PREPARING YOUR DISSERTATION FOR APA REVIEW GSEP Writing Support Services First Things First: Copyright Permissions You will need to obtain copyright permission for most of the following, unless they are publically-owned materials* Tables Figures Screenshots (Web) Lyrics Significant blocks of direct quotes (250+ words) from a published source

*City, county, state and federal sources (e.g., all legislative and public school documents, U.S. Census Bureau, legal decisions, etc). Sample Permission Notes Sample Permission Request Letter See ProQuest/UMI Copyright Guide Sample Permission Table/Figure Note from journal: From Facilitating Teaching and Learning Across STEM Fields, by J. A. Ejiwale, 2012, Journal of STEM Education: Innovations & Research, 13(3) p. 89. Copyright 2012 by Institute for STEM Education. Reprinted with permission. Sample Permission Note from book:

The data in column 1 are from The Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students (p. 28), by D. Ridley, 2008, Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Reprinted with permission. Further Notes About Copyright Permission: Get permissions as soon as you know that youll be using others tables, figures, etc. Some permissions can take months to obtain, so dont wait until youre already in APA Review. Permission policies differ from publisher to publisher. Consult your publisher directly to determine the copyright policies that apply. It is the authors responsibility to (a) obtain letters of permission from copyright holders to reproduce copyrighted material and (b) enclose copies of these letters with the accepted manuscript, if necessary (placed in an appendix).

Additional Info and Resources: APA Manual, 6th edition, pp. 38, 231-236 blog 4-part series: Navigating Copyright for Reproduced Images Complete ProQuest/UMI Copyright Guide for your manuscript: Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair Use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities New..Sort of All margins in the dissertation (including appendices) are now 1 inch due to double-sided printing when bound. Include IRB documentation (e.g., approval, exemption) in appendix. No signature page, just the list of your committee members (page ii). Delete all personal contact information (your own and that of committee members); professional contact information is fine.

Month, year on title page must be month you upload to ProQuest/UMI for publishing (dont forget the comma after month!). Preliminary Pages Be sure each page is accurately formatted: Proper page numbering Lowercase Roman numerals begin on 2nd page of Table of Contents (typically Roman numeral v) Arabic numerals begin on 1st page of Chapter One Proper spacing Proper order Proper capitalization Proper date (month, year on title page)

Check for any updates on the Dissertation Support Web pages: Preliminary Pages: Table of Contents (TOC) Capitalization for most headings must be upper/lower case (exception: LIST OF FIGURES) No italics, bold, etc. in TOC (exception: VITA) Each level of heading from text is indicated by indenting one tab space to the right (1/2 inch). A minimum of two level groupings are required in the TOC (chapter titles [level one], first headings [level two])

Use automatic leaders; dont manually insert periods from list to page # 12 All page numbers should right align to one inch margin. See preliminary page sample template: ABSTRACT Cannot exceed 350 words. 1st paragraph is never indented. Use numerals, not words, to indicate numbers in abstract (unless they begin a sentence). No citations or references to literature in the abstract. Only a summary of your study. No bullets or other atypical formatting (uploading to

UMI). ABSTRACT contd Should include the following: Overall research problem (1st sentence or two) Purpose of study

Theoretical foundations Summarize research questions Briefly describe overall design, methods, and data analysis procedures Identify key results, one or two conclusions Conclude with a statement on implications for positive social change. Common Format Errors & vs. and use & when citing multiple authors inside parentheses Numbers vs. words use numerals for 10+ (exceptions: time, dates, ages, scores, etc.) 1990s vs. 1990s possessive vs. plural s

Seriation within a paragraph: (a), (b), and (c) Seriation as a list (use numbers when ordinal position is intended; otherwise use bullets): 1. 2. 3. Italicize statistical symbols Always use DOIs or URLs for electronic sources Secondary sources: According to Smith (as cited by Adams, 2013) For latest updates on APA style and formatting: Online RESOURCES

GSEP Community Web pages: Dissertation Community Web pages:

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