizer in front of you and complete it. I want you to unpack/deconstruct your prompt. You have 5 minutes.

What is your role? Who is your audience? What should the format of your response look like? Look at the verbs used in the prompt. What are the tasks you must complete? Are there any strong key words that you should use


s Patho s Rhetorica l Devices Logos

Reason 3 Mrs. Vessell should go watch ____________ Reason 2 Reason 1

HOW TO CONSTRUCT A THESIS STATEMENT O N LY T H E M O S T I M P O RTA N T S E N T E N C E O F Y O U R E S S AY. WHAT IS A THESIS STATEMENT? Its that sentence in your essay that contains the focus of your essay and tells your reader what

the essay will be about. Goes at the end of intro paragraph YOUR THESIS STATEMENT MUST BE ARGUABLE!! QUICK AND EASY THESIS A thesis statement does three things 1. Answers the question/prompt

2. Picks a side 3. Gives 3 subtopics Easy-Peasy Thesis Statement Formula/Format: [Your opinion] because [subtopic 1], [subtopic 2], [subtopic 3]. Example: Mrs. Vessell is the best teacher in the world because she truly cares about her students, has a vast knowledge of literature, and expects a lot from her students YOUR TURN

Using the same prompt we used for the RAFT and Brainstorm, construct a thesis statement that outlines your argument. Remember the basic format: [Your opinion] because [subtopic 1], [subtopic 2], [subtopic 3]. INTRODUCTION INVERTED PYRAMID STRUCTURE

HOOK/GRABBER The introduction should have a hook or grabber to catch the audiences attention. You dont want your reader to be bored with your paper from the first sentence. The following slides will give you a few tools to use to start your paper off. Write Grabby Intro Sentences! Writing Effective Hooks

INTRO--BACKGROUND After you grab your readers attention with your 1-3 sentence HOOK, you must transition to your thesis statement. You can do this by providing relevant background information on your subject. THESIS STATEMENT Youve already done this.

OUTLINING WHY SHOULD I MAKE AN OUTLINE? Video Outlining-by Schmoop Class discussion


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